Workshop With Osheen Nevoy (+ New Years2018/2019 Update)



Beginning with a basic explanation to this podcast series, then how garnering discussion for this series improved and how unfortunate societal changes created further problems.


In the workshop we explore how Randall & Hopkirk could work in “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” and a load of banter about most of the shows already involved. (Thank you, Osheen!)


Considerations of (The Real) Richard III in tandem to how Barnabas Collins’ character has been portrayed in fanwork. Concern over future generations. A big insight in the learning process via media entertainment; the example used is “Animal Crackers” with The Marx Brothers. Recognition of mistakes in a recorded world.


What is happiness? If you want better in life you have to figure out what “better” is. The “guilt” issue explained . Meanwhile, I’d rather you enjoy the show and tell me what you enjoy and why you do.

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5 thoughts on “Workshop With Osheen Nevoy (+ New Years2018/2019 Update)

  1. This was great fun to listen to! (Says Osheen, commenting as threemusketeersdot–too much trouble to figure out if I can comment as myself instead of as my “dot” identity!) I’d forgotten we had so many interesting and insightful things to say! That’s cool that you’re starting to watch some Randall & Hopkirk. Sorry if you’re put off by the snarkiness element … that may just be the natural reserve of the British character coming across, or something. I think those characters definitely do care about each other deeply–they just express it in the British “made tense by talking about feelings” sort of way. I remember, for instance, what a lot of surprise and perhaps some level of concern there was on the part of British media in reaction to the outpouring of public grief over Princess Diana’s death … there seemed to be a general feel of “we British don’t act like that!” To move on to other points … You have some great and fascinating things to say in this Podcast. That was a fascinating insight about Barnabas Collins being a man in touch w/ his feelings–a SNAG, as the terminology was in the 80s. It was also cool to hear again your thoughts re. Richard III.

    • morlock13 says:

      OH MY GOSH! As I went to moderate this I just about laughed myself silly because WP said, “Hooray! Your audience is listening. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your site with more great features.” Gosh… can’t they just request a wee little donation? I wouldn’t mind. But yes! You are now experiencing the incredible replay of old events worth keeping. This is an audio world I’ve been living in since I was ten years old. It helps the mind greatly. (Especially when you edit out stutters and coughing, etc.)

      But no, I didn’t want to say “snarky” with R&H,D, but I was looking for something different to describe it. But I have to look for more of the show. I should start with Episode One like I keep telling others to do with my show. (It’s not good to start in the middle with so many things.) WHOAH! I forgot about the term “SNAG”! That sounds familiar. But yes! All the gals were so boo-hoo over not finding Mr. Right, when, really, they will boo-hoo about *anything* to sell magazines, too. Thanks for chiming in! Hooray, indeed!

      • I tried to reply to this a moment ago and got some annoying login malarkey. Hmmm. Well, we’ll see if it works this time. I was just trying to chime in and say that yes, Episode 1 of R&H, D is very important for truly appreciating the relationship and interactions of the characters, later on. Seeing Jeff’s grief over Marty’s death really is essential for appreciating their friendship. (And, of course, I’ll reiterate that it’s the 1969 original that should be watched–the 1990s remake really isn’t worth bothering with!)

  2. cynthia curran says:

    Vickie is sent to 2019 and states, Alexa you are getting on my nerves. Vickie would you like me to order pizza. No, Alexa, says Victoria Winters.

    • morlock13 says:

      Whoah! Yes, I’ve heard of this Alexa machine. I must say I don’t have one and I think I’m glad that I don’t! Not surprised Victoria feels the same way.

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