Episode 17 is released!

Yeah, I couldn’t wait. I wanted it to be a Canada Day thing, and maybe it still kinda is if you get it later


Okay, everyone. You know how I’ve flown off the handle and for good reasons, not that it doesn’t irritate me that things got so rude and nasty out here. So now I’m irritated for good, solid, real-life reasons which is: Technical Problems!


For some reason Episode 17 isn’t coming up on the menu for the other web-log that’s focused on the audio drama show. (Is WP messed up? I don’t know.) It’s there in the Season Two drop down menu now, thankfully.


Also a ton of sites like this and that one and podomatic have their own search engines so you just have to look for that little rectangular box with a magnifying glass icon. It’s a good thing to know!


Anyway, here is a link to Episode 17: “A Bio-Exorcist Comes To Collinwood”:




As always, I love hearing what you enjoyed. Sorry this technology made us all so nuts. Not my fault but, still. Morality is good for self-preservation. ❤

One thought on “Episode 17 is released!

  1. morlock13 says:

    Okay, I fixed the menu over there.

    Not that anyone will thank me for it. I believe good manners pretty much died online in about 90% of the population, beginning around 2009. (That’s when the “like” button was invented for social media.)

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