Quick Log Entry

Hi, everyone.

I found myself making another update podcast similar to the one in September. I did that today because working so hard on Episode 17 “A Bio-Exorcist Comes To Collinwood” this week, and last night especially, I woke up with major burn-out. (Hahahaha.) But, like the disc jockeys and community radio speakers who came before me, I realize some of y’all like to listen to someone who knows what the heck the old television shows and movies we both like even are or are about. I’m grateful to discover that from listeners.

Plus we’re all in this social media madness together. (Some folks actually aren’t, I’m happy to say!) I do treat it as the addiction problem it is, which exacerbates other addictions that came before it. Hearing me talk about that seems to help everyone as well. I’m glad to do that. (Scary, isn’t it? When I was growing up the big concern about “today’s youth” was crack-babies.)

If anyone is hungry for more of the novel, Margaret Josette Dupres, I’m always up for talking about it, but talking rather than a “gimme more” discussion. Figuring out what comes next is always important.

What you love about the characters or your concerns about their history is great to discover and find out. That is what produces better stories, at least from me.

It’s why I went looking for other fans of these characters online. If I wanted this all for me and my husband it would have stayed on a shelf somewhere, like tons of my other work over the decades. Plenty of evidence from online fans showed clear signs this work I now share was heavily desired by many people for decades. The art of conversation just got muddled and lost along the way. But we can regroup our efforts back to that. Plenty of examples how to do that in fiction and non-fiction exist. And letter-writing is the perfect practice, depending on your correspondent! 🙂

I’m always eager to hear from pen friends. I’m still not tired of it and love writing back. (Hey, I have to view old television shows. Writing letters while doing that helps a ton!)

So, apologies for getting burned out on Ep. 17 and doing another update but, as most of you are aware, it’s been a year of both tragic circumstances and healing from so many of the previous ones. Blessings to everyone keeping in touch and keeping me saner. (Let’s save the crazy for the fictional characters.)

I’ll show off the old Margaret Mead quote now. ❤

a small group

I’ve actually got this photo enlarged in a frame on the wall here. (Just ask Melissa, Lisa, or Osheen. They’ve all seen it. ^_^ )

take care,



2 thoughts on “Quick Log Entry

  1. I like the Margaret Mead quote. Don’t apologize for being burnt out. It happens to all of us. Take care of yourself for great inspiration 🙂

    • morlock13 says:

      Thank you! I finally got back to 17 and I want to say “Done!” but things that sound like mouse-clicks bug me.

      So I think the October Update will be very therapeutic. I wish I could add to this update podcast that if anyone is feeling like a putz, embarrassed by certain things? Well, we got a great role model for that: Barnabas Collins. We love him because he kicks himself and holds himself accountable. ❤

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