This entry will (no longer) be deleted

Hi all y’all. For pen friends? Don’t worry, this entry is just a random update. We’re all on our own literal pages on paper, etc.

I’m still working on stuff. Another retrospective for episode 14. So if you’re a pen pal by email or snail mail, just stick to the goodies. I’m hoping to start making things a bit more pen pal based as it’s working so well, with it’s own unfortunate snags, of course, but pen pals still kick butt over (un)social media.

Just saw the Eclipse and all it did to sunlight over my area. Really cool! Literally cool! I’ll write you all about it. Happy to do it.

So, I’m always busy, still working on everything, television shows, taking notes, podcast editing, coffee selectivity, Mod Podging collages on more fun cards to send you CDs in, getting the dishes done in a timely manner, readjusting to old ways, loving my adoptees, and playing old hidden object mystery games; no need for new ones.

I’ll leave this up for a while and hopefully delete it when I get the Update and Retrospective done for August.




[This entry has been appended for educational purposes. Sorry, folks. The Internet = Interconnection with others. Those who don’t want that ought to stick to television and books. Those mediums rarely ask much more from you.]


4 thoughts on “This entry will (no longer) be deleted

  1. monty817 says:

    I am a child of the 60’s and watched Dark Shadows after school everyday. I can say that the only nightmare I ever had regarding something I watched was because of Quentin Collins. I was 7. A few years ago, I saw the Dark Shadows Collection, DVDs in a coffin no less. I really wanted it, but it was out of my price range. I wanted to binge it during my October horror fest. Oh well.. Recently, I was perusing Amazon Prime Video and came across Dark Shadows, the Beginning. I watched it for hours. I have to say that it’s so bad, it’s good. I then tried to find podcasts that discussed DS. I found you. I wish I’d known about you sooner. Your content is hilarious and insightful. I started listening to it last night and kept waking up to hear something funny that I wanted to keep listening to. Had to get sleep for work, though. I can’ t wait to hear them all in their entirety. Hope you see this and know that you have another fan.

    • morlock13 says:

      Hi Monty! Wanted to let you know I still want to delete this log entry but thank you for reaching out. I tried to send you an email message but I wasn’t sure it went through so I’m trying this before I delete it. Hopefully you’ll see this and get in touch. Just worried my message went into your spam/junk folder or it’s a lesser-used email address. Let me know. This is the non-paying job I gave up my work in vision-therapy for so communication with the audience is rather vital, of course. Take care!

      • D. says:

        Good luck on you future projects. Glad that I got a chance to listen to this hilarious take on a piece of my childhood .

    • morlock13 says:

      Okay… I see… the shyness steeps it’s veneer of tepid into the blessed tea. Strange response! But I’ve seen it hundreds of times before. I was so happy to have another potential associate, and, yet again, I get the awful deflated feeling of… “Another Wallflower”… Well, there’s not much I can do with that but observe it and express it in future podcasts. Chalk another one down for the fastest communications tool on the planet.

      Why do people who don’t want community come to the internet? I will forever be puzzling over this question… :/

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