More Addams Family: A Call To Chat

First off I need to vent my spleen about something that is making this whole universe ill:


I am sick to death of this phenomenon. I can’t get any chat about almost anything out of anyone because the first thing that comes up is how much one form of whatever is hated. Why? What is the point?

Is it because we’ve crossed so many boundaries already and the final thing left to hate-on is entertainment?

Is it because these social networks have engendered the entire population back into a school playground where every individual feels the need to vocalize louder than the rest?

Is there some inherent need to put on some swagger to feel superior to each other?

Has the Information Age made information itself so convenient that no one wants to bother learning a damn thing anymore?

All of the above?

All I know is I can’t get a dialogue going about The Addams Family with almost anyone because something always comes up to interrupt it; Some version of The Addams Family that was disapproved of. There is barely any practice in conversation that doesn’t adhere to despising some little piece of it to death.

This doesn’t help get any new work done. There appears to be no knowledgeable fan with conversation skills within easy reach of me. It’s the same damn problem as it’s been with lovers of the Dark Shadows romantic pairings I’ve put together all over again: Nothing but photos and little friggin’ happy stickers…

What I understand of The Addams Family is it was begun as a scene of panels by Charles Addams. Addams’ first drawing, a sketch of a window washer, ran in The New Yorker on February 6, 1932, and his cartoons ran regularly in the magazine from 1938, when he drew the first in the series that came to be called The Addams Family, until his death. He was a freelancer throughout that time.

The Addams Family television series began after David Levy, a television producer, approached Addams with an offer to create it with a little help from the humorist. All Addams had to do was give his characters names and more characteristics for the actors to use in portrayals. The series ran on ABC for two seasons, from 1964 to 1966.

1960's Addams
Those old drawings were more macabre than the 1960’s television show of The Addams Family I am currently watching and taking notes on. There was more comic hilarity in the television show and very likely because of what that television audience in those years were allowed to view. A sign of the times.

Later on, the films of The Addams Family in the 1990’s incorporated this darker infusion of The Addams Family, and even began with a direct take from the comic of old, pouring boiling oil on a party of Christmas carolers. These films were not my introduction to The Addams Family but they were the strong pull I had as new releases in my teens when I was already attracted to the spooky and bizarre as a whole.

Movie Portrait
For that am I supposed to suffer? Am I supposed to have to wallow in a cave for what I saw due to my age and environment? Do I continue to have to avoid this topic because anyone who enjoys those films, which are over twenty years old by now, are also going to be yelled at for enjoying them rather than the television show which was inspired by a series of one panel comics in The New Yorker of the 1930’s?

planet gone mad
Perhaps no one is left who might have preferred the New Yorker panel comics to the damn 1960’s television show! (If you are, I’m ready to hear your complaints! And only yours!)

I’ve yet to hear any troubles with what came after the 1990’s Addams Family films due to their success, which is “The Addams Family: The Animated Series” (1992–1993), without which I may not have had the pleasure of Automne Archer’s company and help! She watched those cartoons, then the films, THEN the television show of the 1960’s in that order. Did I ever harp on her about that?



Because I am NOT interested in what is hated, I’m interested in what is loved. And what you love about it!

What purpose does any of this holier-than-thou posturing serve? Just seems like a bunch of apes beating their chests to show off. I will admit I did quite a bit of that from my junior-high school to college years. And you know what I did after that?

I moved on!

I distinctly looked at the wealth of books, movies, audio shows and anything else that I liked in particular and I stuck to those. I became very aware that I had a ton of choices to pick from. So? I picked what I wanted to pick!

And what happened after that? I became very open to what other people were choosing for themselves, not because I wanted to imbibe what they were enjoying but because I liked listening to what they had good to say about it. I turn down offers to watch or read things. I’m more interested in what that friend or individual got out of what they enjoyed.

Unfortunately, nowadays it’s a massive secret where the heck people are hiding out to dare discuss what they enjoy. The internet has become a battleground of hate and constant dismissal. Anything those pesky advertisers can do to grab your attention at some scandal or idiotic griping over nothing. It’s all programming, you know. It’s all just to soak your attention and get you to purchase more that you don’t need. And the upshot is always reverting back to that sense of irritation with something that has an off-switch within easy reach.

Hence? This log entry. I implore any lovers of The Addams Family to reach me and discuss any and all facets that you love about it. Maybe you’re rusty, yes, but I’m fed up with the hate. The Addams Family is not about that. They symbolize the most diverse and loving aspects in each of us, and they do it in a spooky way, which I love. Whatever Addams Family you like most? I want to hear all about it! I don’t want stickers, I don’t want bravos.

 I want CHAT!

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “More Addams Family: A Call To Chat

  1. Cindi Moss says:

    I loved The Addams family tv show when i could see it as a kid – but didnt get to see it often – The munsters seemed to get more air time. The movies were….ok. i didnt realize the series started as a comic strip until a few years ago & last year finally found a book of tbe original comics. I read them – as did my children – and yes, they were dark. I could find some parallels, but couldnt really “study” them in relation to the show.
    I was late coming to DS as well, though. Talk about a deprived childhood! Sigh…..

    • morlock13 says:

      Thanks! Well, this is a start. I was feeling this blog was too much DS and me feeling like the classic Hollywood-Director-bent-out-of-shape. So as much as I’m complaining, too, I’m also putting it out there to invite chat and love and all that fun stuff. (And in private is totally fine by me. Easier, too.)

      In anycase, there are libraries and DVDs and various other choices. You know, I can find DS volumes on DVD used in physical media shops, too. And yes, The Munsters always seem to be much easier to get a hold of.

      But I’m happy to chat Addams or whatever up in letters too. (I’m still loving that Addams stationery! ❤ )

      We'll see if this helps. So far I think it's been shares and like-clicks, so it's good of you to have piped up. Gracias.

  2. Orcarift says:

    I first saw the movie and loved it, the second one too. After that I check out the tv show and liked it for what it was and found it very entertaining at points although I haven’t watched much of it. I didn’t even know there was much hate going on for this – guess everything has to have a negative side to it also I like the little facts you gave about the original comic of the Addams family, it really made me look into it more and appreciate what it had to offer.

    I’m a person who is open to talking about almost anything, being negative to me is when a situation calls for it, for instance if a company is spouting out random unwanted garbage that people down want – that might be a perfect time to be honest and tell what’s wrong but liking a version of a something compared to another and starting an argument is just immature to me, it’s like opinions are becoming irrelevant to some people. I can totally see where you’re coming from, it nice to meet people who are open to topics and just enjoying what they like.

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh goodie! Someone talking! Whoopie! Yeah, it’s majorly weird to me that there is any kinda hate goin’ on for the Addams abode. I just think that is bizarre, but then again we are where we are at with this high tech stuff… so people get weird… I highly recommend “Addams Family: An Evilution” whether you can check it out from the library or purchase it. I’m leaving the book on a book stand and changing a page a day so I can choose my daily exposure.

      Wow! Yeah! Feel free to become a pen pal. I have a lot but I’m so open to focusing on what we enjoy rather than hating on every last thing in the world. I just felt, with this log entry, The Addams Family don’t deserve that at all. I hope negative opinions are the ones that are becoming irrelevant. If this is so then maybe the positive opinions are becoming relevant.

      And really cool to get this from you tonight as I’m working on a new scene in The Addams Family household… as my husband awaits me impatiently to tell him about it. G’ah! ❤

    • morlock13 says:

      Hi! I’m replying again. (Less strapped for time, or excited that, “Hey! Someone piped up!” Feel free to write more here or email. Which ever. I do need more Addams Family chat, for sure!

  3. morlock13 says:

    Well whoever used a search engine for the words “has the planet gone mad” certainly got a ripe chuckle out of me for my stats today! Ha ha ha! 😀

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