Pit Update: May 2017 & Retrospective

2017 May Update 1f

Thanking pen pals for helping me to heal, explaining why that is important and discussing how the happy buttons ruined upbeat discourse in people over the years.

Plenty of lively assertions in why beating around the bush about having “no time” to chit-chat is ridiculous, particularly in regards to over-use of social media. Lackadaisical listings of informational resources that have been important in creating the series which might help listeners.

Presentation of where and how The Pit discussion questions are displayed, and why they are important for this fairly cerebral programming.

Starting retrospective from Episode 1: “Parapsychology” and on through Episode 7: “The Blair Warlock Projected”, with whatever nuances I felt were fun to point out at the time of this recording, including a few perspectives via reviews, different TV show and movie introductions per episode, technical aspects and inspirations. When the Barnabas and Maggie couple suddenly mattered so much and how performing the role of Barnabas Collins changed things irrevocably.

Finally, description about this experience for you and I, along with the details of why what’s happened with misinterpretation of myself, this project, and the expectations of what the internet is, has been detrimental to all involved, and how to break free from those ideas. For listeners using social media who disavow having an addiction? Too late: You’ve got one.

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One thought on “Pit Update: May 2017 & Retrospective

  1. morlock13 says:

    If you aren’t fully listening to what I’m saying, or fully reading this explanation, you are not going to understand. You need to really pay attention to what I’m saying at minute 13 to understand about the happy-buttons warning:

    “What those happy buttons tend to do is encourage the obsessive-compulsive tendency that a lot of us have.

    And that depletes the higher functions of correspondence and discussion. So that is the tricky part of some of the happy-buttons is that they increase the lower functions and deplete the higher functions.

    So people who are naturally prone to growth by personal challenge are going to notice that and look for other ways to get their human needs met with real socializing rather than video-game socializing.

    And the people less prone to that are just going to keep using the happy-buttons until it gets old. That’s about it.”

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