Margaret Josette Dupres: Chapter 43

–LINK TO CHAPTER 43: Love In The Half-Moon–

[Adult Content Included]

Love In The Half-Moon Chapter 43

As I work on another May Update podcast and retrospective, in the year 2017, tonight’s offering is for those who await more in the romance of our beloved couple, Barnabas and Maggie (Josette).

This chapter finds a calmer pair as they have learned to live in a world where so many desires are granted, their child continues to grow, and their love blossoms with the same exquisite wonder many readers have journeyed before.

As good book lovers understand, music is a staple in the forming of storytelling and currently my playlist to inspire this novel is approximately 300 selections strong. For this chapter I’ve gravitated in shuffle from Artesia and Narsilion, but mainly I’d like to stress the comfort in a new artist I’ve discovered: Ludovico Einaudi. He composes classical music in our modern times and I listened to a great deal of his soothing structure while this chapter fed out from my skills.

For our couple comes many meditations in present and past experiences, as well as the understanding that their lives have ceased to behold the constant worry they once knew. The desperation is lowered but the adoration for each other is still high. Mainly it is only the two of them, but the end of the chapter includes our beloved butler, Wadsworth, and his old employee, Willie Loomis.

Please hit the link above if you would like to read.

(Post Script: New pen pals might want to dismiss this for now. It’s a long way down the road from the radio drama. Thanks.)


2 thoughts on “Margaret Josette Dupres: Chapter 43

  1. morlock13 says:

    Yes, you can check the link and see that the chapter has still been suspended for the time being. However, among the reviews for this novel in progress, one can also see the reflections of people who read it on paper.

    Two devoted readers were sent, by mail, the chapter in print because I knew they cared enough to have the discussion I was looking for. When the internet ceases to teach? It’s time to return to the old ways of doing things.

    If, someday, online readers begin to slow down again, recall the importance of gratitude and remember how to discuss what they enjoy? I will be happy to share more of the novel as it comes.

    In the meantime, I’ll be with my paper, ink and postage stamps, alongside George from “The Time Machine”.

    Mrs. Watchett: “Mister Filby, do you suppose he’ll ever return?”
    David Filby: “One cannot choose, but wonder. You see, he has all the time in the world.” ❤

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