Dark Shadows: The Beginning for Daryl Wor

My first introduction to Dark Shadows began in the early 1990’s when my friend’s mother purchased a VHS copy of an anniversary montage. (Anyone remember “The Wherehouse”? It was from there.)  Of course, my friend and I, in our teens, were almost completely confused. There was a very l-e-n-g-t-h-y interval, in which, Barnabas was getting ready to bite someone. And as Jonathan Frid expressed later, “By the time he finally got to a neck the police would have been called and taken this character away.”

No kidding, eh?


In all this weirdness I asked, “Who IS this guy?”

And my friend’s mother laughed, “The local WIENER!”

After that I went back to my own bizarre and tragic life that included plenty of laughter but likely, more abuse than is healthy for anyone.

Then I went on to continue trying to write my own 3 volume book of supernatural fiction.

The story entailed a young girl who had a beautiful life with a Canadian (Nova Scotia, blue-nose) lad born in 1877, almost exactly one hundred years before she was. Many delectable characters came along the way, but after all the wonderful times they shared he eventually was taken from her by mysterious means. And yes, he is a vampire. Afterwards she goes crazy wondering what happened to her beloved and not getting any answers from anyone after much social neglect. So, rather than crying and listening to The Smiths, she takes their car and goes on a violent crusade to destroy every jerk and vampire that can’t tell her what the hell happened to this man she loved.

I mention this because, though I had almost no clue what Dark Shadows was about, it later revealed similar aspects to my own story. The lover’s name began with a B, (as does the nickname of my husband), he had a younger sister he loved dearly (though closer in age range than Barnabas and Sarah) and a passionate love was lost after this union had been so wonderfully healing to her abusive life in a foster home.

After some time wreaking her havoc she comes to an old house, vacated in all its neglect and has a battle with an entity that seems to grow with however much she fights it. The more she battles it, the more it grows from her energy and eventually turns out to be The Grim Reaper himself. And not only does he love her and wishes to wed her in all this otherworldly splendour, the reason he loves her is because he was watching her and her paramour through their killings, and he was in love with their marriage as they focused on mercy killings. It made his personal work, along with the other Banshees under his guidance, so much easier.

As time went on and I worked on the book and I adored it. It also started farcically, as like The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Sadly things happened that made it preventable to continue.

Meanwhile there was an enormous amount of peer pressure to “like” and to read the Harry Potter series. I did my best, even to getting the U.K. versions and struggling to get through the first two. By the time I got to the third? I was hooked. Kept getting the new versions through Amazon.co.uk and enjoying them… FINALLY.

Then I got through the fifth volume and was pretty much disgusted at what I saw. After I finished it, I wanted to throw the book out the window, and I distinctly remember voicing, “Damn it! If I wanted a spooky soap opera, I’d be watching DARK SHADOWS!

A light bulb went on. What with this new Netflix thing? I thought, “Yes! Perhaps I will!” (So? J.K. Rowling has a place to thank in all of this.)

I contacted my boyfriend/fiance, now husband, and asked if we could start watching Dark Shadows. He said, “Yes,” and so this saga begins…

{To be continued in a later blog post…}


5 thoughts on “Dark Shadows: The Beginning for Daryl Wor

  1. I respectfully disagree that our Barnabas Collins is the “local WEINER”. HA HA! But anyway, this is a good insight into the beginning of your love for DS (as I already know the rest of your dedication to this classic show) and how it relates to your supernatural novel series. But something just occured to me: how did he keep himself from drooling on her neck? I mean, with his mouth gaped open like that, I wonder if JF ever had saliva accidentally leave his mouth. Am I the only one whoever thought about this? On the bloopers, we did see that piece of purple candy on his tongue as he got ready to bite someone.

    • morlock13 says:

      Yeah! It’s weird. The only way I see that now as “fitting” is when I think of Captain Kirk being the main character of Star Trek, and my brother and I used to call him “The Galactic Weiner.”

      Good question about the saliva! Maybe he swished with tea before a performance? I had a dentist that suggested that before if you have too much saliva going on. (And he said any herbal infusion style tea works too. Something about tannic acid cutting back the saliva messing with your teeth.)

      Oh, wait! I wanna see purple candy with Jonathan Frid! Wonder which episode that is. ^_^

  2. Verla Grubbs says:

    Love the idea of the story you wrote. Isn’t it interesting that it had so many elements of DS in it? However, it sounds original. You’re very lucky to have an SO who watches DS with you. I never thought about the saliva, but knowing JF was such a professional and perfectionist, he clearly knew some tricks he employed to reduce/eliminate that from ever happening. His mouth was probably dry from fear anyhow! Haha. He mentioned always being afraid of going up.

    • morlock13 says:

      Did he? That’s awesome. Hey, thanks for writing to me. This is cool and I always liked you, too. Shoot, I can’t remember all I said in this blog post. It’s early and I’m decompressing from a party-night. But yeah, I kept flipping on DS and my chap was like, “Okay, this is goofy. I gotta watch more.” and now here we are. Yes, J.F. was so professional. I finally figured out the “big deal” with him. He was basically like a classic movie actor but he only had this one show. I put him right next to Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Vincent Prince in my mind. ❤

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