Legion of Shadows…

League vol one


Many people have talent, many who came before me. The fear of that is a strange concept to me now. I’m not the first to put together something like this, and I shan’t be the last.

league of extraordinary gentlemen and women


As suggested in my first intro, it’s not a cross-over, it’s more a cross-blend League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type thing… (My trouble being those characters are public domain so profit can be made. I don’t have that luxury. Ah, well.)

League Issue two

I’m adding a tag for Rocky Horror Picture Show because it’s in my series in both Episode 4 and Episode 14 (well, okay, just a bit of lingerie in 14…) and what is the most potent point of The Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom? Audience participation… which is precisely what I’m looking for!

Links for the show are as follows:


link to archive.org



and iTunes, of course:



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