Margaret Josette Dupres: The Delay


kitty versus barnabas

Got some more whoopsies on “Margaret Josette Dupres”. I have a feeling the visual creators with Barnabas/Josette, Barnabas/Maggie & Barnabas/Kitty videos just got their college books and so forth stowed away to enjoy their summer break, wound up finding all the links I sent them and are TOTALLY confused, “Wait, there’s this END RESULT story over here and then there is this weird audio drama over here… HUH?”

Sorry, folks!  I WAS scouring for you for NINE months. So I’ve got a lovely comment on the novel on you tube from a Jenny, yay, thank you! And two more huffy-arse guest reviews on I checked my material and the angst over not picking up the POV or the reincarnation aspect seems to come from a speed-reader who’s not looking at the notes NOR the summary. JEEZ-LOUISE!

I checked the chapters and made efforts of giving away who was speaking as soon as possible, in many cases the first sentence/paragraph. Enjoy the darn thing, ladies! Don’t try and gulp down your entire plate of tea sandwiches without chewing. LOL! The glowing reviews are there already, you might investigate them… ah well, perhaps they had to study Plato last semester and are still miffed over that. Who knows?

As it turns out, my BIG meanie reviewer still believes I wrote the guest review in defense of my work. (Thank you to whoever it actually was!)

Considering all he was looking for was conflict rather than pairings my concern that he was a threatened Julia/Barnabas fan just looking to get my ire up was an incorrect deduction. YAY! I’m very glad to discover his motives.

His complaint that my story weaved in and out of consistency is due to the fact that he skipped several chapters. Nice… His complaint that they were out of character was ALSO from not picking up on the notes nor the summary and as he was looking for conflict rather than the clan of Collinwood actually ENJOYING themselves and having a ball, well, yes. OF COURSE you’re going to be confused! *snort*

I used to feel some worry that I was turning into the kind of obnoxious that can be compared to Harlan Ellison. His rude words through our discussions put any obnoxiousness I ever had to shame. ^_^  *sighs* Anyway, at least I managed to calm his outrageous nerve before he went around skipping through everyone else’s hard works and ragging on them. Got a little weird with one writer but looks like he’s done better with everyone else. Thank goodness. None of us need harsh opinions stated as though they are fact after giving out freebies from much labour and intensity.

As for any new followers? I’ll leave the link to the novel again below. If you have nice things to say, don’t be shy with them. You can throw in any joe-schmoe name you’d like and guest reviews are pretty simple depending on your keyboard. Would you like to see this couple enjoy themselves for a change? *wink*

This world has got plenty of the bad stuff. Celebrate the smiles you can give instead. Thanks.

(and the podomatic link, too)


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