Margaret Josette Dupres: The Trolls

Yep, you’ve been waiting and now you shall finally understand how something as un-important as fanfiction could make so many offended by a love that is presumed “doomed” and “The Pit of Ultimate Darkness”. As many of my readers understand, since I’ve been so extremely honest about it healing my own marriage and how it did, it’s like one helper expressed to me when we were wondering why this story of Barnabas reaching Josette through a reincarnation via Maggie Evans was perpetually dissed and dismissed through an entire generation of time: “Because it’s the truth.” 

People who don’t care will show that in their behaviour. Those people will shrug and move on out of disinterest. We haven’t seen that in this household. What we have seen is the obstruction via people being threatened by Barnabas/Josette continually for whatever reason. All I know? I never intended to write this marriage novel. I asked a question to these adopted children of mine one morning when I had an hour to kill prior to getting my shoes on before heading out to work, “What would it be like if you two were married and reached that bedroom Barnabas has been keeping sacred for so long?” And I got my shocking answer. Apparently, sharing links to look for people who also were interested in this pairing, since so many of them had given up ever looking for it but went into a picture-world instead to simply dream about what it could be, invited some nasty fans of Dark Shadows that brought forth opposition to the pairing.

I shall proceed with typed up clips rather than photos I’ve shared of the moderated comments as this will be easier to tend to in a blog post. Some of which have been seen before on this blog. I shall never understand how a major icon of Dark Shadows, whose introduction kept it from being cancelled, has become a vacuum of hate and corruption to fans of the series.


This romance I found obvious by watching the program and not being caught up with the fans of it… is offensive… Why? Well you’re about to find out.

July 4th 2014:

This is trashy and incomprehensible. Is English your first language?

Spoken like a true troll. Attack the language one is using… Well since you can’t contact me to discuss something like this as a person who might actually give a shit, you are a troll and not worth posting your pointless “review”. Also, you obviously haven’t looked over all the M-rated trash on, henceforth you are a coward and not worth half the time I’m giving you.

July 4th 2014:

“You took a story beloved by millions of people, including me, and turned it into badly written porn. I don’t mind sex scenes but this is offensive.”

Oh, really? In what way? Perhaps since you are posting this bullshit anonymously as the coward you are, even though my email address is everywhere for all and sundry to communicate with? You are the trashy cack-ass who doesn’t give two-shits about Dark Shadows, nor this coupling, and are obviously the person promoting offensiveness and distaste.  A story beloved by millions? Let me know who those millions are for this pairing and I would be extensively grateful, shyster.

July 9th 2014:

Julia and Eliot? The gayest guy in Collinsport (which is saying quite a lot)? OMG ROTFLMAO!

And so am I, considering you are trolling my work anonymously and can’t be upfront and just contact me personally as I’ve been asking people to do. You, my dear troll, are a shit-disturber and contribute absolute nothing to the Dark Shadows fandom except nasty reviews at a love you will never comprehend, which is Julia/Eliot. Prof. Stokes expressed to Angelique during the dream curse that she was very beautiful and thus hard to look at. Since you are a f******g homophobe, too, considering you pretty much just called Professor Stokes a faggot, I think you can lie back in the knowledge that you’ve added your disgusting putrescence to a world you proclaim to love. You don’t love it. You hate it. Take a hike and rot.

July 11th 2014:

Reincarnation is ridiculous.

Oh? Was I writing a non-fiction treatise on that? How stupid are you? Why do you even bother with this supernatural soap-opera since people like you continue to be offended by the supernatural elements of it? I seriously believe The Bible and Jane Austen is where idiots like you need to start concentrating your efforts. You’d truly be better off. Now take your puerile bullshit and leave people like us the f**k alone. But you won’t, because your life is so empty and pointless you have to go hunting around online for people to f**k with. Shows how much you matter to anyone. (I speak from experience.)

Moving on. Now we get to the book editor’s troll reviews. This woman contacted me because she was idiotic enough to truly believe that with a multi-fandom there might be money involved in my creation, money that she could possibly gain from my hard effort. My husband and I had quite a time deciphering her rotten advice about contacting DJ’s through a 1980s TV station. Yeah, I know… WTF??? An 80s TV station… but contact the DJs there? What? I should have known better when she was pro-Angelique and called Barnabas a cock-tease. Again… why do people who like these women want to force Barnabas to marry them? I don’t even know!

Anyway, this biotch was a major component to figuring out who the hell to avoid. Ever since then I make sure I find out what pairing people are into before promoting my work to them. There are Dark Shadows fans and then there are people who have some screwed up agenda. My agenda? Find my people, I don’t care what your preference is as long as it’s in keeping with the relief series I’m shooting for. Everyone else? Enjoy the fan work made in the last 40 years and live it up. The rest of us want something different and if you don’t want to come to the party? I don’t give a shit! Fine! Go away!

angelique barnabas


Oh jeez… Cindy the supposed book editor… There are so many troll reviews… I don’t even know where to start…


The one true love of Barnabas Collins was Angelique. Not Josette, Julia, Vicky, Maggie, Rachel, Kitty, the Roxannes, or Marilyn Monroe. ANGELIQUE! Fanfiction won’t change canon.

Okay… so if it won’t, then… why are you bothering with what I’m doing? You’ve basically been making my own case for me. Good Lord. LOL!

(Anyone notice how she uses names similar to Cindy but vaguely different? P’ff!)


Barnabas loved Angelique all along. She was his “only” love. He said so himself.

Yeah, in a bad story line barely any of us believe. Dream on, loser.

Guest (if one can call her that)

“Canon tells a different story. Angelique The ONLY love of Barnabas Collins (as stated by Barnabas himself)  Josette nothing”

Makes you wonder why she is so persistent in trolling this information to me if she is so secure in this knowledge…


Anyone who loved Barnabas would die. Except Angelique since it was her curse. Terribly ingenious. [Says the lady who told me ‘This is hot writing’ and wanted to make money off of me.] And in the end, Barnabas admitted she was his only love. Tough luck Josette.

Tough luck to you, troll, who doesn’t, won’t and never will have a beloved in her life, as *I* do. 😛

Ohhh, cream of the proverbial crop! Check out THIS guest name:


Barnabas’s love transcended time and spanned the centuries-his love for ANGELIQUE. Josette was too much a nit wit to notice.

Yep! That’s why it healed this nit-wit’s marriage. Dream on, troll… dream on.


Barnabas didn’t love Josette. His love “burned as strong” for Angelique as hers for him. His rage was at himself for rejecting her. 

Yeah, well we all get rather annoyed at ourselves for certain lusts and for certain troll reviews after proclaiming a “cease and desist communication” and then trolling for seven months after the fact. Idiot. This only changed your life because you couldn’t make money. It changed mine because my marriage was healed. So piss off, f**k face.

Q and A smooch


Angelique rules! Josette drools. He couldn’t fight true love forever

Geeeeez… this lady is OLDER than I am??? She certainly doesn’t act like it. I enjoy Homeward Bound like the next pet person, but this lady? P’ff!

Guest (if you can call her that…)

Very humourous. Everyone knows that Queen Angelique rules and Josette drools. Barnabas said so himself. Or do you think he was smoking wacky weed? LOL.

No, actually, I think you have been smoking Scotch Broom, the stuff that gives one a major headache and induces vomiting but they force themselves to smoke it because there is nothing else around to imbibe at this point.

Lady, you have spent seven months of your life opposing me because I wouldn’t give in to your fandom appeals. Perhaps you gave me stress, but you spied on my exposing this via facebook as we all laughed our asses off at your expense. And what did I do in response? I kept writing the marriage novel. When I work, I work hard. If you were trying to convince me that Barnabas and Josette did not love each other? Well, I’ve been through the ringer with bullies and I know all the tricks. You only succeeded in making me believe in it, and myself, even more. And I contacted the book firm you suggested to me to let them know what you’d been up to. You edited one chapter without my asking you to and then claimed your notes would be too difficult to comprehend, then sent me the scans of those notes. We looked over them. A seventh-grade English student would understand them.

Honestly? It would make little difference to anyone in Dark Shadows since they are secure in what they know via their understanding of the series, but you’ve proven for all of us that what we’re shooting for is true. Your name is Cindy, and you just left your troll reviews obvious with giving out so many rhyming titles like this:


Maggie was so NOT Josette’s reincarnation. And this silliness that attention from another man would turn Angelique from Barnabas is fundamentally hilarious. It would be for any woman-since when are we so shallow?-but even more so for Angelique. She’d had other husbands but never lost sight of her destiny, which was Barnabas.  As he was hers. His ONLY love.

Okay, dumb-ass. Then why are you trolling my work? If this is so true? Why don’t you read the zillion stories about them or write your own? Easy answer: You’re pissed and you know it’s not true. You’re being eaten by a major disease and you can’t be arsed to find something more constructive to do than troll what I’m trying to achieve. (And you still haven’t returned the CDs I sent you as you claimed you would.) I frankly do not give a shit considering you bullied me and confused our household with your bullshit. For all I am concerned you can take your Angelique obsession and rot for all I care. All I did was watch Dark Shadows and all you did was forget about it and get lost in your own ideas of what it was about. I can’t forget because I am working to heal EVERYONE’S hurts, not just Barnabas’. You called him a cock-tease. That is not love. That is some lust-driven sickness.

I would have continued on with Lari’s troll reviews… but for today, I think what I’ve listed here is enough.

I came in to do a relief series because of Sam Evans. Sam Evans’ demise was the last straw for me. But I juggled the issues to get everyone strait. Barnabas and Josette/Maggie were just another set in my adopted nursery, but apparently it’s some major effacing issue in Dark Shadows. I really don’t care. I’m just trying to do the best job I can for ALL of my adoptees. And if you don’t like what I’m doing? Please leave. 

I never intended to do the marriage novel, but so far as I can see it’s garnering the best support because fans of it are those that pay attention to all of the characters, not just Barnabas and Maggie.

I am only sharing more links to my audio files online to find people who will help me complete the work so I can carry on with my life. Considering most of my beloved friends have ignored me due to the fact that I don’t have a car, I’m not looking forward to the event coming up soon via my extended relations. Honestly? I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to have to tell them that I have been so disappointed in them about barely caring for us over here. (It’s extremely sad that the internet has not only managed to promote zombie-robot behaviour with device technology which demotes communication, it’s sadder still that those who use it defend that kind of behaviour.)

But look over this blog post and try to tell me that I don’t deserve better for entertaining all of you silent people. Look at the shit I’ve had to deal with. Look at the crap I’ve had to put up with. Read this blog post again and try to tell me that I don’t deserve better. I already know that I do.

I’ve asked over and over for correspondence. I know that my entertainment is good and I want to finish it so I can go back to my original material, should anyone be so deserving of reading it. (I doubt it.)

For Margaret Josette Dupres and The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows? I weep for the future. I truly do




6 thoughts on “Margaret Josette Dupres: The Trolls

  1. morlock13 says:

    If y’all are gonna keep hittin’ this one you might as well watch the video “Maria” linked under the picture. The Kids In The Hall can get pretty grim in their humour, but it does have all the answers. 😉

  2. morlock13 says:

    Will you PLEASE explain to me why you keep coming back to this blog post??? Seriously! I just wanted to make a relief-series, and be an entertainer and give what I have. Why the heck are there so many stupid issues with this radio-drama and side-project? It’s what this couple wanted! How “DUH” do things have to get?

  3. morlock13 says:

    Sheesh! Readin’ this one again? What? You wanna hear me pissed off or have something to get angry about? If I get going faster I can make another blooper reel podcast and swear a bunch. I’m rather mellowing out now and this blog post is two years old.

    Well? … whatever floats your boat, I guess. I got it out of my system, made my point that this crap is ridiculous and there ya go. 🙂

  4. morlock13 says:

    I was thinking about this one. Is anyone reading this and re-reading this while showing it to people to gossip about? It’s pretty darn plain to provide a whole lotta bullcrap a person goes through because strangers online have deep seeded issues with a fifty-year old television show. I’m responding to provocation here.

    For everything? I would have preferred natural human reactions to the radio drama and for people who don’t like this novel-in-progress to be SANE and choose something ELSE to enjoy.

    Anyway, check the dates, folks. Time goes on. There is the real world and the fictional world. Try and remember the difference. Thanks.

  5. morlock13 says:

    AGAIN??? What is up with people looking at this one? Do you have nothing to say? Are you all gossiping amongst yourselves? *sigh* Sometimes I truly wonder at the lack of training involved within the online world. It’s staggering. You could have just expressed various lovable aspects in the created entertainment I made very FREE in the last FOUR YEARS! But no… gossip is about all anyone cares to pursue. (Shit, y’could’a gossiped about the plethora of characters IN said entertainment…) GAWD!

  6. morlock13 says:

    You know? You could really just email me to have a chat rather than waffle through all my pairings analysis’ and this log entry and various other entries in some attempt to discern what I’m all about. Like one of my pen pals recently wrote to me,

    “Why would I Google a person when I could get first hand discussion from them directly?”

    It was nice to hear that from a new friend.

    Well, who knows? Maybe you also try to figure people out by their fictitious acting content rather than reading their autobiographies or listening to their interviews. (Unless this is Melissa re-reading for a chuckle. But she’d let me know.) 😉

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