“Simplicity” The Last Dance: Barnabas/Josette


“Simplicity” The Last Dance: Barnabas/Josette


My inner haunting
Leaves me too lonely
Leaves me too empty
Killing me slowly

In certain lights
In these stars
Night fixtures
Here in candle light

Killing me as I fall…

As I let you down
I am nothing
You still remain as I hurt
And I disappoint
I am nothing
You still remain…

This secret feeling
That feeds my passion
That burns and inspires
Killing me slowly
Still you continue
You dream louder still
In virtue, and I see you bleeding

I cry and cry inside
You cry forever
Still disappear as I do hide…

I am I
I am I
I am I

I will fall
I will let you down
I will forget
It could be the reason you’re still bleeding

Still you remain
You remember
Even while your heart is breaking
I will make you hurt
Make you cry and cry
And I will be your greatest failure

Still you remain
You remember
You’re the reason I’m still dreaming

Like a child who believes
You believe in me
Be my witness
Words could never say how you’re my world
My simplicity
You make me everything

Everything I am and still believe in
In your simplicity
In your dreaming
My world
My reason to believe

4 thoughts on ““Simplicity” The Last Dance: Barnabas/Josette

  1. For me, this is Barnabas singing this. The words seem to be his thoughts post-curse. It’s deep *nodding*

    • morlock13 says:

      Thank you! Ah, one of the last forms of entertainment blessed me: music. I just got so fixated on this song and I thought, ooo, I think I’ll make another slide-show. I’m never sure who is addressing who in the lyrics but I love your take on it!

      (Man… yesterday was nuts, and not just for me.)

  2. morlock13 says:

    I think at some point I should repair the lyrics on this thing. (Unless I already did.) It’s so bizarre that I get followers to my youtube *still* when I don’t really bother with it anymore, and the rest of the basic show is better on other platforms with more to it. But all the random garbage I slung together was pretty expressive of getting driven stir-crazy by social media schemes. (Minus the Gomez/Morticia and Barnabas/Josette one I’d planned out for years with the Cher tune. ❤ )

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