The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows Care Package

episode 14 intro

As the story goes… Barnabas and Josette’s romance grew by sending each other letters.

How fitting!

So what shall you receive in your care package?

Two Postcard no address

a postcard for the show (for as long as I still have them)

Envelopes may vary

Frugality means re-using materials so envelopes may vary

CD cases and sleeves may vary

CDs of episodes and intros

(if you’re really old-school? YES! I can make you cassette tapes! But don’t expect any 8-tracks, vinyl records or 1897 Quentin cylinders!)

comprehension curiousities

The fun comprehension questions, spaced to fill out by hand if necessary and sent back to me.

Does this mean you need to be accurate or that it’s a quiz or that you can’t respond to something else that I didn’t ask?

Nope! 🙂


You’ll also get a letter from me and if the printer holds out it may include some fun images of the various fandoms or the overlays of multiple.

What does it cost?

Old Quaverton

Your time to be entertained and correspond to that.



a booklet or sheet of plain, old-fashioned


postage stamps.

Does that mean The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is totally leaving the online world? Nope. All the podcasts, episodes, texts and trials will remain, but as witnessed in the “How Soon Is Now” podcast, the postal service has become faster than the internet. When the online world is ready to correspond, more can be posted and uploaded online, but it will take participation. 🙂

If interested please send an email message to: or a private message to Daryl Wor on facebook.



6 thoughts on “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows Care Package

  1. myhrr says:

    I’ve listened to most of what Daryl has produced. He is one person with much vision and a great deeal of talent. I liken the ultimate pit of dark shadoows akin. To the great radio dramas of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Before we had TV, I can remember listening to great radio dramas on sunday afternoons and evenings. Daryls radio dramas remind me of those long ago Sundays with my family. Priceless memories brought back to the forefront of my mind! Thaank you Daryl Wor for everything you do. With much gratitude abd respect, lots of love from myhrr and dave

    • morlock13 says:

      Thank you! I’m rather an audiophile, and knew I had a knack. Took me listening to this work to realize how good it was and could be, but boy did I pick a rough fandom and not know it, eh? 😉

  2. This is neat, Daryl! Since I already listened to every episode so far, I guess that I wouldn’t qualify for the care package 😦 Well, that’s all right. You know I’m pretty good at keeping up with the new episodes and commentary. Yippee!

    • morlock13 says:

      The biggest… BIGGEST supporter of this series? You BET you qualify!

      I can only send so many from home because of the ounce restrictions if one doesn’t send direct from a post office, but if you want all the CDs and all the rest? YOU GOT IT! ❤ 🙂 ❤

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