THEE ultimate dark shadow…

I assure you… you just never knew. This is the darkest shadow of all…

constable carter I forget to tell em no mustard

Okay, I am officially getting weirded out by Constable Carter. He seems to go on for DAYS about the miserable offense of the deli putting mustard on his ham sandwich. Roger has some troubles, and granted the darn bleeder valve/Burke storyline goes on rather too long as it is, so maybe they wanted to break the monotony with Constable Carter’s mustard issues. Carter says, “I told them not to put mustard on it.” Lots of dialogue ensues, he looks at it again and says, “I just can’t stand mustard on ham.” Then some dude calls and he mentions his “stale sandwich”.

More Roger stuff and as he’s leaving Constable Carter AGAIN mutters, “Mustard”. Good Night, Irene! >_<

carter you know I never liked mustard on ham

No wonder the damn show made it to the sci-fi channel. This whole scenario sounds like something out of X Minus One.


2 thoughts on “THEE ultimate dark shadow…

  1. Mustard. Hmm…Let’s see: guy nearly dies from the bleeder valve being removed, but the most important issue is muster on ham. Wow. Great sheriff! Smh

    • morlock13 says:

      LOL! I know. I’ve been fixated on this shite all evening. My poor sweetie has been listening to me laugh excessively. I put it on multiple DS pages AND tumblr. I couldn’t help myself.

      Oh and Osheen’s page. I had to ask her if Constable Carter was in “Stand Fast And Damn The Devil” and I also asked people to please tell me this guy didn’t get killed off because I want this somewhere in my radio drama! >_<

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