Episode One: Parapsychology (How to review The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows)

Good Lord, I am now creating comprehension questions for my series. It’s like I’m an underpaid teacher all over again. Well considering I’ve paid through the nose to create this bloody thing, the least I can get is commentary to the episodes in order to keep going, otherwise we’re going Grassroots with the series and I will send the new episodes to the people who have commented the most.

But what of Daryl’s teaching practices? Public school system? Yep, I was in it and I knew it sucked. Then I became a teacher and saw… yes, it still sucks. And wow, look at all the administrative politics involved too!

We had a different classroom, one where we didn’t know which students had already read what. The text books were as boring and crappy as I remembered when I was going to school. So as a teacher? What did I do? I changed it.

James Burke and Schwepps

As James Burke explains in the last episode of Connections, “I’m not saying give everyone a computer and tell them ‘Help yourself’. Where would you even start? Ask yourself if there is anything in your life that you want changed. That’s where you start.” 

As a teacher I brought in material I knew high school kids would enjoy and also worked in themes: Marxism (as in Groucho, etc. Not Karl), Morbidity, which stretched to articles in the zine Morbid Curiosity as well as other bits by L.M. Montgomery that I could find. I went into Pirates, which I’d studied heavily, and we enjoyed The Buccaneer with Yul Brynner as Jean Lafitte. We studied The Beat Generation and what the Beatnik movement did. I typed up and brought in my Aunt’s own program as I knew her writing was spot on. The result?

“Daryl is different. She gives stories to her classroom I actually want to read!”

So perhaps this is necessary for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. In order to understand how to comment on the material? I suppose comprehension questions are in order. If I get nothing but numbers again I doubt I’ll keep doing this, well, unless Helena enjoys going over the material once more and answering the questions.

So this might take two windows to do, but I have a feeling a number of you out there do have that capability. So let us start with episode one. Read the scenes (or listen) and answer the questions with your own personal reflections in the review or comment boxes. Here we go:

Text of Episode One

The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Episode One: Parapsychology

  • How did you enjoy Wadsworth and Roger’s entrance to The Old House? Some amusing bits happen there.
  • As Barnabas enters Collinwood did you enjoy the joke Victoria made about Roger? How about the kitchen? Did it slowly dawn on you who was creating the mess?
  • Barnabas returns home to find Wadsworth in Josette’s room. Any startling discoveries there? Fun bits?
  • Carolyn, Burke and the parapsychologists from “Poltergeist”. Out of place in time but still, any amusement for this part? Also we see who has been causing the trouble in the kitchen. Can I get an “Ah-hahaha!” for that? 🙂
  • Barnabas meets Maggie again at the coffee shop, likely wondering how he got up the courage to go. (This is post-kidnapped Maggie, after all.) Any fun stuff there? (By the way, I made up Mildred Mayhem.) Considering Wadsworth was played by Tim Curry there are little Rocky Horror jokes laced throughout my show.
  • The ride home with Wadsworth, goofy stuff occurs, of course but the moral of what Wadsworth expresses in Maggie’s looks? How did that strike you?
  • Ah, and then finding Roger outside the house to explain all that’s been going on. Well, here comes Wadsworth again with an explanation to ease their minds. And of course the outro song. How was that for enjoyment?

And here is the link for the audio:

Episode One: Parapsychology

Again, if this works, I’ll keep posting more comprehension questions. Don’t worry. I’m not your usual teacher. Frankly, I’m fed up with public education and think we all should be getting something much better considering all the problems and money that goes into it.


2 thoughts on “Episode One: Parapsychology (How to review The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows)

  1. “Then I became a teacher, and saw…yes, it still sucks.” Thank goodness I avoided that profession! Nothing wrong with teaching, but it wasn’t my bag.

    For fun, let’s do this:

    *Old Wadsworth’s “Can you keep a secret?” joke definitely added to the feel of him transitioning from Clue’s Hill House to DS Old House. Cool! Wadsworth would normally be consider a threat to Barnabas for having knowledge of Barnabas’ “double bass case”, but since everyone can keep a secret, then why not, right? Nice on Roger’s usual sarcasm, making me imagine the usual cut eyes and sighs and “Why do I bother?” look on him. And as expected, when wasn’t there a problem at the main house? Smh

    *Ha! Vicki’s and Barnabas’ reference to the past. Spotless on the comparison of Roger to Naomi. And this time, I guess he remembered Vicki being back there, hmm? (Unlike on the show.) Seriously, I didn’t think of Slimer being the entity when I first read this until the big reveal, so I was kind of slow with that. (I think that that were two questions in one.)

    * Well, what can we say? Barnabas did have an extensive lie-down, didn’t he? Mmm-hmm. So, Mildred Mayhem can spot a cross-dresser on spec? Gossip monger!

    *The moral of Maggie’s looks? Well, she doesn’t remember her kidnapping, and she did have a genuine liking for Barmabas at the beginning anyway. And to combine with the last question, I enjoyed the outré song very much since the events at the main house were comedic in its spooky scandalous way 🙂

    • morlock13 says:

      OMG! I just got done reading the blog post to my husband and then *boom* I got your reply to it! I have just about split my gut with what you wrote, I’ve been laughing so hard! (I even recorded my reading of it as I cracked up if you want to hear it.)

      Gossip-Monger! That was hilarious, can tell a cross-dresser on spec! HAHAHAHA! And all the goodies about Roger and Wadsworth’s “Can you keep a secret?” transition!

      With Victoria she doesn’t come back from the past until Episode 2, so I figured with her and “Miss” Hoffman poking through the old books they likely picked up on Naomi’s drinking habit that way. 🙂 lol!

      Oh, with the moral of Maggie’s looks it was Wadsworth saying, “Ah, sir, I believe you will find her more familiar than simply in her looks. Haven’t you ever liked her for herself?” I decided even by Episode 1 (re-write) to make it more obvious Maggie was the reincarnation of Josette, and Wadsworth knew it, as he would, easily. 😉

      Thank you so much for this. Now we shall glumly check around websites to see if anyone else came through. Cheers!

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