The Love of Dr. Julia Hoffman

julia waiting for barnabas to save her from the riddler

Yep, don’t hear too much about this. It looks like even The Riddler can keep these goodies from us. But be it a riddle or no, it is true. We do have love for Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Haters of her do exist, as well as those who dislike her, but I rarely run across them. When I first saw Dr. Julia Hoffman coming into play on Dark Shadows I thought, “Whoah, she’s got some nerve.”

Remind you of anyone? 😉

My own irritation with that dwindled as time went on. She seemed to calm down when she came to Collinwood and got lost in the swirl of so many problems. As like with Willie Loomis, once a person has to identify with the hurts of others they become more empathetic and concerned. I remember Quentin Collins changed as well when he found himself in a situation he couldn’t control.

For sympathizers of Dr. Julia Hoffman we have some of the best possible people, we truly do. They not only love Julia and the Julia/Barnabas romantic pairing, but who else do they love?

Barnabas Collins

Barnabas Collins

They love him romantically, or lustily, or as a friend. They say, “Oh, it would have been nice if he reciprocated Julia Hoffman! I like that idea. She cared so much about him.” They also express themselves with sincerity as a fan of anything else. I’ve often heard from them, “Now you know I’m a Julia/Barnabas fan,” before moving forward with something fun and chatty about my work. It doesn’t bother me to hear this. It’s said in a well-grounded way that someone would tell me, “Well, you know I’m really into The Beatles rather than Depeche Mode”. It’s like the love of a music preference while maintaining people have other favourites in their lives.

The other thing lovers of Julia Hoffman tell me is, “Wow! Professor STOKES?! For Julia? That’s a splendid idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Professor Stokes is great and he was interested in Julia too!”

Super Stokes

He’s groovy, he’s cool, he has a monocle!

And generally? Julia lovers like a lot of things. They are upbeat, winning and they know the difference between reality and fantasy. “Hey, it’s just a story. It’s a good story, but we’re pretending and we’re exploring that. No big deal.” Occasionally they do shake a fist at Barnabas Collins for not loving Julia, but they do it once and then they’re done. 🙂

Julia lovers have a fair grasp of psychology as well and look at themselves and their lives as such, similar to Julia herself. They meet with Julia-extremists thinking they’ve found a kindred-soul, then watch further seeing the odd behaviour that comes out and… slowly back away. “Oh dear,” they think, “this isn’t going down as I expected. This person has, uh, more than an enjoyment of Julia/Barnabas. In fact, I’m not sure they truly are enjoying what they’re going for.”

I, myself, felt the need to analyze all this to try and figure out what the hell was happening with my own work getting so darned much silence and for so long. That is changing but 2014 wasn’t the best year of my life. I’ve been through ringer with fans of all sorts. As patiently as I could. I wasn’t often given that gesture of kindness in return. It builds up on ya. (Believe me, like-clicks a go-go and friend requests on facebook without discussion as to why increases that confusion, too.)

Lovers of Julia Hoffman have been some of the better supporters to what I’ve put together. They see a unique method of handling both Julia’s woes as well as that of Barnabas Collins, not to mention everyone else. And because of the likelihood that the Julia/Barnabas pairing is popular they were never afraid to speak up nor get nasty about Julia/Eliot. They like the characters for themselves and have a preference for the positive. They don’t grind their teeth watching Dark Shadows, but usually respond to bad things occurring on it with a breath of, “Oh, noooo… *sigh* Well, it IS a soap-opera.”

The concern of sympathy for Julia Hoffman’s love of Barnabas Collins can be summed up in that one word:


That’s what makes these fans some of the best for Dark Shadows. They appreciate the struggles everyone had to go through, not only the characters but the creators of the program. They also sympathize with anyone facing hardship and, like Julia, want to help. They haven’t been scared away by anyone going nuts at them for being a fan of Julia/Barnabas, whereas fans of Roxanne, Maggie and Josette have been hit with the troubles of not being a Julia/Barnabas fan. Julia lovers are not only easy-going but they care about coming to the bottom of a problem. They listen intently, they look at as many details of a situation as possible. Very important when it takes that kind of comprehension to keep track of so many wild things going on in Dark Shadows.

These lovers of Julia or Julia/Barnabas have turned out to be some of the best people I have ever encountered online. Being less fragmented by not feeling outnumbered they keep to concerning themselves with friendship and communication. They enjoy a lot of things beyond Dark Shadows. They also enjoy Star Trek as several other listeners of mine have told me. If I had a dollar for every time we have detailed discussions about Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation I might have just enough money to pay for half of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

Back in the late 1970s, Harlan Ellison described peoples difficulty with science-fiction, mainly those in charge of our entertainment, “They see machinery, they see machinery and they think that’s what science-fiction is and it isn’t. It’s about people and the effect of the future on people. They can not get it through their heads.”

Lovers of Julia Hoffman also know that it’s about people, all kinds of people, everything is related and a persons feelings are important. They have never shrugged off my hurts at making so many laugh and never getting to find out what they laughed at or why. They’ve seen my temper flare and they come to me quickly with concern telling me, “I know you, and I know you aren’t mean-spirited… heh, heh, heh, actually, some of your sarcastic comments left me in stitches!”

Julia sees Eliot

Yes, we love Dr. Julia Hoffman and we know she’s a big-girl.

Her happiness is our happiness, as well as everyone’s happiness even when we, ourselves, are not doing so well.

Loving Julia Hoffman for herself means we love everyone for who they are and want to help. Please, keep it up! This is a good thing and I heartily endorse it. ❤



12 thoughts on “The Love of Dr. Julia Hoffman

  1. Tiffany says:

    Spot on! As always, you get it. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. And it’s so true that when I come across the, well I don’t want to say “crazy” because that’s negative….”hard core”… That’s better, hard core Julia/Barnabas fans I do back way slowly lol. And I never thought about Julia/Stokes till you said it. It’s perfect! But I won’t lie….I love me some Julia and bless her heart, she loved Barnabas 🙂 so, yes, the I guess “fan girl” part of me wants them to be together. But if it was reality Stokes would come along and help pick up the pieces for her and they would fall in love ❤

  2. jmount43 says:

    I remember back when I was a kid my sister would want to watch The Big Valley (she would never admit it but I guarantee you she was warm for Nick’s form; or perhaps even Heath’s) and I would want to watch either Star Trek or Dark Shadows-whichever show was on at the time. It’s not so much that I was a fan of Dark Shadows as it was that I was a fan of vampires and werewolves and the like. You, dear writer of the wonderful article that I just read are a fan and your passion for Dark Shadows shines through with every word. It is a crime that people can not or will not take a minuscule amount of time out of their day to read you and comment. Don’t let that discourage you. Keep doing what you are doing! Take care…and stay scared.

  3. She was on an episode of Batman? Cool! Although deep in my heart, and the way DS progressed, Barnabas and Julia would have been a good coupling without the deathbed proposal, but written right, then it would have properly ended with Barnabas and Josette, and sent Julia and Eliot on a world tour for their honeymoon 🙂 (Without Angelique or any malice from Collinwood messing up anything, of course)

    • morlock13 says:

      Ooops! Again, my over-active mind is creating confusion. The top photo is from the movie “That Darn Cat”. So it has Grayson Hall as a character and the dude who played The Riddler from Batman in it. But yeah, I just thought the idea of Julia facing down The Riddler was pretty cool.

      Wow! Glad to hear so much groovy love on Julia/Eliot! I’m dying to get to more work with them. I actually love that joke in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows Prof. Stokes makes about not being Professor HIggins but if she keeps up her line of suggestion he’s going to start calling her “Col. Pickering”. And it makes her laugh. 🙂 Plus in 14 there is more goodies in store for them. She’s starting to catch on to how he feels about her but it gets interrupted.

      Thanks for enjoying this! (And “bein’ a friend.” ❤ )

  4. morlock13 says:

    Darn it! Someone ate the TARDIS! Oh, well. We’ve got another one. 😉

  5. I observe that Julia is so popular as without her Barnabas would have ended up staked in 1967- she in effect helped save him from himself. Her caring and devotion is a lesson in what love is about (even if she got led down some unpleasantness with Barnabas at times). She is also an interesting person and she and Barnabas were good together- how many people would be that devoted and risk their lives for each other? They did love each other, and whether it turned our romantic or not in 1971 doesn’t negate how important they were to each other- platonic love is as valid as “romantic” love- and often lasts longer! None of Barnabas’s romances lasted (for various reasons) but Julia was a constant.

    • morlock13 says:

      Well the plan with Julia previously was Barnabas tossing her into a vat of acid. And Julia was mainly constant because Grayson Hall was available. Dan Curtis just about erupted when KLS decided to leave. Pretty sure the intention was to eventually get a Barnabas and Maggie romance story-line going.

      I have to say that relying on the soap opera format solely to show truths to how real life works isn’t the greatest tool. Daytime-dramas are produced to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat and buy more products in their advertising.

  6. morlock13 says:

    Outraged would be the better word. Dan Curtis had a very demanding presence.

  7. morlock13 says:

    Hey fans, if you want to have some chit chat on what you are searching for, “Grayson Hall Gagged”, I’m just kinda sittin’ here waiting for the chit-chat. Feel free to get in touch… ❤

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