The Purpose…

It pains me greatly when I hear that people believe I want popularity for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. I never did. Just 25 people, with maybe 5 perspectives per episode. I had more than that in terms of numbers, and I could not understand what was wrong after 19 months.

I worked harder to get the perspectives, the laughter, the insight, and the more I didn’t get it, the harder I worked to find out why. Then I found out why and all Hell broke loose in my soul. I never wanted high numbers, I wanted discussion.

Has anyone ever watched Sherlock Holmes, and seen him tearing through his files, making crazy messes, going mad because he can’t find the data for his research, or he discovers even more sinister things afoot? That’s me. That’s what happened. That’s why.



2 thoughts on “The Purpose…

  1. I know you want discussion and that is your aim. Stay strong for those who want to discuss the story and characters.

    • morlock13 says:

      Yay! Thanks. Man, who would’a thought a Julia/Barnabas fan would have been one of the best supporters to this project! 🙂 Then again I know you’re looking forward to Julia/Eliot and so am I. Looks like a lot of people wanted it but, like the others, it was difficult to put together. ❤

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