Slow week, CD mailings, postcards, and kicking back after a hard year…

Let’s face it. Last year was a ginormous whirlwind of ups and downs. As soon as things were looking up they’d plummet into a cascade of bizarre tragedies and the only thing that saved us was our sense of humour. I want this roller-coaster of a radio drama to be fun again. People put humour out there to get the reaction. And what have I gotten? Massive amounts of numbers, people coming in and giving me Hell, true warriors reaching out to say, “Yes! I want what you have… I just don’t know how to tell you.” And so we go back to the old reliable… The Post Office:


Don’t knock it.


What do you think gets all those bloody online orders to your door? (It ain’t just crazy UPS truck drivers.)


Mind sending your radio hosts a little valentine? The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows will officially be three years old this year.

Yes, I had no idea Josette=Maggie/Barnabas was such a fricken taboo! I just saw Sam Evans get foiled, had had enough and wanted a relief series, couldn’t find it and got started taking notes for YEARS! Sometimes even the fans of this pairing get a little too much for me. I chunked the text, rewrote as much as I could, went from demo version to proper podcast version, worked my arse off to find a way to get it to iTunes, spent gobs of money, drank myself into the pickling practices ensued by various members of The Rolling Stones… And…. well you’ve watched me go even crazier from getting high numbers, free advertising by haters having shit-fits, should-love romantic voting polls, assumptions made that I lust after various characters…

Does no one watch actor interviews or writer interviews or comedian interviews in which they detail what they have to go through? Just because this involves Dark Shadows doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply. It only means they rarely get used for such fan-work.

Guess what? There are a new gaggle of people who have worked in other fandoms, as well as their own original material, and they know those particular rules of how this game is played. It’s not all about “I want this…” It’s about, “They, the characters, want this.”

This is why people in the Addams Family set are so vocal. They know that program could have gone on much longer than it did, and they know Gomez and Morticia. They will take no substitutes for how those two feel about each other nor how they behave. This is why seeking out the Dark Shadows purists was the wrong move for me all along.The purists want endless repeats of the original show. Okay, they can have that. They aren’t who I’m looking for anyway. I’m looking for people who want this:

Two Postcard no address

That’s the new postcard and twice as many as last year.

But why? Because I listened to my demos for years and I finally realized I had something good. Something as good as all the shows involved. The same humour came to me that “Clue” was providing with the hook in to Dark Shadows. Something amazingly huge could happen if only the talent could be nurtured with discussion to what was enjoyed. Why do I need that?

I’m human.

And so far most of what I’ve heard has been the kind of BS I’ve heard most of my life and fought against when I gathered the data to life. Human beings do not exist as islands. We marry, we give birth, we live in a sea of other humans. Just because robotic maneuvers via the internet is fooling you into believing you are communicating? It doesn’t mean you are.

I am more than happy to let the postal service thrive further on my endeavours. There are people who are happier with letter-writing than facebook flippancy. I’d rather this be something that is pursued via the postal service. It’s slower in focus and more concentrated. If I were given the chance to make this a postal service only venture? I would have done it quicker than you could get a fine for spitting on the sidewalk in the olden days.

And as for the olden days, anyone remember when I chunked the story and left a note of this from Lady Catherine de Bourgh?

lady catherine displeased

Ah… doesn’t that take ya back? 😉

Yeah, I was pretty pissed.

Took me quite some time to figure out what the problem was. And why wouldn’t it take so long? I was studying all the characters, all the fandoms, all the technical details, all the research to try and make things better and better. It’s not just writing, it’s audio editing, acting, inflections, listening, vocal training, and then? Getting harassed while everyone else is enjoying the work, meanwhile the creator doesn’t matter but to talk to the more vocal people who mostly just invalidate everything, including your hard working actor/writer/comedienne who can only get paid in commentary?

This is not healthy.

And I shall never believe that it is.

If you put it out there for the reaction? You would know it’s not an island venture.

This argument/claim was created so people could be lazy. However, I do not believe that comprehension skills are so low.

And why?

How would you comprehend my radio series to begin with?

You’re human, too.

Don’t behave as if you aren’t. 🙂

write a letter cover

But with my reincarnation studying and what they came up with here:


They were too tight-lipped about what they were doing… really… how could I have known what they decided? So many months earlier. How?

pit 2012


2 thoughts on “Slow week, CD mailings, postcards, and kicking back after a hard year…

  1. Yes, I remember that Lady Catherine quote well *nodding* May this year be more successful and thriving than the last for you and your work 😉

    • morlock13 says:

      LOL! Yeah… oh man, my sweet. That was a *bad* week. I remember being all freaked out being taken over by Willie Loomis and seeing, to me anyway, that no one even cared about him! I was going to the market and thought, “Ugh! I’ve got to do something!” And I thought it all out on the way home of how to save the story but keep it away from people who couldn’t at least show some gratitude.

      I remember when I wrote to you and I said, “Oh, I’ve had the worst week!” But at least I saved myself with a little humour in the end. (Lady Catherine ends up being pretty cool in the Laurence Olivier version, btw.)

      Then I tried a few other things, but the bottom line has been that darned taboo I never even knew existed until later! Can of worms! (And REALLY annoying having people critique me like I didn’t know how to write already! DUH!!! “What did you laugh at, people?!” Sheesh!)

      I hope it’s a better year, too. I got a letter today from a pen friend. She doesn’t know DS but she knows the rest! So she said what she enjoyed via them for Ep. 1. How cool is that? 🙂

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