More Work On Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Yes… Willie Loomis is coming back home…

But that isn’t all fun and games… Oh, look. I have to provide more audience applause for Sir Simon Milligan. I have to provide this myself. As it happens with all my listeners, I can’t seem to get applause textually. Yes… bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan. Well? If you had such a large and silent audience? Wouldn’t you bitch and moan?


I hope someday Helena enjoys the blooper that came out of this one.

Do recall I had episode 13 finished by 30 October 2014 (having written the text a whole year earlier). Commentary should be forthcoming after all this time… but alas… just numbers…

Loneliness sucks…

Crap, here it comes… even in this one scene. I separate everyone’s performances and have to splice them together. So even though I picked out what I could of the best performed lines, I still had trepidation choosing once and for all which ones? This is why positive support is so important, especially on top of random fools infiltrating my hard work, who have NO experience with radio drama coming to me and dictating what I should be doing. Hey, all y’all? Being entertained and not telling me jack about what you enjoyed? Guess what I’ve had to deal with? Supposed professionals with negative crap. That’s not stressful or undeserving, is it?

The other thing that has to be done is to leave just enough time for silence so listeners to catch their breath before the next bit of humour. Is this appreciated? Who knows? Barely any of these people are discussing the show with me. I have to deduce as per usual…

You know my Methods

Ugh… Going back and forth between Sir Simon and Hecubus. With the former lowering the pitch helps and with Hecubus raising the pitch helps. What a pain. And all for what? Someday? I question this Muse who’s taken me over hook, line and sinker.

Okay, I gotta give this tid bit away where Hecubus wonders how Maggie could forgive Barnabas after all his detestable crookedness towards her and how romantic forgiveness could be. “Do you think she will forgive him?”

Hecubus can you hear me

MILLIGAN: Wellll (rubbing hands) perhaps, or perhaps she is in it for the joy of being able to strike him some more.

HECUBUS: OH! Dear! Master! That IS evil…

MILLIGAN: And what is worse… he may perhaps… like it! Ah… Well, who wouldn’t? At least she’d be touching him!

Not that we encourage such behaviour. This is a story after all…

Ah, and here I come to those metaphoric D&D lines I realized on my way to work. I read them into my phone recorder stepping through the cross-walk so I wouldn’t forget them. And shan’t mention them here. Huh? Do you think this much work listening to The Muse at all hours, losing ten months of sleep, writing, editing, performing, acting, changing audio, getting harassed, and what not? Y’all can just have everything? Well, I guess you can get everything elsewhere… As for Dan Curtis and I? We want something different…

And so I have just finished the  bland editing run-through of the intro with Sir Simon Milligan, Manservant Hecubus, and would like to spend the rest of today playing some spooky hidden object game or maybe reviewing Osheen Nevoy’s HARD ass work.

I have been approached a plethora of times that:

1) You need to do this for you. (Why post it online? Why spend all the money?)

2) Maybe people don’t like it. (Why do I have downloads like crazy?)

3) We live in a time of disconnect. (And we should just accept that?)

4) You likely should broaden your social horizons. (Agreed. I work my ass off to do so. So far I have the U.U. Fellowship, but not often enough. I’m sorry. I don’t have a car nor friends with cars. I am lonely. I have a wonderful husband. But two is not enough.)

5) “I don’t understand her.” (No. You don’t.)

Well, I’ve managed to do all of this virtually on my own. Imagine all the other people who do it to entertain you and get paid. I’ve done mountains of research in both history and all of these fandoms. I’ve uncorked things people never bothered with. Am I now suddenly wrong that humans require other human care? I doubt it.

take care…

Your blighted and hard-working actor/writer/comedienne,


Maggie over Collinwood


2 thoughts on “More Work On Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

  1. I’m always game for your bloopers, my dear Daryl. Your list of five reasons or excuses from others of your online non-interactions kind of reminds me of my real world social life. No car or friends with cars (at least not anymore), misunderstandings, or whatever else they could think of. But hey, it’s a new year, and who says that this streak will continue. Toast to a year of a surge in fan base and friendships 🙂

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh my gosh, if I don’t lose that one it’s pretty good! I as Sir Simon Milligan getting pissed off at either helicopters or airplanes. And yes, the no friends with cars. It’s kind of a true colours weirdness. I thought commonalities kept us together not conveniences. So sad.

      And thank you. I do have better hopes for 2015 considering the roller-coaster of 2014, although it seems to have some kinks here at the beginning. I think there are a number of things popping up or being shaken off from last year.

      Here’s a health to the company and one to my lass! ❤

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