Editing Intro to Episode 14…

Still haven’t come up with an image for this new intro, but I’ve been working on it for over a week now. Yes, “Daryl’s Husband” will be included and not from hanging the microphone over a drawer and amplifying bits and pieces, which takes forever, but using the same sound recorder that brings you sounds of Sam and Maggie’s percolator in the background. Yay!


Or I guess I should say our percolator we received from my husband’s parents from their own wedding in the 1960’s. Fitting, eh?

Although I am having to keep shaving off more and more things spoken for time. Lots of y’knows, likes, um’s, and so’s. Hopefully at some point I can remove some of those superfluous podcasts like the question of will this continue, the gratitude one and the offering of explanation. I’m praying someday I’ll have enough people to discuss the show with me that it’ll run far more smoothly than it has for the last year.

This podcast should be much calmer with some sound discussion and questioning. I’ve gotten the distinct feeling a few people are feeling rather awkward after that last Episode (#13) considering the obvious talent and intense work that went into it after giving me such a hard time in the politics which has done nothing to support cooperation.

In any case the main thing I’d like to get across, both in this blog entry and also in the new intro coming up is that this project is something I have not been able to stop doing. The major problem is not getting the reaction to the humour or insight at the program which is the fuel for entertainers. I would hope that would be obvious, but I guess the internet has crammed so much at us that communication is losing ground. In this, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows will continue, but without the discussion to me of what was enjoyed it is just going to go that much slower. It could go a lot faster and with its creator in a healthier state of being than she has been for over a year now.

Hence all of the celebration for Margaret Josette Dupres. After losing, and I’m not kidding, 10 months of sleep, I finally found people to go through that process with me, review the chapters, give some insight to enjoyment AND have my marriage healed as well as letting me finally get some sleep. Odd that it comes from a novel containing erotica, but if that’s all I can celebrate about in our life of frustration? Am I going to celebrate a healed marriage? You bet I am! 

almost kissing

How much else is there to celebrate at this point?

I get a bit worried that some folks are grinding their teeth. How many of them have a healed love-life from what came to them in their writing? I’m guessing not a vast amount. And here I am having never intended to go so strongly into the realms of this romance, in fact the idea of adult material for screen characters embarrassed me before I saw just how much there was and in what kind of graphic expression was laid out. But these two gave us a gift, a splendid gift we’d been craving for years. Can’t say no to such a gift as a happier marriage.

As I’m trimming this interview with my husband we’re both talking about how the high download numbers with so little discussion or fun commentary over the work is not something I celebrate, it’s something that gives me the jitters. In order to be able to do all of this work and research, you have one curious person, intensely curious. What would it be like for all of these fandom characters to come together and solve all the mischief plaguing the town of Collinsport? To truly know one would have to get it as accurate as possible. In order to do that intense curiousity and research comes into balance and with intense curiousity and working with humour, an audience of blank stares does not a happy creator make.

These long intros with huge workshops that barely seem to be doing a damn other than keeping my pen pal(s) company aren’t making me too happy either. Hopefully this will all be fun again someday. People hear my first episode, get all excited, and express how I have such a passion. Folks, get to the intro of episode 11. By then you shall know it has dwindled from a passion to a calling.

It can be a passion again, but that requires more audience participation.

That’s being human.


2 thoughts on “Editing Intro to Episode 14…

  1. As much hard work you put into this, I hope the commentators come out for this. And I love the percolator!

    • morlock13 says:

      Thanks! Now you know what was making all of those noises in the episodes, huh? OH! And I had the pleasure of helping to fix the coffee at church last Sunday. They use BIG old percolators so imagine my head between the regular and decaf machines having a ball!

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