Audio Editing Ep. 14 and Continued Commentary…

I’m not sure but it may very well be that my removal from facebook, while popping in to post an audio version of my reviews for Osheen Nevoy’s work, has resulted in everyone going to read that rather than the “this-is-how-it’s-done” model I intended. Or it’s just building up. Perhaps the laughter as I read a few of my comments to Osheen’s work let’s people rest easy that I’m doing just fine. Not exactly, folks. Just trying to do something more constructive than hanging around facebook all day having endless discussions in snippets that doesn’t get any work done at all.


Here is the link to the audio file of a few reviews:

Stand Fast And Damn Reviewing: Give Us Commentary

And so I shall continue in that capacity. The trick of this is to read the work one likes, or in my case listen to it, and jot down any highlights. I used one of those long notepads and since her chapters are so lengthy I often post two reviews. I get to the opposite side of my second note sheet, type it up, for the review box and paste it in, checking for any corrections as I go. Of course, no one needs to go through the corrections bit as I can make out what is meant most of the time, but in this I’m simply being a perfectionist.

 Daryl Wor chapter 6 . Dec 15

Back to Chapter 6: This has been a treat of intrigue. Good job on the pick, Bill. Minor Arcana is a pain. Stick with the Major Arcana. Oh’p! That’s the worst; going in for a reading with skepticism that slowly begins to break down from curiousity. “Great, this gets better and better all the time.” LOL!

NO! Not THE TOWER, AH! Oh good, a nice wind down and the reading is done. Now Uncle Jer is getting suspicious. Oh, dear (I’m laughing) “Hell, what can it hurt to tell the truth?” (Hopefully better than what I’ve been through, Bill.)

BARON VON MÜNCHAUSEN! Good one! Crap. He has to explain what canning is! All they had back then, if even that, was preserving food in bottles. (Points leading to the need of better preservatives coming later.) LOL: “There’s been no end of trouble, actually.” Ah, yes. And the complexity wins Jeremiah over. Perfect. Bill and Jer working to construct something better for the blustering, gouty Josh is a relief. (& with all of Jeremiah’s concerns, yep, a shrink would have been handy!)

Good to be literate in that time, a privilege to some. (We sure take it for granted now.) Jeremiah’s eyes OUGHT to pop out of his head when Bill describes The Declaration of Independence. No! Quills! Poor Bill. I’ve been there. This is not going to go down well. WHAT? Don’t write down LINCOLN’S SPEECH! Too early! Still, I’m surprised how easy it was for Bill to use the quill pen. Or maybe it’s just my practice was with metal nib “quills”.

Man, this story between Bill and Jeremiah must have taken you ages to construct in study! Love the notion that “Barnstable” likely hasn’t changed in a couple hundred years. Yes, why DOES “she endure that bullcrap?” Indeed. Their argument is riveting and of course Jeremiah is correct, however sad this is. Yep, with so much weirdness in spirits, one WOULD go mad NOT to believe in ghosts. Ah, another cliff-hanger.

Your work is inspiring, Osheen and I hope it enables richness to my own. Heaven knows people have been inspired by mine. But I will *thank you* for it, as my hundreds of listeners rarely do towards me. 😦

chapter 7 . 16h ago
Darn, I would have hoped Bill would go with “everyone’s a ghost”. We all eventually go, don’t we? Wow, the words “sometimes you have to get involved. That’s when it hurts. Because you have to hurt people you care for.” Talk about spelling my wild actions out, Bill.

Jeremiah not being certain whether he should be relieved or disappointed. Yep! Good call! Well, Bill sometimes even when you know the problem, it doesn’t matter, you can’t solve it anyway. I love these bittersweet reflections of Bill’s for Dr. Guthrie. Why feel like an idiot trying a one-man séance, Bill? No one is watching. *wink* You’ve put a twinkle to my eye with the Jack Sprat switch-a-roo. Bill’s getting hired almost seems like he has been demoted. Ah, the breakfast is making me hungry. I suddenly want eggs and oatmeal (& coffee). And I’m chuckling at Bill’s musing with the massive dinner the previous night, two more guests would hardly make a major hole in the Collins House larder.

Laughing at this gossip about the countess! I’m with Hinckley on former servants. Yes, masters get THIS week’s newspaper, servants get last week’s. Oh no! The S’s and F’s problem! After Pruffia and Ruffia, etc. I’d hope no one would want a chat about current affairs. MISSISSIPPI! LOL! These historical details are spot on. Professional work, Osheen! Love the bit about Abraham Wells. *sigh*

Samuel Shaw – love that ad! Wow! This newspaper is making me miss my original material. I loved looking through old articles for these kinds of details. *another sigh*. & “Gracie” I like it. Great info on the Regency of Algiers. LOL! That Cherry Tree business again! Legend that hasn’t been invented yet! MARVELOUS DESCRIPTION! “…detailed exploration of dental hygiene”. Oh boy! (Baking soda strait on the toothbrush, anyone?) Aaaand the money trouble. A-yup! Sweet! A ship called “The Barnabas and Sarah”. 🙂 What type of boat would that be?

Ah yes—Lt. Forbes. And his somewhat disregarding regard. (I shall be back later.)

chapter 7 . 2h ago
Bill not being pleased in the least to meet Forbes—neither would I be. Love Bill’s take on Forbes from the start. Oh, my! Not so sure I’d go so far as him being a young Jason McGuire but I can see where he’s coming from.

This cargo list is incredible. Good again on the homework and Bill’s occupation with it. Always a relief to feel productive with one’s fellow beings. WOW! The Evan’s Cottage once apothecary! That is amazing. I’m with Bill on the toothpowder. T. Thornton’s “finest ingredients” are making me gag. Lol, “burst a blood vessel”. I was like, “SUGAR?!” Good. Just baking soda. It’ll be foul but worth it.

Love the bit about “bedroom eyes” and “with unbrushed teeth and his greatcoat pockets stuffed with toiletries”. Must snicker.

Now Sarah & Josette meeting. You’ve got me misty. (Yep! Wizard of Oz reference in there, too!) I remember this part about Maggie & Josette that you sent me. Glad to read it again and I’m not alone in seeing it that way.

SHEESH! Simmer down, Andre. Your boat was way late. Did you want everyone still hanging around for y’all so long after the fact? I’m smiling at Bill’s thought that his whittling skills being taxed to their limit. Ah, the poem on the sampler. Work on the poem that long and she’ll know it well 172 years later. I’m curious how you conjured up Miss Wick’s details. Very sound, indeed.

Mmm, the sampler and middle names. Touching and true. A wonderful demonstration of what came to pass in days of old and new. Plus the love shared between brother and sister is what I would expect from your work. No sweeping it under the rug.

As far as Barnabas’ excitement that Josette has arrived—quite a song in my heart to finally read this “in print”. You’ve made the work breathtaking, convincing, and accurate to history as well as what is observed in the program. The mutual longing they have goes far beyond money. I trusted you to see that, and so you have done. Bless you. 🙂

chapter 8 . 13m ago

Uh-oh, veering away from the Laura marriage. That must’ve been a tough choice. Glad of the warning. Oh great—nope, no known awareness of allergies yet. This is back to the page-turning and heartrending hopelessness of it all. Point of interest: It could make (genealogical?) sense for Joshua to have a sibling so much younger just as Barnabas does in this family tree.

Love the countess looking ready to sally into single combat. I’m surprised Bill gave Jeremiah so many future details to sooth his terror, but in a panic one might. Smelling salts. Good Suggestion, Natalie. Very sensible. Bill’s take on Joshua’s reaction is a wealth of fine observation. Well done. A wonder Thornton IS groovy with Bill remaining after the tooth-powder incident. *wink*

I am curious if Thornton is checking Barnabas’ lymph nodes here. I’m trying to recall if there was knowledge of them then. Yes, the possibility of shocking indecency to leaving a man’s attire open, even while ill. That is rather likely in this century. Oh, great. Not bleeding! (Well, if that happens save it somewhere for Barnabas later when he eventually attains a certain “thirst”, guys.)

I’m not really surprised at the lack of appreciative words as the apothecary departs. The heartfelt relief as our patient recovers to normal is marvelously well done. Lovely to see all the gratitude they share together.

“Bad enough when it’s only a novel…” love that part. DANG! How did you find all of those older genealogy details? (Let me know if you followed your nose or if they’re out there somewhere.) I’m feeling bad for Bill beating himself up while he’s reading the gruesome facts and errors. Wow…

This chapter is as brilliant as the rest with that play-by-play of the series, enhanced by Bill’s studious considerations, and extremely well-written. I hope to continue on Chapter 9 soon.

I did a little bit of audio editing for Episode 14 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Mainly we’re still with the six individuals standing around in Dr. Hoffman’s office while Willie Loomis tries to get a hold of himself from the surprising, if not shocking, series of events he’s hearing and witnessing in his pajamas and robe as Wadsworth is still attired in his standard butler outfit that he’s slept in at this point.
Some of Willie’s inflections had to be spliced together from two different performances of his lines, as well as Wadsworth. Dr. Hoffman has been a juggle of new an old lines. I felt some of the newer ones sounded too husky and scratchy.
But as usual, if anyone wants more of the radio series, I will be waiting to get those comments up from episodes 5 through 12. One chap is going over the CDs I sent him of 5 & 6, and another person is hopefully up to episode 12. Remember, Episode 13 is finished, but posting the news of my continued audio-editing struggle via facebook doesn’t do a whole lot to encourage people to make that effort to discuss all the hard work I brought to them. On top of which I have tons of haters who took my work, didn’t say zilch of what they liked and expect me to just psychically know what caught them.
I’m a listener to characters, I’m a listener to people, I’m a problem-solver, but I apologize; I can’t read minds. If you want more I am very aware that your communication skills are not dormant. I hope you are as well.

2 thoughts on “Audio Editing Ep. 14 and Continued Commentary…

  1. Sometimes I have to brush my teeth with baking soda when I run out of toothpaste, so nothing new there 😀 Ah, the historical stuff! Gotta love them!

    • morlock13 says:

      Yep! Glad I found this comment. I was updating stuff and I saw the notification and I’m like, “Where the Hell is it?” lol! I still have to shake my head that so many darn people reached my show, don’t say diddly, want more… b-u-t I haven’t uploaded since August. What is everyone thinking? I’m gonna just do it anyway after all this?

      I don’t get it. [sad chuckle]

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