Still working on Episode 14… but for the blog, let’s have some fun!

Good Evening, Collinsport. Well, I have some lovin’ from a couple people within the last month. So far I have enough commentary for Episode 1 & 2, but I still need more for 3-12. I don’t want critiquing. I would like insight and enjoyment. Considering I already know for sure one radio station is playing my program, among other possibilities, it would be nice to know what people are enjoying. That is my fuel.

I have finished getting all of the lines into Episode 14 but I haven’t picked out which inflections makes the final cut so the file is massive. I just wanted to get to all the various lines. Almost EVERYONE was performed separately. They deserve that accuracy, I think. Plus it’s better than trying to switch all of the time. For Episode 13 I went back and forth between Wadsworth and Willie Loomis and it was just a strain on my vocals.

So, I now would like to present everyone with some fun I’ve been having on yet another fan page thread which harps on Depp Shadows. I encounter this behaviour so often I feel as if folks who love the original program have also been programmed into a stream of hunger for the negative, perhaps by Dark Shadows?

I suppose this makes The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows the mind blow it is. It’s humour the characters would use, it amplifies the spooky via tons of gate-crashers from films and movies that also contain spooky elements, it’s an expensively made radio-drama created by one person in character voices and it’s free! Not a whole lot of complaining to be had. With these gifts to be able to incorporate so much authenticity as well as provoking deeper thought with humour, the question of Frid versus Depp is becoming more and more hilarious!

depp or frid

After combing through the hostile remarks against Depp, Burton, etc. I decided between these two choices I’d pick a third

Allen Ludden


hilairous sticker

Yes! It has stirred me for days into the kind of laughter that promotes tears of hilarity. I can’t get close. It’s so much in the opposite direction and I can’t stop thinking about it. The very idea!

Allen and Betty DS

Next there was question of whether Betty White would play Victoria Winters or Elizabeth Stoddard.

Happy Allen Ludden

I proceeded to laugh my arse off and am also doing so now. I actually physically injured myself from laughing so hard. I was clapping my hands and I guess my wedding ring hit the inside of my pinkie finger’s end knuckle and started turning purple. So far it has healed and I can finally say it was all worth it!

And the worst part… as it turns out… Password took the time slot when Dark Shadows was cancelled, so there are some hard feelings towards Allen Ludden and Password from Dark Shadows fans. Allen Ludden even put some vampire teeth in that episode which was similar to rubbing salt into a wound, or so I’m told. Could this be another sign? Oh, dear…

One fellow said that he wrote an obituary for Dark Shadows in their local newspaper and expressed that it was survived by “Password”. Then he confessed, “THEY PRINTED IT!”

Until next time, I shall continue to audio edit and channel the characters in empathy to the best of my ability, while catching up to where I was in the text and audio demos that I was over a year ago. Makes me feel like this lovely lady:

Deanna Collinwood


2 thoughts on “Still working on Episode 14… but for the blog, let’s have some fun!

  1. Betty White…definitely Victoria Winters. Just throw in a mixture of strong and not-so-bright Vicki into her personality ^_^

    • morlock13 says:

      I can almost see this! Perhaps I could give Victoria Winters a Rose Nylund line she said after someone discussing a person doing all kinds of bizarre things from stress, “You know, this might sound a little old-fashioned, but why didn’t he just drink?”

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