Our Baby Sleeps, But We Do Not…

So, while I was channeling the happy couple I was starting to realize the chapter was getting too long. I mainly get troubled by this because the longer a chapter is the harder it is for people who enjoy it to express what it was they enjoyed, as far as certain details go. It’s fun and very nice to get, “wonderful job”, but I’m digging the characters and definitely am curious at what brought smiles to peoples faces or made their hearts fill with joy.

As I was working this out I posted on facebook:

barnabas and josette kissing

“ARG! Over 4,000 words of utter bliss! I have never channeled anyone who was THIS romantic. (In my original material it was only 1 century, not 2 and no previous meet-ups.) It’s that long and they STILL haven’t made it all that adult. Barnabas is too busy trembling in utter happiness. He’s got Josette AND Sarah back now and can’t stop describing it all. Why not explode into a flock of silvery bats and reform to let it out of your system, old man?! Just get it over with. *sigh* I think this is going to be another two-parter.”

barnabas and maggie in wedding clothes

A beloved and fellow writer saw this black and white photo in my post and confessed, “OK, this picture is just so ultra-romantic it’s absurd (in the best possible sense!). It definitely goes well with what you’re saying about Barnabas turning into a flock of silvery bats!”

I responded, “LOL! Thanks. I think he’s finally settled down from believing if he touches her she’s going to disappear to just, “Good Heavens, I can touch her! Damn!”

Chapter 36

Above is the link to chapter 36 of “Margaret Josette Dupres” in which baby Sarah is adored, caressed, admired, and eventually placed in her cradle so her parents can “get busy”. Still, the psychological blow-aways come in to haunt and mesmerize Barnabas. However, Maggie, after her own reincarnation, and giving birth to a reincarnation, has to explain she’s finally accepted how weird Collinsport actually is. Being a half-light vampire can’t be such a massive destruction on the soul. Besides, she hasn’t had blood in over 9 months and is starved.

Maggie Evans as a Vampire in the moonlight

So, this is [ADULT]… at least… I *think* it might be. I’m not even sure. All that adoration and so far it’s mainly description and sensual touching. Maybe it’s PG, or PG-13.

A look of longing

2 thoughts on “Our Baby Sleeps, But We Do Not…

  1. Oh, shoot! Unrelated, but I like the new title you presented in our last correspondence. Another reflection of Barnabas Collins 🙂 Mmm-hmm! I agree with fellow writer’s opinion of the pic with Barnabas and Josette/Maggie kind of shielded or concealed by spider webs? Or silvery gauze? Anyway, I liked that, and the pic with a silvery Maggie (with crooked fangs) pasted by the silvery moon. Once again, I enjoyed the chapter with the bittersweetness in Barnabas’ guilt in taking lives and Margarette comforting him over it. Cool!

    • morlock13 says:

      Thanks! (It was Osheen, btw. 😉 ) Yes, that one crooked fang is like Midna from Twilight Princess staring at us!

      I’m so glad that you express those reflections of what touched you in each chapter. There are so many readers and that’s all I want in reviews, the highlights and what touched someone. “You’re awesome!” is nice but can’t we be a bit more bookclub about it? (No need to be a critic, folks! We have MORE than enough.) ^_^

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