Awesome Review From The Birthday Girl! (The laughs are finally returned!)

This is a post I crafted for a review that gave me many of the joys I’ve been looking for by sharing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. It is for my 3rd Episode which can be found here:

Episode Three Link

Man, I was busting up when I found this to approve! SHITDAMN! I  will respond to your comments as I applauded them with enthusiastic laughter!

A chuckle and a sigh for poor Willie and his jigsaw puzzle joy.

MILLIGAN: … Meanwhile at Wyndcliff, Willie Loomis is completely absorbed in his new 666 piece jigsaw puzzle of a cloud.

Willie robed

WILLIE: YES! YES! YES! I have completed it! I rule the Sanatorium.


A snort for Dorothy and her complicated cheesecake.

DOROTHY: Ma! We’ve gone through half of the blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate, raspberry, rhubarb cheesecake. Were you going to get to your story or NOT? 

A warm smile for Sophia calling the Collins family what they are- rich snobs.

Sophia God I'm hot tonight

Your Mrs Johnson is lovely.

mrs johnson bitching

A haha to Madame Slick, brought home, loud clothes and all, by dear Roger.

1968 12

[Damn, I couldn’t find a photo of Cassandra’s crazy butterfly moo-moo because I wanted this photo to follow that one:]



And I had forgotten the bladed glove fellow and the knitted sweater part! Cute. What a cat! 😉


Now, I did not care for Adam, in Dark Shadows, but it was good of you to make use of him, here. 

johnson ash flipCBX

Sophia’s every line was gold!


lara parker looking up

Many kudos for the Laura Palmer/Twin Peaks/Lara Parker,


and for Sophia sending the newly weds to Jack’s Fry House.

Mere Review 3

Lady, it’s your birthday and you just gave me the biggest gift! AT LAST!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Review From The Birthday Girl! (The laughs are finally returned!)

  1. LOL! I remember the butterfly moo-moo. It kind of went well with the wig in my opinion. I love how you have the pictures formatted, especially with Sophia looking up at Cassandra like, “You’re a prostitute!” just imagine if Cassandra heard that…but I wouldn’t worry about Sophia. She got powers, too. Remember when she hexed this guy from Sicily who left her at the alter, and he had to beg her for forgiveness at his granddaughter’s wedding? Fight night! 😉

    • morlock13 says:

      LOL! Oh, well that is the great thing, Sophia does curses too! She’d likely be pretty safe and all kinds of dreadful things would ensue between Sophia and Cassandra. Or someone else would end up being responsible for them like that one episode of The Golden Girls on a guy Sophia had cursed. His wife finally told the other three girls,

      “I felt so bad that he was so mean to you, I did all those things myself.”

      Blanche exclaimed, “So it was YOU?”

      And the wife responded, “Except the boil on his bum. That was just luck.”

      OH! Yes! Thank you for reminding me of that wedding episode. Almost none of the things came true but every single time the guy reached down to pull up his socks Sophia got this shit-eating grin on her face! >_<

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