The Good News, The Bad Past, and A Welcome Image

Maggie Evans as a vampire

I was treated to the possibility of a kindred soul on 6 November 2014. With this image he created he wrote the caption of: “Barnabas snapped this pic of Maggie Evans on their honeymoon…”

I was so excited I made a special pod/minicast just because of it. You may listen to it here:

An Offering of Explanations

It is about 20 minutes long. Again I do get frazzled. Much of the reasons many of my intros go down that direction is I am heavily downloaded and have no idea who all the people are who are listening to my very difficult work. Meanwhile I am left with the more talkative types, many of which are hard on a lot of the characters I’ve adopted, as well as other writers of DS fanficiton who do not understand, or weren’t understanding about where I was coming from being a writer/actor/comedienne. I was left to several people who have been extremely invalidating, some of that just from confusion, and a number of others who came to me with big smiles, then poured down their negativity and attempts at manipulation and dictation of what to change or what to do. (Another reason I get frazzled here is I’d had a lot of wine that night to perform Barnabas Collins’ lines for my 14th Episode.)

With all of that and a huge audio project incorporating so many fandoms and having spent so much money? It is extremely stressful to deal with such things, especially without a paycheck. But most of the podcast explains where I’m coming from and has it’s very fun moments. I am looking for my people and I don’t want to get in anyone’s way. It’s simply nerve-wracking to take on so very much, so very passionately, and as soon as it looked like things were getting better something horrendous kept happening almost every single week for a year now.

Thankfully our Auntie who loves “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir” has received four episodes on CD, is currently up to the task of listening and writing letters to me to both enjoy the show and help me keep it going with her delightful discussion. This is a portion slightly augmented for her anonymity:

She dates this 1 Nov 2014 and even wrote the time as 10:45 A.M.

I will paraphrase a few things because she does stuff like calling CDs-Tapes, etc. My responses are in [brackets].

Dear Daryl,

I have listened to the first and second episodes twice. I find your introductions on each helpful. (Since I never listened to or watched “Dark Shadows” I feel ignorant, and in the dark.)

I love your voice! Your different voices amaze me. You do have a talent.

I hope to be more knowledgable when I listen to the next episode. I appreciate how you bring in the music and sound effects. I laughed at several conversations, example: “Can you keep a secret, so can I.” [yay, Wadsworth!]

I remember Postum.


I don’t know if I ever tasted it, I don’t remember… Aren’t we lucky that we live in a world that doesn’t have chamber pots, etc. ? I love modern plumbing! [She expounds more on personal experience similar to this as she goes… outhouses and such.]

I think you sang, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” very good. I always liked that song. I liked how Roger said [in intro] “Smiling faces remind me of advertisements.” How TRUE!

I think I will need to read Oliver Twist again as I don’t remember Willie Loomis. [Ooops! I think she missed my metaphor there as she doesn’t know Dark Shadows.]

I don’t know how to be a critic, so I hope you’re not disappointed. [HARDLY!]

That’s the trouble with soaps, as soon as someone is happy – you know something will happen to change it for the worse. [Haha!]

So more later, my dear. I have read over my notes from episode 1 & 2. Maybe I’ll need 3 or 4 listens but first I’ll try the 3rd episode.

I hope you baked some of your delicious Halloween muffins! [Nope, I didn’t this year.] I did not have any trick-or-treaters. I was sad as it is fun. I always buy candy I like just in case. We had so much fun as kids going trick-or-treating. When I lived in _______________ there were lots of kids in costumes. In the condo very few come.


Aunt ____________

[Anyone want to tell me now: “No one writes letters anymore.” ? 😉 ]

I have already written her a letter back and we mailed it this weekend.

Sunday Service: very groovy. Mentions of Star Trek and Doctor Who. I let the Rev. know most of the people who have been hip to my show are fans of Star Trek and Next Generation. Makes sense, wanting a better future and outcome and all of that.

Lots of discussion over universal human rights and the concept of that pulling in ground. Then the delights of coffee and such for afters. The kindred-soul I met last Sunday, and who comes to the craft/sewing gathering, DID show up and I got to meet her sweetie. I told them more about the program and how thrilled I was to meet her as she loves radio dramas. She’s hoping to listen to Episode 1 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows tonight or tomorrow. I told her if she needed my email or whatever for her thought- and she said, revving up her New York accent: “No, no, I got yer numbar and we’ll TAWLK on the phone, honey.”

I wanted to let her know it’s not nearly as slow as the original show. It’s more like Clue”. Her eyes brightened.

I said, “Oh, yes! Wadsworth…”


“Yep! He’s the first one who steps in after Willie goes to Wyndcliff. And he knows the house from a Better Homes & Gardens article.”

YES! Wadsworth! Winning people over again and again. Thanks, big guy.

Wadsworth smiling

2 thoughts on “The Good News, The Bad Past, and A Welcome Image

  1. Oh my goodness! I was tickled over your excitement over James (or Jake’s) posting of the photo on the mini podcast (thanks for posting the link here, by the way), and was thrilled for you, Daryl. Someday, I wanna try Postum (incidentally, it was promoted during a children’s story at church yesterday *chuckle*). Your aunt sounds like a cool person to talk to as well. So delightful and genuinely takes interest in your performances 🙂 I’m always glad for you, my dear! (Oh and disregard. My email about not finding the podcast, if you haven’t already read it already. Sorry about that.)

    • morlock13 says:

      HA HA HA! Oh, I haven’t gone through the email yet. I was just listening to this and blasting the song. It was totally the right song for the piece. When she’s ripping up the ivories all the characters faces flash through my mind really fast.

      Yeah, I know they do still make Postum. I barely remember what it tastes like. I’d say give it a try. I remember having to acquire a taste for it.

      That was the cool thing because another person said I had a great radio voice. I never expected to, but the more I listened the more I thought, “Yeah! I could do this.” Plus I never thought Louis Edmond’s Roger would be so fun and even convince me so much!

      I’m glad you dug it. I was worried just because I do get so frazzled. At this point I’m just like, “AH! Who ARE these people?” I’m still tripping on three downloads from Sweden and my pen pal got all happy with other links because I said, “This is what I get for enjoying Pippi Longstocking, isn’t it?”

      Thanks, Helena!

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