Listening to demo of Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Hee hee hee! Very funny, Sir Simon Milligan. It’s incredible how much growth that comes from him and Manservant Hecubus. I went into this re-hashing original work from The Pit of Ultimate Darkness on The Kids In The Hall, and eventually found that the more I worked with Milligan and Hecubus the more could come out as wacky hosts to this radio drama. The essence was on goofy darkness and dying for a date. Kevin MacDonald wasn’t a big favourite of mine back in the day but he sure is now. I can empathize with him as well. There was a stand-up moment of him introducing himself in a later episode and him saying words to the effect of, “I’m that other guy no one pays attention to.” Pretty much. Plus he spoke in an interview about how people off-set would call out, “Oh, hey! Cool. The Hecubus guy.” And he’d inwardly growl, “I’m not Hecubus! I’m Sir Simon Milligan!”

evilYep! That’s pretty evil!

It also makes me want to go on some kind of radio station tour so I could meet Kevin MacDonald. I’d like to know more about where he’s at and where he was at breaking into comedy. Plus his closer duo-ship with Dave Foley reminds me of what Terry Jones and Michael Palin had before getting together with the rest of Monty Python. Lots of interesting connections in growth with both groups.

So, it definitely looks like Milligan and Hecubus will have to be re-performed. I remember most of Episode 14 had this quiet magic of smoothing things over and everyone being able relax, minus Willie until the end of it. It’s almost like today. The excitement of Halloween came to its crescendo and November opens up to a day of rest or exhaustion. I know I have another performance of Willie’s conflict with Barnabas recorded, but even that I’m sure I’ll have to perform again. Not my favourite. The scene is to make sure the avenues the characters are working in are convincing. Plus it really ticked me off about Willie Loomis getting so many gun shot wounds that weren’t addressed in Dark Shadows later on. It’s the perfect road for a confrontation toward Barnabas, as much as it’s not the part of this episode I enjoy. I know in my listening to it over the last year, it was often a scene I would skip.


Then there’s Barnabas. That is something that has to be re-performed!

The demos of old have Barnabas sounding more like he did in “Episode One: Parapsychology”. I know I can do better than that now. That’s hard. The Maggie lines are much better. Dr. Hoffman’s lines might be fine. Professor Stokes has to be re-done. I got much closer to his voice in Episode 13, so 14 should be done the same. There is a lot of falling on the floor I have to perform… aaaaand…

elongated shot

Here is something I’m looking forward to performing!

My spouse, when I request this, is usually a little embarrassed knowing our kisses are being heard by Heaven knows who, but still he’s more likely to say, “Oh, my!” when I tell him I want to record more of this with him for all of these people.

Sam Evans also needs some touching up, as well as some of the dialogue too. Roger and Elizabeth need some lines re-done. I remember I had a negative that needed to be a positive or vice-versa in something Roger says when they open the mail together. OH! I love that opening-the-mail scene! Hopefully after a whole year of laughing about Elizabeth’s disdain toward her photograph will allow me to perform that one again without bloopers!

Roger Collins and Elizabeth Stoddard

I also finally got a phone call from the fellow who got my CDs. He left a message and kept saying, “More, more, more!” Now, again, like with Margaret Josette Dupres, that’s a good thing to hear. He also enjoyed the singing for “Sweet Transvestite” in Episode 4. AT LAST! Just to finally hear about this stuff from someone reaching out. One of the most incredible things I encountered was weeks ago at a church gathering. I mentioned the coffee scene in episode 2 out of context and the two women I told it to immediately hooted with laughter. Just to SEE THAT! I’d written it years ago and finally to see visual reactions and hear the laughter. It was so wonderful, like one of the many weights plaguing me was being lifted. How many others have reacted like that? There’s no way for me to really know.

Looks like there are a lot of sound effects I’m going to have to record for Episode 14 as well. A few I have. And then that wonderful song for Willie at the end. And Wadsworth’s wonderful expression of so much that’s wrong in all of their lives and how it could work if they managed to change things.

What I’m hoping for in the future is to have a smaller audience that’s simply more vocal as is the case in Margaret Josette Dupres. More attention given to the work and discussing it with me than just me in general. Tracking down the right people has been extremely tough for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. There seems to be a number of people who love the show I create but hate me. I’d rather talk to a small group of people who can tell me what they like about it, but it’s terrible that these negative people are the more vocal ones. It doesn’t make the work go any faster. If it’s time that’s another question. If the people have time to be so invalidating or maligning me, do the positive types who appreciate the work not have the time? In some cases it does seem to be, but at least one fellow has my number now. I eagerly await his phone call.

… And so he has called. Over three hours and he was worried he was taking up my time! Hardly! I need some balance after all of this stress. And wow, amazing guy! Does a lot of helpful things for others and tries to stay involved. Was very accepting of what I was explaining in all of the harsher treatment I’ve been getting. Has also done acting and directing which gives one introspection in to fill another’s shoes.  He made me laugh referring to Twin Peaks in my 3rd Episode! “Some people wouldn’t make that connection but I got it immediately. Of course! Running away from Collinwood and now they’re all worried about getting caught up in a murder investigation.”

LOL! Ohhh, so nice to hear, plus there is so much that I get caught off guard even though I’ve been listening to this stuff for years and put it all together.


3 thoughts on “Listening to demo of Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

  1. We are our own critics, aren’t we? I feel the same way about Paths. So where is the guy from who’s lovin’ your performances? And I love your Barnabas and Barnabas? Maggie kiss. I can see how the show matched up Louis Edmonds and Jonathan Frid as father and son Joshua and Barnabas. They have the same lip quirk 😉

  2. morlock13 says:

    Man! That guy gets around. He’s distributed my postcards at conventions for me for a while. Does a ton of helpful stuff. Oh and the Barnabas/Maggie photo? Yeah. I remember seeing stuff where they looked like they were about to kiss, then I opened my facebook account one day and saw strait up smooching… and I screamed… very, very loudly.

    It’s just so strange to get so into them as I was listening and going, “Okay, there’s evidence of this, this and this.” And then you find these photos and think, “AH! How?! What?! Where?!” It’s discoveries of this nature that created so much more of Margaret Josette Dupres.

    Oh, yes, being out own critics, true. Milligan and Hecubus are almost always fun to perform, but I want to get even better. So that’s what I’m looking forward to this week, doing characters more separately and paying closer attention to each individually. 🙂

    And that’s true about BIg Lou and Mr. Frid!

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