A Scene a Day, Ep. 13, Julia Hoffman, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, & Barnabas Collins


Ugh! Here we go… more hard to do lines of Barnabas Collins, which means there are, like, five attempts I had to perform and figuring out which of the ones to pick. Plus it is just that. Sometimes the microphone will pop at the wrong moment, a tick of saliva needs to be removed from the edge of words, or, as in many cases, if you’ve been a listener of mine, two or three separate performances per line are sometimes melded into one, which is a lot harder to do than one might suppose.

A sentence or a fragment of a sentence with another spliced together in sound, not text. Today I got to do this will all four of these characters’ lines to get it right. Maggie’s words are so emotional they had to be re-done again and again. Professor Stokes were the same as I’ve taken more pains with his somewhat gravelly accent. But he goes faster as altering his pitch is simpler than Barnabas. Barnabas seems to need variations in lowering of pitch to really get him right, and sometimes per word! Arg! Still, the picks Stokes has gotten today are far better than in the previous demos. Hurray for The Professor!


And so I’ve had to move audio clips from one file to another. In order to get Barnabas to sound better I now isolate my focus on Jonathan Frid’s performances and listen to his voice by itself. “One Man Show, Jonathan Frid? Hi! One Woman Show, Daryl Wor! Nice to meet you!” ^_^

I wasn’t much into Mr. Frid but I’ve been growing a palish attachment to that fellow. I am in this to help everyone in Collinsport, not just Mr. Big Cake. I think that’s why my pen pal told me after some time had passed, “To me you haven’t even been creating fanfiction, it’s like you’re re-writing the show. You’ve got everyone in there plus all these other people.” And it’s true.

I expressed to another helper, who’d given up on finding a fix-it style series, or even just the reincarnation aspects of Josette in a simpler story, that what I was doing was finding a cut-off point and then weaving a new series in that collects all the problems and sorts through everything. She noticed that right away. She’d been watching Dark Shadows for years, making visual creations and cringed a long time saying, “I wish there was some way to make this better… And then I see all your stuff and cry out, ‘We’re making it better! We’re making it better! It’s working!’

Now that was something I’d been longing to hear from someone!

In the Foreword of Anne Jamison’s book Fic:

“Writing and reading fanficiton isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.”


Now, mind you, this has only recently begun to change in the world of Dark Shadows. I’m not seeing any DS in the index for this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was not something anyone helping to create this book wanted to touch.

I combed enough years and got enough evidence from others, who had also collected stories before the internet, that publicly pairing Barnabas Collins with anyone other than an original character, Dr. Julia Hoffman or Angelique Bouchard would put you into some very hot water. Victoria Winters stories started to catch on, thankfully, and now we have some leakage of Maggie Evans and a non-forsaken, non-dead Josette Dupres. I also recently heard from someone who became very grateful for my work that she was looking for the reincarnation. Now she has the courage to create her own. Doesn’t help me in needed conversation over the radio drama department, but it’s nice!

Anne Jamison continues:

“It’s what David Foster Wallace was getting at in his famous speech, ‘This is Water’: ‘Learning to think… means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you can not exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.’ Fanfiction is about exercising this choice. It helps us not to get hosed.”

Well, I dunno about that yet. I got pretty extremely hosed for 19 months and now with the audio I feel even worse sometimes. My adopted children are doing better but I’m rather ruined for another three years since I can’t stop this madness no matter what I’ve tried. And that exercising of choice seems a little lacking to many who use social network sites. It’s like my ride to church says, “Oh, it’s all being thrown at them at once, it’s too much!” So true.

Who are my listeners anyway? Can’t tell very well with followers from blogs and like-clicks a’go-go. I couldn’t do all of what I’m doing without being so curious and gathering tons of evidence. People online sure have a funny way of giving me any evidence of what they enjoy in my audio work.


“Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay.”

Some are just listening for whatever reason, anything Dark Shadows, anything spooky, anything this, anything that, but there are others who have been waiting up to forty years because they love the characters and craved a better world for them. Sadly them not getting much of it before, and the internet scooping our communication skills toward more robotic maneuvers of trying to do “too much”, making the conversation over this long awaited journey almost impossible.  And the skimming! I’m told a couple people have so much trouble concentrating they read the text while they listened to the radio show! No surprise! I had to do that to get through Isak Dinesen’s book “Out of Africa.”

I think this scene in Episode 13 is going to take more than a day. Barnabas is getting odd ideas, Julia is rushing with Eliot to find Maggie, and with all of the reincarnation swarming around I still have to pick which audio of this wonderful line sounds best when Julia almost runs over a squirrel and says, “Don’t worry. I missed him. He’s likely a Collins, too! Knowing this GD TOWN!


There are still lines to splice in from Barnabas. Professor Stokes seems to be less at ease than usual, but it is a dramatic scene for him He’s getting more information about everyone than he likely ever got on Dark Shadows in one fell swoop! LOL! And, of course, what he sees, he likes. This Doctor lady is really with it. Plus she seems to have a thing for this Collins guy who doesn’t have a thing for her. Hmm! I wonder if she’d be interested in someone like me?

That is likely one of the troubles with The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, there is so much going on, like in Dark Shadows, but it is rather compressed. Well, I’ll try to make things easier when I get to episode 17. I see what word count and time estimate would work better.

Until then, I’ll be editing this stuff, looking for pen pals and people who like to chat, and praying for more money and friendship along the way.



Calling an Auntie and Sunday at Church

Yesterday I finally made the decision to call an out of town relative. She’s getting on in years but her faculties have always been similar to mine in terms of accuracy. I knew when my Mum and pen pal had listened to the episode demos for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows their speech improved and over all expression of their own news had a vibrancy I’d never heard before. My husband’s Aunt could make good use of this show and she already adores my librivox work. Hmmm…. So I called her up and explained my plight.

Now so many people have argued with me in a round about and dismissive way to the general behaviour toward this radio drama, making excuses on why little to no dialogue happens, giving me some unconvincing reasons as to why this is acceptable. Well, me having the crazed curiousity that I do in motives and balance, I don’t buy most of these things. And… neither does our Aunt. ^_^ YES!

“Yeah, you have that many listeners and you’re asking for them to talk to you about the show you’re making? And barely anyone will? That certainly is creepy!”

So I have trepidation, will she know this spooky soap opera? She may have watched it, doubtful, but if she has there might be romantic pairings issues from the start.

“Have you ever seen the program Dark Shadows?”

“No,” she answers.

“Have you ever seen the movie?”

“No,” she repeats


I start ticking off the others, The Addams Family, Bewitched, The Munsters. The answer is affirmative but not strongly so.

Then comes the question, “Have you ever seen the television version of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir?”

“Oh, I loved that show! I used to watch it all the time with my friends growing up. It was great!”

b and w gregg and muir


“Perfect,” I tell her, “They’re in it too, and should be in it all the way through!”

“But I don’t have any of those computer things.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll send you the CDs just like with my librivox audio books. All I need is chatty letters about my episodes so I can keep going. And this is much higher production value than the books.”

But what happens in Sunday Service? I’m really digging the new minister we have. He’s very engaging and has a background in Buddhism. Last week he gave a marvelous sermon about having so much faith in one’s faith as well as having so much faith in one’s skepticism and how both can get one into trouble. Another week we discussed his sermon about personal needs being filled. When one is starving and homeless perhaps they get those needs met, but is that all there is to fulfillment? Hardly.

In fact, some have romantic needs and when they’re met one can become more giving and miraculous. Some have creative needs and when they’re met even more miracles can happen, which also retains that necessity to both share and be shared with. Yep. I am *down* with this guy. Plus we talk about this in terms of nourishment. If one eats junk food or fast food, the attachment to being fed is there but it’s hoodwinked by the fact that the nutrients required are barely in such sustenance, if one can call it that. Yes… and this is what I try to tell my audience. Not sure how many comprehend that when they listen to my intros.

Today’s sermon requested “Who are you?” and an exercise which pertains to that never-ending question, “Who am I?” …a question I would like to engage my audience with. We were meant to have a partner in the Sanctuary of The Fellowship, but I had none, so the minister called out to me,

“Who are you?!”

And Daryl split the various conversations in the room to silence for a single moment by belting out:



Yes, I shit you not, I did this… in church. ^_^

But this is the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. They are inclusive and do things differently. A young lady came to my aid and we kept trying the exercise but it was better as a conversation. By the end I still didn’t know her name.


Why do I keep running into Maggie’s in this journey? (There is another one at the sewing meet-ups.)

After service I found the minister and told him about the demons being polite and what I was really trying to say in “Who am I.” He was intrigued. I let him know I was in need of help and how doing stuff online was just not the best place to find a vocal audience. Plus what I am doing is so difficult, expensive and so inclusive I really do need a responsive audience and considering how inclusive the U.U. Fellowship is, it would likely be a helpful venture.

So, I had a postcard on me and he said, “All right. We’ll hook you up.”

I pray so. *knocking on wood*


One Scene A Day: Ep. # 13, Lily, Tom, Elizabeth and Caleb Collins

More CalebAunt Elizabeth

I had a wee bit of fun today with this one. However, most of it was interlacing bits of silence to get the pauses in dialogue accurate as how conversation actually sounds, for easy flow of listening and comprehension, as well as how people discuss things and in what manner. Doing that is so labour intensive. But the main thing was Elizabeth’s lines had to be re-performed. Whip out an episode of Dark Shadows to hear her speak some more, as much of the original performance was done quickly after a day at work. Then the microphone crackles over some of her best lines and I had to do them yet again.

Still, what I love about the scene is the ghost of Caleb Collins tries to appease Tom Jennings. Then Tom wanders off to deal with some nasty old cans that have the lead soldering he expressed Tom should be careful with at The Seaview Property in Episode 11. Immediately Lily is delighted to see a presence in league with what she’s more familiar with, so Lily is the first to address him, and as “Mr. Collins”, the way Tom does.


After Caleb has his vent-off giving Lily Munster a hard time, he begins to address, “My little mistress of the estate.”

Does our Aunt Elizabeth get the shakes? HA! No way, “Oh? Uncle Caleb… Were you speaking to me?” she responds as stalwart and matronly as ever. After fainting at the sight of Cousin Lily who doesn’t look as she remembered her back in the lovely vacation they shared, as well as her own back history believing she murdered her own husband, finding out she actually didn’t so she didn’t have to be a recluse like Caleb was anymore, and the slew of other crap she’s had to deal with in Collinwood, Elizabeth Stoddard isn’t about to be petrified by some old Collins spook!

Go, Elizabeth!

aunt Elizabeth bad azz

Bad-Azz Mofo

And the ghost of Caleb Collins is pleased as bloody punch that she is! “You’re still as wondrous as ever, little Lizzie Collins.”

Our Caleb Collins is one feisty ghost now that he’s had to sit around for so long. Almost completely exiled in his lonely abode surrounded by old food cans, Schwepps bottles, aged books, decades of cobwebby filth, old newspaper articles with advertisements about trusses, the miracles of opium and cocaine, new discoveries in photography, and piles of other junk he folded into his collection. Maybe one day someone would want them, maybe someday there would be a girl in the clan who liked all of that stuff, eh? ^_^ (i.e. Victoria Winters, who is currently a guest resident in the home of The Addams Family.)

So listening to my audio tracks and then creating new ones, almost none of the old lines remain from my performance last October (2013). Tom’s lines are the same but lowered in pitch, Lily’s are the same but heightened in volume, some of Caleb’s are also the same but all of Elizabeth’s had to be re-done today. The conversation sounds more like Joan Bennett than it once did and the dialogue between them is marvelous, as well as heartfelt.

Caleb has his fun with the girls, points out Lily should alter her attire like she had done when she last went on a trip with Elizabeth, in so many words, and which passport with which last name she should use. It’s a little different but somewhat based on an episode of The Munsters I watched in which Lily gets fed up and goes looking for a job. She prefers her maiden name when applying for the position, Lily Dracula. For The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows there is further back history. Since Lily was miffed at all the men in the house back in the 1940s, even her maiden name wasn’t going on the passport she decided to use, and Caleb knows this. He’s a little like Wadsworth that way.

And Lily had altered her appearance before meeting with her cousin Elizabeth:

Behind The Camera

Even in all of Caleb’s blustering, Elizabeth is stolid enough to face him up the stairs with the same determination they both inherited in this mess of a family. Almost equal footing those two. Of course, Caleb must relate how damned amused he was while listening to Barnabas and Burke Devlin sparring words in his house like they were rival brothers over Victoria Winters. It was hilarious for him because Barnabas’ bizarre existence tickles him, and Burke is someone he knows as the reincarnation of… Jeremiah Collins.

So for the ghost of Caleb Collins this is all rather a crack-up. Although, it didn’t used to be for him, he was so stressed out when he was alive, but in approximately 96 years of being a spirit, he’s had it with the violence, had it with quantum mechanics, and had it with everyone shaking so much when they could just relax and joke about it all. Really, in such a crazy place? What else is there that can be done?

Hmm… a new green ghost spewing ectoplasm just showed up to mess with David. An odd butler came around who knows too much. This butler is steering Barnabas back to the coffee shop to try one more time with the reincarnation of his long lost love that he was so crazed and out-of-it he managed to kidnap and abuse her because he couldn’t see who she really was, and not remembering much about Josette Dupres in general for that matter.

With so much turning out and possibly for the better? Hmm… the ghost of Caleb Collins perks up and thinks, “Maybe… just maybe… it’s finally safe to come out now.”


In Search of… Josette Dupres (A Hard Study in Reincarnation)

254px-Josette_Collinskitty soamesI am here

I saw the signs that Maggie Evans was Josette Dupres rather quick. When Victoria Winters went into the past I was predicting she would automatically become Josette. Nope! Well, there goes that idea. And so I didn’t plan for Victoria and Barnabas to be together. Peter Bradford, however much people diss on Roger Davis, is the one who put himself on the line for her. And on top of that, there is her potential relationship as Elizabeth Stoddard’s daughter to work out.

Ideas for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows don’t spring from my own imagination alone. I adopted these people to help and work things out. I listen to them, I watch the programs. I’m not the usual fanfiction writer blending up some studious contemplation and then throwing it down. Each character, Dark Shadows, or bonus, gets analyzed, spoken with and listened to. For Maggie Evans? She was the one, she was Josette and is Josette, but she’s also Kitty Soames, as well as herself.

Do I believe in reincarnation? Like many things I’m open ended, but it’s completely fascinating to study. In my analysis I found Bridey Murphy. I saw it as a total fake until I looked further. The woman who went through hypnosis and told her past life tale was not in it to do so. She wanted to quit smoking and was hoping hypnosis would work. As a result the tale of Bridey Murphy was littered throughout the globe and she received the worst treatment from it most of her life. She wasn’t out to make a name for herself. She just wanted to quit a bad habit. That’s when I questioned the claims of it being a publicity stunt. I also altered how Mrs. Johnson felt about it in my third episode of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Mrs. Johnson had been much harder on Bridey Murphy in episode three. I decided to let her mention it dismissively but not as an outright lie. Showing a little compassion for the lady whose life was made worse.

 Bridey Murphy 2

Bridey Murphy

I did more extensive research to online websites, watching videos galore and came upon a much more recent story of a little boy, James Leininger, who had nightmares about being a WWII pilot who died after his plane crashed into the ocean. (A link-up to Maggie’s night-terrors, perhaps?) James convinced his father who had always flatly refused to believe in reincarnation. He was dead set against any need for it as guided by his faith. James received closure by visiting the approximate vicinity of his “previous death” on the ocean near Japan and performing a ritual of farewell.

And as many children who have these experiences of knowing their past life so early, the memories began to fade for James around puberty. For Maggie Evans, however fictional, this is not the case.

A longer lived example is Barbro Karlen, who explains herself as once being Anne Frank. The text to The Diary of Anne Frank was so familiar that she questioned why everyone was reading her private journals in school. Anne Frank’s remaining cousin, Buddy Elias, got in hot water with the public when he expressed, “If anyone is Anne, it’s Barbro.”

More can be read about her here.

There were gobs of videos I watched, the best being the one claimed to have been banned but now it’s on youtube.


In one of these there was a woman who drew something in an old home she “knew” through hypnosis, but when they went out to investigate the grounds she “remembered”, she drew something else with the opposite hand. One commentator on youtube pointed this out and the program didn’t. (I often wanted a joke made of this on Dark Shadows when Professor Stokes writes out a message from Benjamin Stokes, but alas…) Also some people tend to speak in other languages during regression-therapy. Which is what Maggie Evans does in episode 12 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows.

How many people do this much research for one character in fanfiction? I’d wager not too many.

And so, as I was only writing the text I wanted to make bloody sure there wasn’t some other character played by KLS that might have some Josette lodged in her too. I did look up Rachel Drummond but I wasn’t seeing a straight reincarnation. I believe there was some idea to create that in her but it fell through. Later on I found out more about Kitty Soames, also known as Lady Hamphire, from England but also from Pennsylvania.

Kitty haunted


I looked over what evidence about her I could find. Crap, she truly is a reincarnation. So I wrote her in simply but I was so damned frustrated that in order to get it all accurate my job was made this much harder I said, “SCREW IT! If I have to unravel the life of three women in one I’m going to throw a man in there too for good measure!”

Ah yes, one of my rare original characters in this series, who I picture looking like Cary Elwes, the World War One double agent, Hansel Bachmeier:

hansel bachmeier

And, of course, with the gap between Kitty’s existence and Maggie’s life, and with my studying The Great War like so much else because no one would talk about it, Hansel is from that time period in between. I also made sure there were no Hansels, and no Bachmeiers in Dark Shadows to get in my way. I also wanted to give him the nickname Jaegar after the beverage Jägermeister. I checked for a Jaegar in Dark Shadows. There was a Yaeger but with a Y, not a J. So that’s fine. With Bachmeier I looked up a name I was barely seeing anywhere. So if you type “Hansel Bachmeier” right now on google search you won’t find much but my work.

And this all shows how hard I do work. The oblivious invalidation I receive as a result is beyond irksome. This is major research into tough regions, not making my own decisions but letting the characters decide, using multiple fandoms and researching those, acting all of the parts, paying through the nose to get everything done including the postcards, editing audio, adding sound effects and music and getting so little in return for this program as it continues to be downloaded. So much effort just to go into the waste-zone of the internet. Really, why not go to college radio after that?

Is it because for so many decades this pairing with Barnabas to a reincarnation of Josette has always been a taboo in fanwork? Reincarnation itself is taboo. The Dark Shadows movie of 2012 is a bitter type of taboo and has such a story. And now, for some reason, discussing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with its creator is the latest taboo.

Tilda Swinton expressed to Charlie Rose that loneliness is a big taboo and no one wanted to solve it because it wouldn’t make any money. If people were together sharing their lives that cuts into money spent shopping for something to do, at least I gathered that from how she put together her explanation.

I’ve heard a ton of excuses as to why no one is filling The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows with the commentary it deserves. I’ve also heard plenty of reasons why I should be giving it away without that commentary regardless of how much it makes me lonelier and hurts to the point that I wish the whole thing would be over. These reasons are not only unwelcome to me, but I don’t believe them and I don’t believe they’re right. Is the true reason total awe or utter laziness?

Like much in the radio series itself, and this character of reincarnation, it’s likely a blend.

One Scene A Day: Willie Meets Wadsworth, and creating episodes…

I’ve gotten the basic scene done without music or sound effects. I hadn’t gotten it done because that new chapter of “Margaret Josette Dupres” was coming out and I figured, “Okay, that’s enough work, so let’s go back to that editing one scene a day on Monday.” I had to go through several changes in pitch, speed, and repeats of Willie’s lines to pick the best ones.

That’s the deal. It all takes so much work so the least I could expect is one joke per episode that makes someone laugh. There was some discussion about waiting for the feedback before uploading more. I realized people just don’t understand how difficult the episodes are to produce. They hear something that sounds simple enough, I guess, but in reality it takes loads of time to go over all the dialogue, research, listening, re-listening, editing, picking out which are the best inflected lines from three to five attempts, sometimes more, then finding the sound effects, finding the music, altering everything, mixing the tracks. I’d told one of my helpers, “After all I said in my fourth intro about losing weight and sleep? Plus asking if people wanted ‘The Time Warp’ song to get Barnabas to 1897?! You’d think I’d have people berserk trying to reach me!”

Damn, just checked podomatic again for comments. ZILCH… but! Two more followers, and one is a guy I found on a Horror Classics facebook page. He seemed like someone who didn’t touch fanfiction either. I’ve never seen him on the DS fanpages. That’s truly what I’m looking for. As this other comment states: “Normally, I avoid anything smelling even remotely like fan fiction,” Yes, that is who this is really for, so I have to find those people. That’s the problem with all of these Dark Shadows fanpages. They all know the standard realms of it. Mad Margaret is the only person I’ve ever heard say the 2012 film was fanfiction. With how people discuss that film, I’m sure no one else considers it that from what I’ve seen. And that’s why if I get more college air play, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows falls into question. Plus, with all the gothic books Dark Shadows uses? It, in itself, is fanfiction too, as many things are.

In any case, I’ve opened so many avenues for people to discuss the show… it’s just silly that they don’t. I mean, if a celebrity entertainer, Tim Curry for example, asked people to write to him or her, that person would be expected to get gobs of fan mail already. I listen to that crying from Josette in the regression therapy, with the music and the over lace of Sam and Dr. Hoffman’s voices and I just think, “I’ve proven myself that far and I’m still getting barely anything? That was incredibly hard.” And I was trying to discern if I even should blow my nose in some of it to clear up other voices. Sam sounds like he was in tears, too.

I hate it when I’ve heard, “Oh, you’re having fun!” Since October 2013 creating this radio series? Bullsh*t! I’ve been in agony with so many too timid to talk to me about the radio drama . The best fun I have is in chatting with my helpers over the work. And then there is “Margaret Josette Dupres”. That’s a little fun, but passionate and deeply touching. Definitely worth all my channeling now. More people respond and comment on that so I push myself in that direction, of course.


This morning I looked over what I had before me. Yes… it’s true. I do love The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Creating it could be fun again one day. I like it. It’s my favourite show right now, and “Margaret Josette Dupres” is my current favourite book, however unfinished. I read and re-read the chapters continually. I adore thinking about my adopted love-bats spending time together, holding each other, finally finding each other and being so happy, like Gomez & Morticia are so happy. And now I’ve got material of them in bed together hearing their cooing infant, the re-born Sarah, in a crib nearby. All is coming right for them. They’re still so in love and with all the struggle, they’re thankful, as many of us could and might be. I know when I’m laying with my own spouse, I certainly am.

But what I hate? What I can’t stand? Spending the money, uploading the episodes, getting hundreds of dowloads, and hearing virtually nothing. That’s what I hate.

Not a compliment

With so little communication, this number is not a compliment. 701? This is confusing as hell.

And that’s why I don’t plan to do that part of it anymore until things improve. And I believe they can. The fellows Goths and Spooky kind I went in search for have their own pains. They understand. They recognize being different. They have art that gets little attention. They visit graveyards with a kind of wonder and inner beauty to the mysteries of what is and what could be. Some poke fun at their own hurts. They’re like The Addams Family in real life. And they haven’t said too much, but they’ve said, in so many words, “I love this show!”

Wicked… ^_^

So I still produce and make the show the best that I can. But what for? Now? College radio air play. I used to think it had to be the best so people got something good. But for the most part people only care so much. The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is as repeatably listenable as all those shows and films are re-watchable. This is for people who gave up, gave up on Dark Shadows getting better, or gave up on fanfiction, or gave up on all the films and TV shows they keep whining have awful stories. I have a good series and I know it.

And I respect myself enough to wait until others can let me know what they liked. No more contemplation of going to the hardware store to get razor blades or poison because I feel so alone, used-up and neglected in this. That’s the truth of it. Let episodes 13 & 14 out of the bag again without enough feedback for the rest? I’d kill myself or try to. That’s the truth. I promised myself and I promised Willie Loomis, we’re not going down that road again like last October (2013). He and I can wait.

I’ve often heard this song when I’m out and about, as if it’s another sign for this show, as many signs as there has been. But the words, “Home… home… Where I wanted to go… Home… home… Where I wanted to go… Home… home… Where I wanted to go…”

As Barnabas proffers to Mr. Loomis in Episode 14 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows:

“Would you like to come home, Willie? To Collinwood?”

“Ya, ya… ya really want me back?” Willie asks.

“If you want to come,” Maggie answers, “I know what you were trying to do for me. And things are different now.”

“Well,” Willie affirms, “all this I gotta see.”

Meanwhile, a small voice at my shoulder says, “When you create those episodes and don’t give them away… everything will get better. I promise… I promise, Daryl. I promise you… they will.”

The baby is on it’s way…


This is going to be a two-parter at least. I know everyone has been waiting. Yes, our Margaret Josette Dupres is in labour and everyone is doing their best during the storm.

Of course, Barnabas gives her reason to laugh, then baits her in order to let her aggression out, and as staggering as it is to believe, one old friend has been brought by Willie to aid her. If you’re ready please enjoy at this link:


Please remember, this is what needs to take place after the radio drama is settled. How Angelique is healed and whose bride she turns out to be is still a determined goal, but in my farcical thoughts for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, she would have been with Milligan, until I realized how much longer and further I could take this. Barnabas was an obsession. Sky Rumson? No. Not good enough for our beloved Witch, and our beloved Witch she will remain. There is no reason, to me, that “Bewitched” could be on the air at the same time from 1964-1972, and meanwhile Witchcraft was “wrong” in almost all terms on Dark Shadows. SILLINESS! Angelique Bouchard deserves better than to renounce her powers, and if I find more evidence that she is the daughter of Andre Dupres, I’ll try and make up for that as well. In any case there was a time in 1897 the man who is her husband, as shown here, wanted her, and… She wanted him. So perhaps one date to appease Sir Simon Milligan, but what man, after his throes of immortality, does she truly have chemistry with? No, not Barnabas. Someone much more deserving of her, and her much more deserving of him.

And of course, to the woman of “higher class”, who was always her friend regardless of a difference in status; Josette Dupres… the point is they will be friends again in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, some day… somehow.


One Step at A Time


Phew… I remember this being a pain in the hiney. Having to provide all of the Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus’ cheering and applause. It’s so hard to believe how long I’ve been working on this thing and how marginal the (known) enthusiasm for it has been. That’s why I speculate The Powers The Be feeling perfectly swell that shy folks with a desire for better things and the creativity for change are sapped into not finding their people and content in the idea that like-clicks are the best form of support. I have to wonder about these things.

There is a gross amount of negativity, especially in the world of entertainment. Much that is entertainment now is practically free, but the kind that gets more attention is what we have to pay a lot for. That’s why I’d like to support what I do like. I was shocked the other day to go to IMDB for the 2010 Alice In Wonderland film and find a slew of angry messages beneath it. I had no idea that film had outraged anyone. One person asked, “Why is everyone hating so much?” The response came, “Because no one is satisfied with anything and that’s all people can do is hate on stuff.” Pretty much!

So I only post a few of my blog entries on to facebook to share. This one I have no plans to share anywhere but here. I asked the things that move me, “Willie’s coming back again. What are we going to do now?”

One scene per day. That is your only goal from now on. One scene a day. Which means today’s scene is Barnabas and Julia yelling at each other over why he loves Josette and how disgusted with himself as if to say, “Maggie Evans is Josette Dupres? Well, I feel like a big prig. She’ll never forgive me for all I’ve done to her, and I’m not going to forgive myself! Screw it! I’m throwing it all away.”

Then we’ve got Wadsworth and Willie, Then Josette and Andre as Maggie and Sam. I added more to that because I wanted it well understood that they both knew their own histories, recognizing, “You know, Barnabas really didn’t want to be such a crazy jerk. Someone we knew did him wrong, she did us wrong, she did everyone wrong, and that long a time cooped up could make any person batty.” Just addressing that there is more to it than Barnabas and Josette, there are reasons behind it. And that’s what I found in the people who finally came to me and saw that this was the crux of the puzzle. Why it was harped against by fans for so long is intensely sinister in scope, and many of the new official creations that came after Dark Shadows went off the air supporting that popularity against it, that creeps me out as well.

Next there is the scene with Caleb, Elizabeth and Lily, Stokes and Hoffman on the phone, Morticia and Victoria, and the wind up crazy car driving scene that gives it that climactic air. One scene a day if I can.

I got some more misconstruing on tumblr but at least the person responding was trying. There was a whole lot of anger spewing out which is odd because it was under the regard that I’m shoving stuff down people’s throat. Did freedom of choice lose out entirely? Why go hunting down things I’ve written and getting all bent out of shape about them? If someone wants to help, having a bitch-fest with others isn’t going to provide much. But it’s like I told her: I’m worried about lower comprehension in people. And the other creators have been far more understanding. They strive for details and we understand each other in that. One of my readers said, “I had no trouble at all with Margaret Josette Dupres. If something seemed off I would have told you.”

But why did I start any of this? The idea seems to be Barnabas/Josette for days. Well, folks responded to that material in droves so more came out. People don’t respond to the radio drama so much so less comes out. But why any of it? Not for Barnabas/Josette…

sam and bill

Sam Evans

And as seen on the left, why did Osheen begin her work? Bill Malloy. For me I wanted what it would be like for everything to work out and for Sam to remain, hearty and healthy. And I looked for what I wanted. No one had created it. Osheen looked for what she wanted. No one had created it. And she works in theatre too, channels Bill Malloy very well. From what I’ve seen gets everyone down fabulously. I hadn’t seen that in the fan work I’d combed through. Same with Magical Irish Dolphin. In ways she’s looking to improve things. I hadn’t seen that before either.

Helena signed on January 2013. Osheen has been there a long time but it was for other stories that did remarkably well in other fandoms. She didn’t start her Bill Malloy story until December 2013. Mad Margaret joined September of 2012. I showed up at the site February 2012, though I’d combed it longer. I also had a hard time reaching it with bad equipment and after all I’d combed through in feelings of further despair? I hardly was up for reading anything new! ecinspired “The Third Option” was a shock to find.

I’m hoping those radio stations air the program. Perhaps some already have. All I know is things are settling down. Some said they were too busy to send commentary due to the Summer time. Now? We have three holidays in a row coming up. Well, if they want more someday they can have it. I’ll focus on the radio stations.

Perhaps no one but me will enjoy more episodes from The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. It looks as though everyone is content with 12 episodes and the post marriage novel and helping me out on facebook for more information in accuracy about the program. If a radio station gets enough call for it and reaches episode 12, I can mail them episode 13 and more. I think I’ve spent enough money, explained myself enough times very specifically, that a few people might get it.

But if they don’t?

Well, they keep saying, “Do it for you.”

In which case I will. There is no reason to give to an audience that won’t express what they want or like. I hear some good and some bad about the intros. But either way I don’t hear much.

“So, Daryl”, The Muse, finally says, “Do it for the characters and do it for yourself.”

“All right,” I tell her, “Sure… Which means there is no reason to share it, right?”

The Muse smiles at me, “No… no reason at all.” ^_^

One scene a day, then music and sound effects. Episode 13 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows will be finished, saved to various drives, burned to CDs and won’t be uploaded anywhere. Then I’ll work on Episodes 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 that I see vaguely in the distance one day with Sam driving out to the Stephens home since Captain Gregg’s attempt there didn’t go down so well.

A person who really loves my work gave up on Dark Shadows… I think it was that desire for an upswing that just never happened… We’re still friends, amazing friends, pen pals. She’ll still get the episodes when she wants them… by mail.

A helper of mine asked, “How could anyone give up on Dark Shadows?”

I answered, “Because they loved the characters and things kept getting worse for them. With some the conflict is all that matters. With others, such as myself, that longing extends to a creative force for change. As you may witness on some of these fanpages many try to sort out all of the problems, as human minds are developed to try. But Dark Shadows goes in so many directions a staggering array of preferences and opinions fly about, and much like debates in the political arena, ‘full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ But those who give up had that longing to make a new fiction world that resolved things. The problem was, again, DS goes in so many directions. Me? I’d studied a million fandoms prior to Dark Shadows, and as a wee tom-boy I’d always wanted a story incorporating all of these spooky characters. The complexity of my life? It made it possible for me to absorb all the characters AND add more. (And this is likely why, at least for romantic pairings sake, I have had to hunt down the people who wanted my work. They weren’t coming to fanfiction.net. They’d given up a long time ago.)”

Also, you get to a point where you’re spending so much money and feeling worse you finally figure, “I think I’d rather have the money instead.”

For me? I’ll hopefully find some money somewhere after all of this since I’ve spent so much. But there is no reason to lose my life and that would likely happen if Willie Loomis comes back and gets more silence. I channeled him last October and he was angry right along with me, wildly angry. I cared about his needs and wants and we showed that together last October. So far as he and I could see, no one cared enough about that or either of us. So we found each other. We raved together. We are angry together, and by holding it all back from the creeping silent, we protect each other.

Willie scared

The tenderest in my adopted nursery, Willie Loomis.