Fun… fun… FUN? Editing Ep. 13

Ugh… looks like the ghost of Caleb Collins has a drift from the sound in his voice via different lines from last year and this year. I amplified the volume on the old lines that stayed and trying slowing down the speed on the new lines. Glad I got in a vaguer line about whether Elizabeth hired Victoria on purpose. Keep it open-ended, just like on Dark Shadows. I suppose that’s why I get so tired of people throwing their fanfiction in my direction. I have given my time and attention for years, then started this huge task with barely any discussion over it. It’s all well and good that marvelous stories have been attained, but I and a friend came to the realization that the newer stories coming out are closer to the original series because people are collecting all the DVDs again and have a better grasp of the entire picture.

For years it was a VHS here or a Best of… collection over there. My first encounter was an anniversary tape I watched with my Mum’s best friend who picked it up at The Wherehouse back in the early 1990s. Being in my teens, along with her daughter, we were in disbelief at how cheesy it all was. The mother confessed how absolutely scared she got as a kid. I gotta say, now that I’m doing this what gives me the creeps more than Dark Shadows has is all those unknown listeners. It reminds me of this:

twlight zone creepy sister

Imagine hundreds of these voiceless types staring at you and you’ll have a pretty good idea why I get the 3AM jitters over lack of discussion. Ewwwwlllagh!

I went over the Caleb and Liz lines again, then the Morticia and Victoria lines, added better sound effects to what Tom Jennings is doing. Some of the background music for Wadsworth and Willie’s scene needs altering but I can’t go in until the rest is finished or it will screw up the different locations. Ah… now… the music for climactic scene in which, yes, Dr. Julia Hoffman is the big hero! Professor Stokes is the runner up since as far as I know he actually has a car and Julia tends to go without one sometimes. Now where are those absolutely dynamite car sound effects that made it all come together in the demo last year? HUH? What the heck are they doing in that folder??? I gotta switch some stuff around.

Ohhhhh yeah! That’s some good stuff! Crap! It’s LOUD! Let’s lower the volume on Professor Stokes car. Now let’s delete the part where I announce: “Motor noises, revving engine.” Hmm… this one has that clicking noise but I have serious doubts Julia is going to bother using her turn signals at this point. [chuckling] Hmm, Professor is wondering why Dr. Hoffman is chasing down Barnabas Collins with the car and going in another direction. Now I can’t seem to say which sound effects come where. Ah, yes. Maggie is on the porch. This saves me the trouble of having them rush to the Evans Cottage door and opening it and all the: “Hi, can I take your coat?” nonsense. We’ll just cut to the chase for time!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the sound program just croaked! URRRRRRRG! Oh, wait… will I get lucky for a recovery of everything if I re-open? YES! Okay, better save the file again to keep all of the updates. I don’t want to go through the excess of Julia and Eliot rushing, as is usual in Dark Shadows, that they need her and there is no time to explain, no really, there isn’t time to explain, no really, there is no time! Although, on Dark Shadows, more often than not, they don’t get through that part this quickly. They tend to argue about it so endlessly one realizes they actually did have time to explain the entire dilemma since they argued over whether or not they could explain it for almost half the episode.

Phew… okay, it’s very nice to hear it with the background music but since it’s not matching at the end where I was hoping I think I can remove it on it’s own and put it in later when I finish with where the sound effects need to go. What a pain! *sigh* Dang… this might be another hour long episode! I just hit the 50 minute mark… I guess it’s possible to go back and remove bits of silence, especially when it comes to rushed dialogue for a climactic scene!

Ep 13 Whole Lot Goin On

I dunno if I can sort through it… That is a lot!

Oh! I can do that? Just snip a little off to bring the old effects back into alignment? Groovy! I’ll have to remember that one. Arg! Another crash and this one found inconsistencies… Well… let’s hope for the best…

Yeah… it could be fun, but with so few people to discuss it with and rarely… Fun? Not really… Hopefully that will change in the future.



2 thoughts on “Fun… fun… FUN? Editing Ep. 13

  1. Whoa! Technology can be a pain! But I’m glad that everything came together at the end 🙂

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