I Am Your Host Sir Simon Milligan… (Adding Sound Effects & Music, Ep. 13)


Oh, boy! The fun part of never really knowing how well blended the music and sound effects are. Are they overpowering the dialogue? Any sound effects too loud? And now… what about CHOICE? Oh, look! “The Complete Dark Shadows Soundtrack Music Collection”. Ah… What shall I add? Hmm… should be easy enough, right? I mean… There is only EIGHT CDs; SEVEN HOURS AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES TO CHOOSE FROM!  Okay… hee, hee, hee… I’ve only uploaded one disk… maybe two. This is why I posted a photo of the collection to fanpages to deeply thank whoever the heck went through all the trouble of adding the insanely large track listing to Grace Notes via iTunes! And as far as I know it reached the hard worker who did it. He said, “Oh. Pretty sure that was me! You’re welcome. It did take a long time.” Sweet ^_^

But Milligan and Hecubus’ audience, also performed by me, sounds a little sparse. Let’s find an old episode with no music and add some more me-audience. All, right, after the theme song, I shall not go with more opener “My Name Is…” music. How about something more creepy? Ah, yes, this will work well in contrast to Milligan and Hecubus being completely goofy! And one of my favourite explanations by Sir Simon Milligan for Episode 13:

hello I am your host

“But now, we must endure more drama and perhaps a few platitudes, as Hoffman and Barnabas are in one of their usual uproars about who he loves and why. This of course, has to do with the shocking discovery that not only are Maggie Evans and Josette Dupres the same, but that he managed to injure them both due to his transformation of being one of the undead. What with being fairly out of his mind both times… this series of events is beyond embarrassing.”

And the drama continues. I think for the beginning we’ll have that cello poignant, but the rest of the argument doesn’t really require more. We’ll see as I save the file for the 7th time right now. Whew! Ten minute mark now… Got the chills listening to Julia case on Barnabas and her confusion about the whole thing. Excellent. I know the file was about 57 minutes without all the extras so we’re at a fifth now depending on how well it mixes. Kind of want to put some pacing footsteps in with this sort of melancholy versus irritable discussion, but… hmm… Maybe it’s not necessary.

And up to the point of why Barnabas loves Josette? Well, here is a 16 second clip of music… should I use it? Hmm… Bleh… 16 seconds needed to revert to less and faded in and out again repeatedly to make it work with the dialogue. Dang… that flute music over there is so… It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What is it about the 1960s and spooky flute music? The real question is if it works with what Barnabas is explaining now… Nope, this is the part where Barnabas notices Julia is wondering and he has to tell her he doesn’t have the same feelings for her as she does for him.

(Sorry, people! Yes, I get it! Barnabas should love Julia, he ought to love Julia with all that she helps him with and puts up with… but I never saw him reciprocating. Excuse me for being observant! Oh, and, excuse everyone else for having a blasted knee-jerk cow over the whole damn thing! I just listen to these poor people. I do not pick for them. Now get off of my blasted back! I’ve had enough friggin trolling. GAWD! Can I formulate out some more sound effects? Thanks. Y’all noticed I’ve been through the ringer with this fandom, eh? ^_^ )

Okay, this will need some footsteps… let’s see… The Old House is carpeted so I’ll have to muffle the footsteps. Now… how to do that… Got it… Now let’s have some strings in the background for some discussion over their friendship. And abrupt music fade out since now Julia’s asking about Angelique… Touching strings don’t enter the picture in this instance…

Ugh! I’m only at minute 13? I need a break! But I have to get to another 10 minute mark. Now, they’re discussing Josette as Maggie and how important that is. Well, none of this music is working. Let’s go back to some George Shearing I used for part of the regression therapy in episode 12. That sort of makes those areas of [awkward silence] not so silent… Well, Mr. “Big Cake” is being so melancholy I think it all should be there.

And him wanting to be alone again… Hmm… let’s grab those muffled footsteps and put them over there before she asks if he’s going to be all right. Then… hmm, raise the pitch for her footsteps. Julia needs a lighter tread. How about raising the pitch on his voice? No… it was fine. Undo changing the pitch on his voice again. Meh… Ugh… 15:30 on the time index. I have to get to 20 minutes before I can take a break. Wait… next scene is coming up with Wadsworth and Willie, which means I have to find more footsteps and door noises and… Seriously? Are you shitting me??? The neighbour on the other side is doing the bass boom? Come on! Blare some Journey or Iron Maiden for all I care! Do some screeching guitars or something! Play it! Fine! Just play it treble. Screw this. I’m taken a break…

Oh, goodie. I responded to Cara Mia and my husband called me back. After all this pairings weirdness trying to hook up everyone in Collinsport with each other, it’s nice to have a pairing of my own!

Here we go… Professor Stokes taking Wadsworth to Wyndcliff Sanitarium to meet Willie Loomis… Hmm… we need some footsteps. All right. Wadworth is likely going to have a lighter tread so lets redo all this and lower volume on those and heighten the pitch on some others and...

13 footsteps

The purple arrow is Professor Stokes footsteps, the black arrow is Wadsworth’s footsteps.

Checking the text… am I getting all of that right? Good, good. A few of Stokes lines aren’t low enough. Change pitch but not of all the words.

       clue_01_jpg_594x334_crop_upscale_q85 (1)stokes facing left crop

WADSWORTH: Sir, are you sure this will work?

STOKES: I have little doubt about it. You have managed to perform some miraculous feats since you arrived at Collinwood, Wadsworth. I think Mr. Loomis being able to see you might do the trick, indeed.

Door opening noise, let’s slow that down… kind of want to give it a creak but… mmm…

“Ah… Mr. Loomis… you look, well.”

Willie pretty

“Why… why… thanks, Professor… I am… a little… weary… of the pen, though.”

Yep! All of that work and many hours with breaks and I’m only done with seventeen minutes of completing Episode 13 with music and sound effects.

Told ya it was a pain in the arse!


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