Pseudo One Scene A Day, Ep. 13

Bleh… I can’t pick out which lines for Barnabas and Maggie at the end of this episode. It’s all a pain in the rear. I just went through and pasted in lines so I could decide later from one file to another. That’s what’s so tough in performing Barnabas Collins: Which inflection sounds the most like him? And then Maggie, too! There is also a line where she stops using contractions because at that point it’s closer to Josette talking. Old Colonial habits die hard?


So that file is saved and then the postman dropped by asking if I had more packages to send. I told him I had to get more stamps as I’m all out sending to one pen pal and then another to our Auntie. The facebook visits in between is a fluctuation of ups and downs. Over here more evidence of bummers to fix, over there groovy, hot photos of Don Briscoe, short discussions with the Gothic types, little questions from The Monkees people, and which DS pages do I post my re-runs to? And where are The Ghost & Mrs. Muir people in the reruns? Any other college DJs to talk to? Crap! Sharon Smyth Lentz is in a world of pain and getting ready to embark on a journey. Is anyone doing well out there?

So what next? More CDs burning, the cases from the thrift store are in good condition and getting used. And then starting all over from the beginning of the episode without any sound effects or music and finding which lines of whom need to be completely re-performed. I know there was some microphone popping for Wadsworth, and likely Sir Simon Milligan. Oh, hey! I got a couple comments on podomatic. Just the “this chik is awesome” kind but it sure beats negativity. What is the cent price of the basic postage stamp now? Higher than I thought, but at least we’re still in the cent-range!

Stats are weird over on the text versions of everything. No word from the church people nor the co-workers. Got a few “LOVE IT!” exclamations and sticker-icons on fan pages. That’s nice. I think what’s worrying me is these folks aren’t talking because they have carpal-tunnel or something worse. Then I am totally baffled at one lady who like-clicks me intensely, never says anything but then speaks to everyone else about their work. HUH? Phooey! Where are those goth kids? They’re fun.

Actually one person said something wonderful to one facebook page about a blog post from our anniversary. She was really impressed at how much I had to go through and mentioned seeing a larger consideration at how much of a burden it was to create something. She seemed far more aware in her take on it and also was careful to word it between writing, acting and audio. It felt like someone was really awake! I loved that.

Then I decided to plunge through my e-reader and finally figure out how to delete old documents I didn’t need anymore. I got the text to episode 15, what there is of 16 and looked over them, longing to get back to the newer work as a whole which I haven’t done in almost a year! Going over discussions with my cousins from the night before last, and getting their take on the situation. Looked over my podcast stats. It seems one town that got a number of my postcards keeps checking the site to see if a new episode is up, or finally downloading ones they had sniffed at before and likely didn’t really listen to completely. Well, folks, ya can write to me and chat. I ain’t shy. I used to be shy but this world of almost completely living online, when I prefer more of the opposite, and then watching the behaviour I’m just thinking, “Whoah! Let’s slow down a bit!”


Since tomorrow or tonight or both I’ll be going through Episode 13 all over again I might finally get to writing here and displaying the CD insert to the Clue soundtrack. It has all kinds of information about the film I wasn’t aware of. Really neat stuff! I meant to do that before but I got into promoting to find more communicators. I’m not sure if anyone is looking forward to more episodes. I know I am. I’m so curious where all this will lead, especially getting Chris Jennings into the mix as well as Amy. Plus eventually Victoria and Peter will have to get back on the road. How will The Addams Family venture to help more? I know they will. I know they have to. I can see that they want to as well. ^_^

One thing I loved reading about in my rough drafts are Elizabeth and Lily packing up for their trip! They begin behaving very sisterly. Plus Elizabeth points out certain things as to why should a mirror reflect Lily any differently than other people, and Lily tosses out a remark about her being so quaint then quickly moving to another subject. With all these spooky characters encountering each other it is the direction one has to go. Just like in Dark Shadows when Roger tells Barnabas they were wondering where he was staying since he couldn’t find him via the Collinsport Inn; Barnabas just ignores this and inquires if Elizabeth is in.

As the DS Annotations caption reads on that scene, “Smooth, Barnabas.”


2 thoughts on “Pseudo One Scene A Day, Ep. 13

  1. Sorry to hear about Sharon Smyth Lentz. I hope that whatever she’s gong through won’t last long. So, any new facts about Clue that we didn’t know of?

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh! The thing that really surprised us was a chap who worked on the BBC series, “Yes, Minister” also worked on “Clue”. It does seem to have so much work between Yanks and Brits over all. No wonder I love that film so much.

      However I don’t intend to let loose any more extras from the script until I can use it in The Pit of… Some of the stuff they left out was very good. Glad to see you up for wordpress today. ^_^ You sweetie, you!

      Sharon Smyth Lentz has all kind of things wrong. Back problems, neck pain, vertigo, you name it. 😦 Many comments, prayers and blessings are being sent her way from gobs of folks. Everyone gathered together to offer advice. Glad I wasn’t the only one who mentioned muscle relaxants, but that likely wouldn’t help one’s vertigo. Yikes.

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