Calling an Auntie and Sunday at Church

Yesterday I finally made the decision to call an out of town relative. She’s getting on in years but her faculties have always been similar to mine in terms of accuracy. I knew when my Mum and pen pal had listened to the episode demos for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows their speech improved and over all expression of their own news had a vibrancy I’d never heard before. My husband’s Aunt could make good use of this show and she already adores my librivox work. Hmmm…. So I called her up and explained my plight.

Now so many people have argued with me in a round about and dismissive way to the general behaviour toward this radio drama, making excuses on why little to no dialogue happens, giving me some unconvincing reasons as to why this is acceptable. Well, me having the crazed curiousity that I do in motives and balance, I don’t buy most of these things. And… neither does our Aunt. ^_^ YES!

“Yeah, you have that many listeners and you’re asking for them to talk to you about the show you’re making? And barely anyone will? That certainly is creepy!”

So I have trepidation, will she know this spooky soap opera? She may have watched it, doubtful, but if she has there might be romantic pairings issues from the start.

“Have you ever seen the program Dark Shadows?”

“No,” she answers.

“Have you ever seen the movie?”

“No,” she repeats


I start ticking off the others, The Addams Family, Bewitched, The Munsters. The answer is affirmative but not strongly so.

Then comes the question, “Have you ever seen the television version of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir?”

“Oh, I loved that show! I used to watch it all the time with my friends growing up. It was great!”

b and w gregg and muir


“Perfect,” I tell her, “They’re in it too, and should be in it all the way through!”

“But I don’t have any of those computer things.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll send you the CDs just like with my librivox audio books. All I need is chatty letters about my episodes so I can keep going. And this is much higher production value than the books.”

But what happens in Sunday Service? I’m really digging the new minister we have. He’s very engaging and has a background in Buddhism. Last week he gave a marvelous sermon about having so much faith in one’s faith as well as having so much faith in one’s skepticism and how both can get one into trouble. Another week we discussed his sermon about personal needs being filled. When one is starving and homeless perhaps they get those needs met, but is that all there is to fulfillment? Hardly.

In fact, some have romantic needs and when they’re met one can become more giving and miraculous. Some have creative needs and when they’re met even more miracles can happen, which also retains that necessity to both share and be shared with. Yep. I am *down* with this guy. Plus we talk about this in terms of nourishment. If one eats junk food or fast food, the attachment to being fed is there but it’s hoodwinked by the fact that the nutrients required are barely in such sustenance, if one can call it that. Yes… and this is what I try to tell my audience. Not sure how many comprehend that when they listen to my intros.

Today’s sermon requested “Who are you?” and an exercise which pertains to that never-ending question, “Who am I?” …a question I would like to engage my audience with. We were meant to have a partner in the Sanctuary of The Fellowship, but I had none, so the minister called out to me,

“Who are you?!”

And Daryl split the various conversations in the room to silence for a single moment by belting out:



Yes, I shit you not, I did this… in church. ^_^

But this is the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. They are inclusive and do things differently. A young lady came to my aid and we kept trying the exercise but it was better as a conversation. By the end I still didn’t know her name.


Why do I keep running into Maggie’s in this journey? (There is another one at the sewing meet-ups.)

After service I found the minister and told him about the demons being polite and what I was really trying to say in “Who am I.” He was intrigued. I let him know I was in need of help and how doing stuff online was just not the best place to find a vocal audience. Plus what I am doing is so difficult, expensive and so inclusive I really do need a responsive audience and considering how inclusive the U.U. Fellowship is, it would likely be a helpful venture.

So, I had a postcard on me and he said, “All right. We’ll hook you up.”

I pray so. *knocking on wood*



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