The baby is on it’s way…


This is going to be a two-parter at least. I know everyone has been waiting. Yes, our Margaret Josette Dupres is in labour and everyone is doing their best during the storm.

Of course, Barnabas gives her reason to laugh, then baits her in order to let her aggression out, and as staggering as it is to believe, one old friend has been brought by Willie to aid her. If you’re ready please enjoy at this link:

Please remember, this is what needs to take place after the radio drama is settled. How Angelique is healed and whose bride she turns out to be is still a determined goal, but in my farcical thoughts for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, she would have been with Milligan, until I realized how much longer and further I could take this. Barnabas was an obsession. Sky Rumson? No. Not good enough for our beloved Witch, and our beloved Witch she will remain. There is no reason, to me, that “Bewitched” could be on the air at the same time from 1964-1972, and meanwhile Witchcraft was “wrong” in almost all terms on Dark Shadows. SILLINESS! Angelique Bouchard deserves better than to renounce her powers, and if I find more evidence that she is the daughter of Andre Dupres, I’ll try and make up for that as well. In any case there was a time in 1897 the man who is her husband, as shown here, wanted her, and… She wanted him. So perhaps one date to appease Sir Simon Milligan, but what man, after his throes of immortality, does she truly have chemistry with? No, not Barnabas. Someone much more deserving of her, and her much more deserving of him.

And of course, to the woman of “higher class”, who was always her friend regardless of a difference in status; Josette Dupres… the point is they will be friends again in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, some day… somehow.



2 thoughts on “The baby is on it’s way…

  1. I just read the chapter! I felt Maggie/Josette’s irritability throughout. You’re some writer to make me empathize with her. Too good of a writer! 😉

  2. morlock13 says:

    Awesome! Your review made me laugh! It was awesome seeing the responses! I’m glad someone laughed at her slapping him when he baited her to do that. I’m just sorry her roomie woke up last night from her laughter. Oops!

    I was surprised Barnabas could be humourous like that but it came out that way. Plus he’s like been around Wadsworth long enough by this point. And it was all to be supportive to her.

    I think between The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows and Margaret Josette Dupres, for the entirety of the project so far, that was the 7th time she’s slapped him. He doesn’t seem to mind, or as Sir Simon Milligan says in Episode 14, “And what is worse he may in fact, LIKE IT! Well, who wouldn’t? At least she’d be touching him.”

    Wow! Too good of a writer! That’s wonderful to hear. I’m so happy to find people who have the comprehension level for all of this. I’m intrigued there was empathy there. Glad to find that out, that’s an even bigger achievement. I was actually feeling a little bad for Angelique. Lighthouse keeping kinda sucks. I used to consider it romantic but reading up on it sounds dreadful on many avenues. And Willie’s likely on her nerves and she’s on his nerves.

    How many people is that crammed into Josette’s room? 7? >_<

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