Discussion with the postman ^_^ (More packages for The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to college radio.)

The postman came by and picked up another package to a college radio station. “Still workin’ hard, eh?”

“Oh, yes,” I told him, “And all just to get the chit-chat.”

We discussed various nuances in my work to find the fuel I need. I expressed to him I had to hunt down the people who specifically wanted what I was doing because so many had given up even looking for it. He pointed out that it was a very good thing for me to offer so much to others and that importance of understanding it.

I said, “I do, but all I want is the discussion over it to enhance my motivation. If I had had 5 people in this neighbourhood to share it with I likely never would have posted it online. I just don’t have that support. Plus with the type of people these are there is a fear of the word ‘review’. I’m not looking for bolstering so much as wanting to be a spectator with them. On top of which the positive types are extremely shy online these days. It would be good to bring back a positive influence since there is so much negative online now. That’s what I really want to encourage. Also, a comedian on stage has the benefits of seeing and hearing the reactions. All I need is the discussion. Five people would be sufficient. I’ve got more downloads, though, than I ever could have dreamed. It’s a little scary.”

“Well,” he said, “keep trying! It sounds like a good thing you’ve got going.”

But what did I get in the mail? Yay! A card from a pen friend, who isn’t a listener or reader of my work. She explained it all beautifully (and likely decorated this card herself). She writes: “Silence, especially to ones creative efforts/humor is, at the very least, alienating and isolating – at worst a killer. I wish for an end to that for you and much appreciation for the encompassing world you have created.”



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