Barnabas Collins: “They want to hear him stop complaining… and *I* am no exception.”


If anyone has listened to my intros, they’ve heard that I don’t creep into the minds of these characters slightly, I channel them, get in touch with who they are, how they feel, what they’re motives are, reenact their behaviour, both in voice, but since you haven’t seen me, you likely don’t see the change in how I look when this happens.

Back when I had a cold for over a month and couldn’t voice act but was looking for ways to promote The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to possible fans of it, having less of an idea that the problem was romantic pairings, “Margaret Josette Dupres” started to happen. I’ve explained how that did in the novel itself. But what no one knows is that as it was happening I was going into realms of channeling I’d never gone through before and it shocked me.

I had no idea there was so much M-Rated material at until I couldn’t find my “one-shot”, then when I did… WOW! The entire idea of adult material for screen characters was a weird concept to me. I had a rough-draft of “The Wedding Night” and thought, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I hadn’t opened my facebook account to find so many Dark Shadows fans so all I had to rely on is friends who didn’t know Dark Shadows much and ask them what they thought. They thought it was damn good and beyond what they’d seen before. What I was dying to ask someone and kept on trying to ask is, “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME???”

Okay, channel Roger, I get it, channel Pop, wise man, everyone gets a turn, no one takes over… until… Willie Loomis in which case I go ape-shit as he has a tendency to do.

Now here I am writing erotica for Barnabas and a reincarnated Josette. What the HELL??? I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins! Everyone around me seems to be. I empathize with him. Listening to him go on forever about Josette… well, most people want to smack him and throw him at Julia or Angelique or an OC character. Me? I finally sat down to write more of “Margaret Josette Dupres”. With all of that whining and moaning Barnabas does for her, one hand went over my heart with that concern.

The other hand? I got so aggravated by the excessive story telling and woe-as-me jargon, that other hand turned into a fist and I almost growled, “I’m… going… to… make… you… shut-up! HERE! Have at her! How about her breast in your mouth?! Will THAT finally appease you, old man?! … oh… my… ah-hem… I see that it does.” ^_^

But what was happening to me? Well, I’m not in love with Barnabas Collins, but I did fall in love with another character after channeling him: Willie Loomis. He made the first crack in my 8 years of ice. Another shock about which more later. (This is why he got his own chapters as well.)

Now, as I analyzed this love between Barnabas & Josette it certainly was excessive. Any screen time showed an incredible tenderness I had never seen before. If I didn’t understand why so many people drooled over Jonathan Frid’s abilities I certainly saw it now. And that marriage to Jeremiah or Barnabas’ marriage to Angelique? Hmm, everyone is wearing black, there’s been a lot of deaths around here… but then what’s going on now?


Kissing in full-mourning regalia.

This was the thing that told me, “Wait… she’s a widow… and one of the reasons she’s a widow is because of him!” So how much more of an intense love do you want?

Then the vampire curse… but can this guy stay away? Nope. Gotta go say one last farewell… Is she going to stand for that when she finds out? Hell no. And what does he give her?


Y’all let me know if anyone else wore that ring.

This is why I say Josette Dupres is not under-developed. If anything she’s over-developed into a plethora of facets. 1795 is merely one of the areas she’s developed. Another is the ghostly persona helping others. Then we have Kitty Soames, the strait reincarnation who recognizes someone with no aid from her paramour and… does… this:

Kitty Strangles Angelique

If this dame wasn’t so ticked off at being screwed over I can’t see why she would bother strangling her old chum. And yes Josette likely showed Angelique the most kindness back in the day which makes what Angelique did to her even more horrendous. (But I do want to see Angelique happy, too. Mind you, Angelique and I share a problem in common: neglect.)

Then another clue I saw in analyzing Maggie Evans was the earrings that belonged to Josette.


She’s so into these things she’s hardly interested in going on a date with Joe when he finally brings them back to her after having them secretly appraised. Sure, she’s ready to go to the restaurant with him… if they serve baby-food.

Pretty cheezy, but he sure left in a huff. I blame neither of them.

For me I saw these clues. To solve everything what is going to make the most sense? Maggie = Josette. Even other writers appeal to this sense in the long-run because they analyze the show as well and they see the evidence. Why it was never done before I have only deduced from what I’ve heard of the bullying against such stories as far as sharing them. So I’m sure those stories have existed but likely resting in a shoebox in several dark closets and collecting dust. (In fact one fan of my work still writes about this pair. I’d like to view her material but I respect her privacy on that because she, herself, has gone through far more than enough of said bullying from other fans.)

So there I am channeling this end result of my series in perplexity. Channel Barnabas Collins in his intense desire for this dame he goes on about so much that it sickens people? He’ll go on about her wonders to excess:

I exhaled with her and responding to her embrace with my own, fed myself with her kiss as she fed from mine. Something there created an echo of the ocean waves so much farther than either of us could usually hear and I remembered what we’d been given to make it permanent: Everlasting Life. The possibility of joy beyond centuries of time, as we’d been waiting so long for this upcoming day. Her breath pushing on my face as mine did toward her. These sounds and moist expressions of love began to create a longing and I knew what she meant. To wait for tomorrow…

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter One]

The incessant love I felt for my once lost Josette, was imploding on destiny toward this new bride, who was both her and Maggie Evans. And I sensed an unknown temptation of scintillation upon every aspect of my skin. What cared I for the blood of other mortals… when the blood of her inner soul was all that mattered to me?

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter Two]

I had known the frightening, though delicious enjoyment of removing Josette’s wedding gown, even suffering to destroy the undergarment of it as she had allowed. This was a bold mixture of torrid agony and blissful excitement. In all her passion the sweetness never left her, but her other components, as lovely as the original, were there.

Ah, of something new, it was helping her to dress. She showed me all of the new methods to lace her up or latch her clothing. And Maggie did something unique as I watched her in front of her vanity table, now as the mess had been cleaned, that is. She beckoned me to stand closer and then put the hair brush into my hand. I looked at it and then at her uncertainly and she almost laughed, “Go ahead, I’ve worked through whatever tangles at the end we managed together last night.”

I began slowly at the top and then felt the thrush down, not wanting to mar a single filament on her head. I saw through the mirror, (which yes, did reflect us,) that her eyes closed and she was experiencing a certain pleasure from this simple custom. I stood and gathered her tresses underneath, feeling the prickles against my hand as I went down with the strokes from the brush. It strangely enticed me. Could all of this be so? I’d always wondered what would happen but my imagination failed me to understand the possibilities as so many obstacles kept steering us away from this bliss.

As I continued her scent floated to me and I found myself drawing the brown locks away, putting the brush down and pressing my lips to her neck. She took my arms and guided me in the embrace of her.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 5. He’s so in love with her that merely brushing her hair is a bloody turn-on!]

Kitty, my beauty, for who I both mourn and am grateful to have again in this Margaret, dazzles my interest. And if it were not for her, it may not have been so obvious what was happening to us. Something was trying, and when one looks at the chronology of our history, to keep us alive, and to gather us together at that alter of union. And she was brave to come out and say so. Of course it tickles me that she recognized our tormentor, Angelique, and immediately went to throttle the life out of her. For this… Kitty is the name I often use when I see that sweet justice again, in my Maggie.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 8]

The lovely thing of all this is, she knows what ought to be and does it with exquisite divinity. As always, in all her lives, she is not one who likes to idle, and that is the sadness for those who cannot know her. Others see her as sweetness only, a trifling happiness and without any complexity. But *I* know better, as do her entourage for which I take up my pen to explain these things.

[Y’all think Daryl made that up on her own? Barnabas just keeps going. Damn vampire… Even when she beats him he’s still in love:]

I moaned and wasn’t sure if it was agony or ecstasy. Maggie Evans… Josette Dupres… she was having her revenge on me and she was gaining her compensation as well. Exerting what I needed to be forgiven. The blows to my face were at least some small distraction to the icy chill surrounding me. As well as my pride coming up in all of this. Yes. I was proud of her.

I could feel Josette’s anger towards me and her love. And in this new bond she noticed that I did and her hand slowly went down to her side at first but then came up and produced one more resounding strike across my face. She had strength and my cheeks burned with that strength. We both took a deep breath together and a deep exhale. I looked at her in loving appreciation, hoping she was sated.

My sweet angel that I had turned foul… please… let everything out.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 14]

I looked into her eyes and thought of that night. There we were again in that bed but sharing that memory at the table she waited on. Sitting side by side once more in total ignorance that we’d met again. We thought of that together as we lay there, the dampness beneath me on the sheets, the dampness on my thumb as it slid across her cheek. All the turmoil we’d suffered and here we were, our passion having been so strong, now our love was made that much stronger by what we’d overcome.

[Margaret Josette Dupres, Chapter 15]

There are even certain descriptions of their intimacy that came out of my latest run of the story where I discuss them with Barnabas. Certain things I was worried would offend people because they were so intimate, at least to me. Internally I’d ask, “Do you TRULY want to say that, Old Man?”

Yes, he did. Ugh! All right, all right, all right. Ever try writing Barnabas Collins in first person while tapping into the mans’ mannerisms? If you ever have then you know he’s a heavy pusher of the thesaurus. That guy is PICKY! (And it’s a bit irritating that he is.)

And in all of this… did I really… finally make him shut-up about her? NoGarrr! He just goes on and on about Josette, he won’t stop. He finally has her, he’s making up for all of that lost time of not being able to appreciate her up-close and personal. I, myself, get tired and ask him, “Can’t we describe the room? Can’t we do something more with the background, the setting, don’t you love the damn house as much?” >_<

“No!” he seems to scream, “The orange-brown glow of her eyes, the elation I have in touching her skin, the talent she has for delighting in things both large and small!”

“Okay, fine! Dammit, Old Man, you’re gonna put me in a hospital.”

But... at least he’s not complaining. ^_^

And Josette? She’s barely any different. She fought like hell to reincarnate ad nauseam and she won’t shut up about how she feels toward Barnabas. She’s happily got him and got him by every last nerve of his being. She enjoys that far more than a cowboy at a steak and potatoes supper. The fun part is Barnabas Collins does not like Clelland’s novel “Fanny Hill”. Josette Dupres? She’s amused and entertained, the little beast. (Me? I’m with Barnabas. Not really my thing.)


So imagine my relief when Sam Evans had a ton to say! Getting him down, particularly as the reincarnation of Andre Dupres was no little task. I love when he’s in that bedroom and says he chooses NOT to dwell on what goes on there. Good job, Pop!

Still, the novel keeps going and Barnabas, as per usual, hates himself for far too much. It takes Josette to see this. She’s forgiven him but he hasn’t forgiven himself and she cares about that. It isn’t until he does forgive himself they can conceive a child, in whatever terms this lighter vampirism can produce offspring. Now that he’s forgiven himself it is safe to do so. And in all of this, what’s he the most interested in? His bride’s joy, what she likes, where he can provide the most to her. It’s why I want this published. If lovers could tap into that empathy can you imagine what love lives would improve?

However, I am getting wiped out on this pair. I’d love more address to the characters in the radio drama so I can move on to all of the other pairings and explore their passions. Likely not to be nearly as intense as this one, but I could use the relief. Wait. Scratch that, I think Angelique’s Klingon style with who’s in the wing for her will likely make me explode. I tried channeling that once. YIKES! Scary woman. But for a relief series and one in the 1960s mostly, Maggie=Josette & Barnabas was what came out in what I studied. Discovering why it was kept out of fanwork was one of many reasons I blew my top for which I, again, apologize.

All I’ve had to keep me from going to Wyndcliff myself is humour, and humour is something Barnabas loves about his sweetheart.


I guess it’s as I’ve heard. When you find Dark Shadows it pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Let me know if there is an actor/writer/channeler forum I can sign up for. They might be able to help me endure all of this struggle a lot better! Thanks.


9 thoughts on “Barnabas Collins: “They want to hear him stop complaining… and *I* am no exception.”

  1. I myself just want to smack Barnabas period every time he drones on about Josette, Vicki, Roxanne, and etc and so forth. Often very draining. But I love your Nostalgic Critic-like rant: “I’m… going… to… make… you… shut-up! HERE! Have at her! How about her breast in your mouth?! Will THAT finally appease you, old man?! … oh… my… ah-hem… I see that it does.” LOL! XD Yep, I can imagine it does *nodding* “Of course it tickles me that [Kitty] recognized our tormentor, Angelique, and immediately went to throttle the life out of her.” Really? ME TOO!

    Now, as you know, I am a Barnabas/ Julia fan, BUT…IF….the show would have done the Barnabas/ Josette storyline right, then they would have had a good ending instead of the tragic suicide that took place. Poison?! Was that really necessary? What was the point of her self-sacrifice again? Barnabas saves her from jumping or falling of Widow’s Hill, just for her to take poison and for him to forget her. S…m…h…. Well, that’s why fanfiction is written! 😉

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh, yes! Lol! I do see that wanting to smack him in so much of the fanwork and the fans of him. That’s why I am so flabbergasted a story like mine didn’t take place before. (“The Third Option” was a shock and a half! But ecinspired was smart… it was pre-Julia… very smart!)

      However, that is the tragedy of a day-time drama. It’s not going to end well, which is what makes that TV Guide wrap up also unconvincing. “Huh? Suddenly EVERYTHING is okay now and everyone is fine and let’s just ignore Willie.” What the heck? lol!

      I think that’s yet another reason “The Pit…” lines things up because it’s like, “Okay, let’s start fixing things and here we have Slimer and Wadsworth and the whole crew goes… all right, now it’s all plain weird. Let’s crack some jokes… and just… RELAX!” 😀

      But in creating a relief series and trying to unravel the kite string I was so flummoxed why there was so much Julia/Barnabas, Angelique/Barnabas and no Barnabas with the string of KLS characters as he chases after in the program. Plus ignoring his love for Sarah… I was just combing through all of it and thinking, “Where are these characters anyway? Are they even here?”

      So I feel weird that people do want to smack him for that tenderness but still want to twist it up into a love for a ladies he didn’t show that affection for. We seem to admire his romantic expression but not where it leads. The fun of the stories is all well and good but why were the others pairings missing? Curiouser and curiouser.

      Oh! With the poison? That’s where it seem Dark Shadows starts to descend into father realms of disbelief and lack of continuity. I’ll give retcon Josette the edge on stress and The Leviathans the edge on mucking in the wrong town. Kitty-Josette was like, “Where the hell is he? I went through all of this and I’m being stood up! I can’t live without him! *gulp!”

      If you can give another listen to Episode 12 of “The Pit…” I’d seriously like some more take on that. It was a tough, tough, episode…

      • I’ll give Episode 12 another listen tomorrow if not later tonight. I do agree with you on ecinspired’s “The Third Option”, in which I was shocked by the ending as well (and loved how Jason was made the “vampire” in all of this). I had to give it that nod of relief since it was a nice ending, like “Ahh!” And yes, Pre-Julia, which is fair enough, too. And another thing, Daryl: you got a point about Willie. When I listened to the Epilogue, Willie wasn’t mentioned, wasn’t he? What the heck happened to that guy at the end anyway?

      • morlock13 says:

        Exactly. That’s why it gives some people a warm feeling and others a “HUH? WHAT? WHAT?!!!” I remember one fan told me, and I felt this was both harsh and funny, that since Roger Davis read the wrap up she wasn’t taking it seriously. >_<

        Something came up recently about the 1840's weird, "I really loved you all along, Angelique" BS on FB. It does seem most of the fans refuse to believe this.

        This guy said, "I saw that when it aired and I thought my head was going to explode. It was antithetical to Barnabas completely in how he was. I was ready to pull a Kathy Bates on whoever wrote that episode. … By the way… does anyone know if that writer is still around… and where they live?"


  2. TheOldHouse says:

    “Something came up recently about the 1840’s weird, “I really loved you all along, Angelique” BS on FB. It does seem most of the fans refuse to believe this. ”

    He must have had a knock on the head or spell casted on him there. He never loved Angelique. Time travel does weird things to a vampire it seems!

    “So I feel weird that people do want to smack him for that tenderness but still want to twist it up into a love for a ladies he didn’t show that affection for. We seem to admire his romantic expression but not where it leads.”

    I adore his tenderness and romantic nature- and Kitty-Josette sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing this!

    I too, am surprised that he’d reveal so much intimate moments to you Daryl, as he gave the impression to me from the episodes that he’s private – but then time has passed and perhaps he wants to show people the joys of what true love and passion are.

    “Still, the novel keeps going and Barnabas, as per usual, hates himself for far too much. It takes Josette to see this. She’s forgiven him but he hasn’t forgiven himself and she cares about that. It isn’t until he does forgive himself they can conceive a child, in whatever terms this lighter vampirism can produce offspring. Now that he’s forgiven himself it is safe to do so. ”

    That is beautiful. We can often forgive others easier than we can forgive ourselves.He needed healing and forgiveness and I’m so pleased to hear this has occurred. He deserves it.

    “And in all of this, what’s he the most interested in? His bride’s joy, what she likes, where he can provide the most to her.”

    That sounds like him- he is very giving.

    “It’s why I want this published. If lovers could tap into that empathy can you imagine what love lives would improve?”

    I hope many do and receive these gifts.

    • morlock13 says:

      Oh, thank you! Yes, I do love this blog post, just trying to describe getting taken over by the couple, and mostly him. (And my arguing with him, ha ha!) It’s also good because it has plenty of the deep tenderness here already without needing to read the whole novel in its unfinished second draft. And self-forgiveness is necessary. I’ve sure learned that this last year.

      I think that’s what I love best working with Barnabas. He’s always so mesmerized by Josette, ecstatic, joyful, marveling, and beyond content. I look forward to seeing more splendour to come. ❤

      • TheOldHouse says:

        The way Barnabas loves Josette in your writing is like a sacrament (and she him). Many men could learn a lot from him. I am glad you write him that way as that is how he came across in the series.

      • morlock13 says:

        Thank you! Oh my gosh! It’s almost like “possession”. I just listened and couldn’t stop. Scared me to no end, I was endlessly scouring for fans of the pairing to find out what was happening to me! (That’s why the Gomez & Morticia people help so much. They admit, “Yes! My couple does that to me. I can’t get any shut-eye!”) So, yeah, you just watch them long for each other so strongly, it all comes out and I still stare at it and think, “Did that come out of ME?” It is spiritual, and it got to me so much I have a much healed marriage. Never felt this way before in my life. Bless them. ❤

      • TheOldHouse says:

        When magical experiences happen like this Daryl, which the status quo would have us believe are impossible, we can indeed feel scared. (We see this a lot in what the characters experience in DS).
        As you have realised this is a spiritual gift bestowed upon you- when good (healing) things happen as a result then we know that they are from a good source.
        Barnabas is at heart a good man. 😉 I have realised this myself, as you know.

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