The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [Note 4]

her room

Ah, yes! At last! The chapter we’ve all been waiting for: Chapter 6, A Broken Bed, hence this purview from the bed which our couple is about to break. Barnabas and Margarette throw us for a loop indeed and sure did with me. I didn’t shake like I did when I saw the portrait fall off of the wall when they rammed into that paneling you see at the right side of the fireplace here, but my eyebrows were rather higher than normal for most of the night I saw them so in love as to wreck suspension bars on the Colonial framework of Josette’s reclaimed berth. Mmm-hmm!

Was it solely from them or did David and Sarah jump on this bed too in our precursor: The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Episode 11? I have my doubts on the latter. I believe David and Sarah knew this was a sacred room and likely didn’t cause a ruckus there. But my, my, our Barnabas and reincarnated Josette sure did!

ring pop art chapter 6 . Apr 29

Very nice… I enjoy the passion especially with your bits of humor thrown in (such as the bed breaking).
background square
Thank you, it is rather humourous, passionately humourous. They are very amused as well as quite sated!

myhrr chapter 6 . Apr 28

Amazingly written! I almost felt as if I were some kind of deviant voyeur gazing excitedly thru a peephole waiting for the show to commence…and Wadsworth was absolutely magnificent! Now I know who the character is based on I can just imagine him sweeping the porch waiting for the newlyweds to come home…with an “Aah haa” look in his eye!
background squareOh blessings to see these words. Yes, as we know, Wadsworth intention in helping was to sort out the mess with his employer and that mademoiselle his employer had been longing for. He knows much, appreciates love & justice. For Barnabas Collins? The answers were more obvious to him than to me, I’ll wager. And that excited wait as they rushed back to the house, not in the original draft. I was told by my friend who enjoys adult material that build-up is very important!
Anyone remember the rather out-of-it guest reviewer who seemed to get the idea speed-reading these chapters would cut it and expressed concern over adult-material when it was clearly labeled on the summary, and posts elsewhere? She questioned my asking people to express themselves and not repress themselves. This was in italics under a line when the chapter finished as a fun way of encouraging the shy readers. One beloved reader saw this and was not shy!

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 6 . Apr 25

And I shall freely express myself, my dear! That…was…EROTIC! 😀 So no kids? No possible Bramwell to complete the unit? Well, I suppose with them being keepers of their families (Collins, Evans/DuPres) that it wouldn’t be such a big deal. And the bed breaketh! Ha ha! When Barnabas had Josette’s room remodeled, he should have had Willie to upgrade the bed (stronger frame stronger support 😉 ) Great work, Daryl!
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Thank you! And yes, I did finally realized what with reincarnation swarming all over Collinwood, there was one child who would be of great importance. Her birth is still being channeled. The POV is difficult to determine. It almost feels like it should be multiple POV’s with line splits and names above. For chapter beyond 6 the bed will be upgraded. Willie Loomis and Wadsworth understand the dynamics of good craftsmanship. If the canopy shook before I doubt it will shake much later.

Now here is the one I was longing for!

katie chapter 6 . Apr 25

Oh, Josette, you lucky devil! Do you even know how many of us women and even a significant minority of men would love to have Barnabas as you have had him…

Well done, Daryl. Love, sex, courtly passion, vampires to spend all eternity together, and the subtle humor of a broken bed. It makes my heart sing to see these two finally together and happy. Long may it continue.

That is just letting it ALL hang out! It’s like one I saw in “Forever Mine” that expressed: “Barnabas must be a smoothie (not the berry kind)” So yes. I was looking for reviews like this! Especially noticing a significant minority of the men! I hadn’t thought that far ahead but it should have been obvious. I can never figure out for the life of me why this couple makes so little sense to most fans. Or maybe it makes TOO much sense and they’re not used to that what with DS flipping all over the place in what the heck is going on. It’s true, I could likely write this stuff for a long time and I maintain I ain’t in love with the man, but if you listen to him, and let him take over, his desires are a surge! (Scary dude… but in a good way.) Again, with fanfiction, if it’s convincing it’s the path we prefer. I’ve been living it and I believe in it. (For fiction’s sake, of course.)

Veritas chapter 6 . Apr 24

This, my dear friend was definitely worth the wait! And the bed breaking just makes it all the more enjoyable, knowing that it barely distracted them from one another. I loved it!
background squareSo much love and it all spreads around! I am so pleased I finally found people online who would enjoy this. And yes, that it barely distracted our couple was a key point I’m happy was taken note of. They were in it. The mattress has crashed, they had crashed, but their adoration was enhanced entirely by what happened. They’re not thinking, “We did this?” Barnabas and Josette instinctively know they did it and aren’t too surprised. Almost two centuries of longing, affection and adoration? It’s a long time to wait!

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