Interlude Chat for Episode 13

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Intro music “Night of The Vampire” by The Moontrekkers.

Chatting about creativity, the need for response online, further proffering to college radio, delving into the recent loss of a renown comedian, the difficulty analyzing so many fandoms, re-incorporating Willie Loomis,and investigating Maggie Evans inner reflections experiencing past memories.

In reviewing, a brief nod to the work of Douglas Addams, if anyone catches it. ^_^

Describing avenues of easier communication, channeling characters and outro song by OK Go.

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6 thoughts on “Interlude Chat for Episode 13

  1. annepm2015 says:

    When I was a little girl, Dark Shadows was my favorite show to watch. I liked vampires and such. Hard to believe that its been over 40+ years.

    • morlock13 says:

      Me too. I’ve just been amazingly sad tonight at all the fandom politics that has happened to it. It never occurred to me to put Julia Hoffman and Barnabas Collins together as a romantic coupling… never. It was never what I saw on the program. Now as I analyze what happened with the zine runners, among others since there was this idea no one would view the whole show on DVD, they kept pumping out those stories, and the purpose for it can be summed up from a quotation I heard one lady I talked to in church the other day when I explained all of this to her: “Repetition is the mother of acceptance, and acceptance is the mother of belief.” :/

      • annepm2015 says:

        It will be interesting to see if they can come up with a new “Dark Shadows” program. I never saw Julia and Barnabas as a “couple” either. He seemed to prefer the much younger brunette. 🙂

      • morlock13 says:

        LOL! Oh gosh! I think… well, if you go to my “Preferred Pairings Analysis” all shall be revealed. I even have an audio of it somewhere around here. I was reading that to my husband but the textual entries are better stated. The trouble I see is many DS fans can’t work together. They are too at odds with each other and into bashing things. And sadly, I am likely creating the “Revival” they want but unfortunately picturing everything in one’s head is difficult because the internet is such a photo realm now.

        For Mr. Big Cake, I saw he preferred youthful ladies of a gregarious nature. If you find the preferred pairings analysis I’d love to know what you think. So far as I’ve seen? You’re sharp on this!

      • annepm2015 says:

        Thanks. I think the young Victoria was more his style. Even the vivacious Josette clashed with him. I agree that too many were at odds with each other. I have a whole set (DVDs) of the programs but it has been a while since I’ve seen them.

      • morlock13 says:

        I tried to go that route, actually, and I couldn’t do it. Maybe it’s a personal flaw with me, but I’ve tried to pair everyone up with what I listened to. ❤

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