The Promise of What Praise Can Do [Note 2 for Margaret Josette Dupres]


I apologize for not getting back to this project what with emailing a zillion radio stations, getting over a cold, juggling lines between Wadsworth, Willie Loomis, Sam Evans, Maggie Evans, Professor Stokes, Doctor Hoffman, Caleb Collins, requesting help with Morticia’s lines from Cara Mia, tending to buddies, having bits of inspiration to continue this addictive side project and dealing with some ridiculous negatives it all became rather jumbled.

Lover of the written word, Helena expressed: “This was a nice preview into what is to come (as I read in the previous version ;)), especially to the allusion Josette/Maggie made to expressing her pain on him. I think a little more could be said about the chapel (I know the family had to be Protestant from Abigail’s previous disagreement with the DuPres family being Catholic, I believe, but as for branch of Protestantism, I guess you can pick which ever was popluar during that time. Just a thought.), and a brief guest list, and Barnabas’s wardrobe. Was his wedding suit similar to the one he wore in 1795? Yet, Maggie/Josette was right: they have a long way to go in healing. And I cracked up on the quote from Mrs. White. Ha ha! Nice touch :)”

This helped a lot. Much of any “critiquing” has been fairly rude of my guests in the main which is why I started deleting so many. However, Helena reflects on wardrobe and how that might help. It’s been something I’m not sure would halt the flow of the story itself or bring more to light. I’m still curious as ever if further description of wardrobe, physical looks, or setting would improve on all of this or distract from it.

I keep wondering if Abigail phrased Catholics as the dreaded “papists” that many Protestants who dislike Catholisicm tend to do, at least in some older stories. And I blush at Helena’s referring to the previous run. It took a while before anyone confessed to reading those original drafts. I was embarrased to be doing it and then having no one to discuss it with as the entire concept of erotica fic for screen characters was a weird concept to me. I was shocked at what was happening. (Without a car one can hardly rush to a sex-therapist to pour out the confusion.)

As for embarrassment I think someone saw that I was begging to hear something when I enhanced and re-released “The Wedding Night” as they quickly wrote:

Guest chapter 2 . Apr 11

1: YO

2: dude you can really write!

I appreciated that. It is good, and it healed my marriage but I might as well have bitten my fingernails to shreds from the nervousness of finally finding the people who might want “The Wedding Night” in all it’s severity without hearing anything. Sometimes, well what are the words to the song Wild Thing? “But I wanna know for sure.” It’s all a little like that. The next day? I did know for sure:

Liz chapter 2 . Apr 12

Move over Angelique Bouchard! We have a new alpha female in Collinsport. Seriously though, this chapter puts Tim’s Burton DS love making scene to shame. Tries my best Oliver Twist impression: “Please sir, I want some more.”

THANK YOU! I rather felt that way myself but wanted to hear someone else say it. The DS 2012 scene was a bit much and rather unbelievable, but this Wedding Night scene that made me literally shake in my seat when I saw it before work one day? It was somehow believable. I didn’t knock that portrait off the of the wall; they did.

Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 2 . Apr 8

YIKES! Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness, Daryl, when Maggie had what appears to be fangs and bit him, I thought that this honeymoon was about to change into a horror movie that Barnabas would NEVER forget 😀 So was this his imagination or did she really have fangs and just went at him for what she suffered as Maggie?

It rather was. Not his imagination. What I saw happening here was like I’d just switched from DS disk 50 to DS disk 90 and wondered what the heck was going on for my own series. As the pieces fell into place I realized it all made sense to stretch that far, and a less cursed form of vampirism would give them time to heal for all of the loss. However, a reincarnated Josette twice over would have a lot pent-up sexual energy from getting about as abused as the man himself, if not more so. He was in agony when she put her foot down back in 1795 and he could not tell her he didn’t love her. She tried to get him to say he didn’t love her. He failed. This lady has more hold on the guy than any other dame I’ve witnessed with him. She’ll make some punishment out of her passion, no doubt.

myhrr chapter 2 . Apr 23

Excellent! You are a true bard!

Thank you! And I thank them. Quite complimentary. ^_^

trina schuler chapter 2 . Jul 23


Simply put but so true. I’ve sure felt the magic wonder of it! (And still do.)

Mark T chapter 2 . May 25

really cool. . .everything flows together. it’s sexy in a way that is direct and cool and romantic in a way that isn’t a gimmick to avoid blatant expressions of carnality. vampire love baby. . .yikes indeed!

Ah, the old friend we miss. It was groovy to get this familiar tone. I’m guessing delving further would be a bit much so I’m more than happy to hear this from him. We’ve all been some crazy artists together. He also had this to say for chapter 1:

good chapter here, economy of words but also hitting the right cliches. there’s the back and forth between confidence and doubt that creates tension. “looked for me in so many other women”. . .great line there. . .

I am glad of this review as Barnabas comes out with the Regency or Colonial language but adding in these new time periods that gives him a very anachronistic style of expression. This tension comes out from his character on the program that does go between confidence and doubt. It’s that sensitivity many fans find alluring, charming, but unfortunately easy to pick on. So fans that empathize with him hold those traits quite dearly in a loving way, which is absolutely glorious to finally discover in this fandom. (And the review is from one who knows only a little of Dark Shadows. It proves to me this is definitely channelling.)

DS chapter 3 . Apr 12

Lovely! Can’t wait for more.

Whoever this was it was awesome. When people say they want more it gets one moving. No question about it.

Liz chapter 3 . Apr 20

Three chapters in – and they’re still going at it?! Vampirism must do something mighty powerful to one’s libido. This is my scientific theory and no soul (living or dead) can persuade me otherwise. More in-depth reviews to follow… I pinky promise!

I do await them with longing, even if it takes months. And this one, yes, they just kept going, although it was the same night and it has been almost 200 years. More for her than for him really but all of the stress they have gone through (and have yet to endure in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows) it is rather a blend of erotic vampirism with 3 lifetimes of waiting and him stuck in limbo; all the previous agony going along for the ride. I believe this was the same lass who wrote: “You’re publishing chapters faster than I can review them! *shakes fist*” to which I answered, “That’s because they’re going at it faster than I can write down.” I remember a few someones around here enjoyed that bit. ^_^

I think that’s good for now as there are so many more, and one from Chapter 6 that is still my favourite as I was hoping to get something like that. It was similar to a review in “Forever Mine” that I saw and I thought, “Wow? Where did these other ladies go? They let it all hang out for this couple!”

Glad to find some readers who were the same!

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2 thoughts on “The Promise of What Praise Can Do [Note 2 for Margaret Josette Dupres]

  1. And I still say YIKES to that honeymoon scene 😉 I know you have a lot on your plate, but don’t stress yourself out. Your faithful lover of the written word awaits what happens next as always. Oh, and my description comment was just a suggestion. I’m not really a description freak, but I’m just the kind of person that likes to visualize what’s going on in my mind, that’s all. Adios, for now 😉

    • morlock13 says:

      Groovy! Well, I think Mark said it best: “YIKES! indeed!” I’m still trying to fetter out a possible good Angelique being the midwife. I can’t quite see it yet. I have been a little but it’s such a stretch. For most Angelique fans it’s easy-peasy but I need convincing. (And to convince me it take a lot!) I see beyond the birth but I haven’t managed to write up the birth… however… my husband and I have been having some passionate nights anyway. Woo-hoo! ❤

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