The Promise of What Praise Can Do: “Margaret Josette Dupres (a novel)” [# 1]


So, as you’ve heard me go on about what I’ve needed to not wipe out on the radio drama I will present you with my unusual but absolute delight in how we come to what the results could be: A passionate marriage that starts our story on the wedding day? How odd! Don’t these stories usually end in a wedding with a curtain close? Well, I suppose you’ve heard the intro to my first podcast. I sure wanted to look behind that curtain… but I never thought I’d get so much when I took a peep!

The good of chapter 1a

From Liz I even got some surprise and beauty on the radio drama! “I am not the biggest fan of cross-overs but I took the plunge and listened to the first episode. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement.” YES! At last! Still, I maintain it to be multi-fandom as cross-over usually means two lines coming together, but even when I’ve heard things from people about it and the details are a little off? I DON’T CARE! *smile* I love to hear ANYTHING! I listen to the episodes repeatedly and I’ll know which line comes from where. Even enjoyment of the voice acting. Anything at all.

Next Liz writes: “Cue my confusion at a repentant Barnabas and Maggie voluntarily referring to herself as Josette! Things I always wished for but never hoped to read, especially this line: ‘I knew they’d worked a long time on recreating Josette’s wedding dress and considering its sinister history, I was happy for a re-creation… such as my bride, Maggie Evans was.’ ”

What I know of this reviewer is she has an intensity at scholastic skills and takes pieces of this entire relationship in The Dark Shadows saga to the point of blowing my own mind. For me? I listened to the characters. This was what came. I don’t make a lot of personal decisions for them. I ask them what they want. That’s why when I saw all the hell they were going through, I thought, “Okay! We gotta call for some BACK-UP!” Hence all the bonus characters… and oddly many from the same time period. I still wonder why these gals are so hesitant to speak, there must be more, but we have two passionate and younger types who also saw this specific triple reincarnation. That’s better than none!

Next up we have Taryn:

“I adored this! This is exactly what should have happened, and I’m so glad you’ve posted this. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. Keep up the fantastic work!”

I knew she had had more to say because we found each other on another site I’d posted to and she saw my rant after saving my husband from that cold walk home. When I hear “This is what should have happened” that’s where I finally exhale, “Yes… I have found one. At last!” She had also told me on another site: “To me… this is what DID happen.” Even better! I firmly believe the original daytime drama (which calls for downfalls left and right) having a weaving into a mini-series that allows humour and more characters over could produce something of this nature. In essence The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is a series, but “mini-series” tend to have an end goal. In North America we often drag it on unnecessarily which gets in the way of good story telling for that obnoxious need to advertise junk.


Guest chapter 1 . Apr 6

“Great first chapter, look forward to reading more.”

No need to be a stranger, upon writing this I’m certainly not shy! But if it makes you more comfortable, I understand. Either way? AWESOME SAUCE!

Now for the long one by Osheen:

Osheen Nevoy chapter 1 . Apr 6

—Very well done indeed. He completely does seem and sound like Barnabas – like the sweet, concerned, honorable and loving man that we know from his most positive moments in the show. Both of them are strong, fully-developed characters in this, completely able to make the right choices based on the knowledge and acceptance of all the wrong choices they have previously made. I loved Sam’s line about neither giving away nor losing his daughter; that was definitely the right thing to say, it completely does sound like Sam as he is at his best moments in the show. Lovely to see Sarah there, too. In answer to your question of what (if anything) there should be more of, I suppose I would like to see more mention of the people who were there – I mean, it doesn’t need to be some huge, clunky cast of characters listing, but I would like to know – Roger, Liz, Vicki, anyone else? Considering the close interaction of all those characters with our hero and heroine over the years, I’d like to know that they’re there and to learn something about the looks on their faces, as they’re watching the ceremony. As for the question on the minister – all I know for certain on that is that when Liz was about to marry the vile McGuire, it was a “Judge Crathorne” who was going to perform the ceremony, in the drawing room at Collinwood. Suggesting of course (as do the facts that we never hear them mention church or really anything religious at all) that the Collinses are not a particularly religious family; though of course Liz may have also felt that marrying Jason should not be sanctified by taking place in a church. Josette, of course, certainly was religious; she presumably was Catholic, and we see her with those saints’ medals and so on. But maybe what would make most sense would be for them to get married in a Unitarian church – Unitarianism is very strong in New England and has a long history there, and the somewhat more open and accepting attitude of Unitarianism as opposed to some other denominations would seem, to me, to speak well to Barnabas and Maggie considering their multi-faceted and multi-troubled histories! A lot of Unitarian churches in New England (well, at least in Massachusetts, but I presume there must be at least something of the same history in Maine) are the direct descendants, often in the same buildings, of the original town churches. So if the Unitarian church in Collinsport is in the same building as the church that was there in the 18th century, that would give another powerful reason for Barnabas & Maggie to choose it as their wedding location.—

This one helped me so much! And there are more I’ll go over in my notes. Anyway, I was deeply impressed with Osheen and she helped me to see that it did sound like him. I was coming to realize no one had done this before. Like I say, I channel these characters and become possessed by them.

Osheen saw this chapter when it was still up for rough draft comment. I had also been considering a Unitarian holy man and she helped confirm my suspicions. I laughed heartily at her, “it doesn’t need to be a clunky cast of characters…” Just the way she conversationally describes things. She even came back later and had to say she loved Carolyn belting out, “Get them married already for heavens sake!” ^_^

I appreciated she heard Sam speak in his own lines. I keep wondering who saw Sam speak in “A Candle For Sarah”. It was very hard to write Sam Evans in first person. I did get one tip that it sounds a bit like Andre Dupres as well. From that person with “A Candle For Sarah” I heard, “Yes! It was deep. Very deep. I loved it!”

I told her, “Oh good! I had this terrible feeling everyone read it and thought… “uh… I feel too w-e-i-r-d about this… I don’t wanna write anything…”

LOL! Anyway. If people like this, or like-click, whatever, I’m up for doing more. It’s nice to see the good stuff for a change, right? ^_^

Maggie and Barnabas


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