Being ill and a little bummed

I’ve caught my husband’s cold… In that case it means we can be close again, and have been which was the best part. Nothing beats being achy all over and then soothed with tenderness during that kind of suffering together. Not too many coughs, enough to interrupt, but we carried on.

I’m looking over DS Episode 464 to try and listen to some Hoffman and Stokes lines and get their inflections reconfigured in my head. It was agreed if I’m doing their lines, having a cold might improve how it sounds. Hmm… maybe this isn’t the correct episode… I’m seeing some Tony & Carolyn date getting interrupted. Oh, all right, there is a proud moment for me now. I shan’t need to believe in this anymore as in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, Wadsworth already did away with that fooling around of Barnabas messing with Carolyn. Not quite the same but close enough to Sybil in Fawlty Towers saying, “Basil!” [SLAP!]

I think it’s easy for me to believe in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows to take the place of all of this. Wadsworth has some serious control with plain sound reasoning but also dangling the carrot of what Barnabas wants: Josette. Promise Barnabas his Josette without asking for anything in return than being groovy with other people? Of course! Not like all the various twisted bargaining or blackmailing. Nope, Wadsworth doesn’t blackmail. He’s been down that road far too many times. ^_^

Wadsworth Looks UpOldHousenight

But why the “little bummed” you might ask? Well… I finally found the Munsters and Addams Family fan pages on facebook and I was accepted into about all of the groups, a couple even merged the two fandoms and I thought I’d finally had it made. I sent links to either when they’re fandom characters entered or the whole shipload of episodes imploring them that I was a comedienne in dire straits and to please let me know what they laughed at if they enjoyed the series. Then I got a whopping SEVENTY DOWNLOADS OVERNIGHT! Woo-hoo!

But did I hear anything? *sigh* No… This is a project that has thrown me into ribald hysterics from the humour, wishing, dying to share that with others in order to hear responses to what was enjoyed. The next day after all of those downloads? Like-click… like-click… Well… that’s better than nothing, right? *sigh* It is… it’s just… I dunno… COME ON! BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS! Someone please tell me they laughed at Better Homes & Gardens! [weeping chuckles] It’s just so sad…

And the worst of it is I know people enjoy it but it’s like The Marx Brothers, they liked finding out what made people laugh too. They’d test audiences when they went on tour. They were curious as to which audiences preferred what jokes. It would be great to know which fandoms enjoy which jokes, you know? Then MID tells me she heard that podomatic was having trouble getting comments so she didn’t bother. I tested that yesterday. I didn’t have a problem. I have so many avenues of communication I’ve opened. Is it all just so funny that it’s like the joke that kills people in that Monty Python sketch about how Germany was actually defeated? Is everyone choking to death?

Oh, okay good. Chapter 2 of Disk 50 at minute 27. There’s Julia… and Professor Stokes should be coming in at any second now. Dang, I got the order pretty good for not having the set when I was building up to my own 4th Episode. (The first three are really catch up, but good catch up.) I say some bonus characters like Wadsworth & Morticia get darker but I think Norman Bates actually got lighter! And Freddy Krueger got lighter, too! [laughing/coughing]

I don’t know if I can take Osheen’s advice about adding info that Willie released Barnabas from his coffin in Episode 13 when Barnabas confesses it’s his fault Maggie didn’t take to triggers of knowing who she was because he told off Josette’s spirit when he got home again. The text is getting close to 7,000 words with my adding in canonical needs. I dunno… What a pain. In any case I was glad that she inquired what I was doing to eliminate the confusion at a spirit being disembodied from it’s reincarnation. She mentioned the Egyptian soul having pieces and I’ve heard of that in various cultures. I’m not given anything definite and it’s driving me crazy because that’s likely the answer, but I’m not finding the tales themselves. Arg!

Currently I’m just ticked that more than half of the reason I don’t get support is so many people got hassled into going silent with 40 years of bullying about who this guy loves in the fandom! Stealing the laughs from this hard-worker from the time she was born. I can sure get it out to people but Heaven knows if I’ll ever hear it back. The download numbers scare me.

Anyway, the intro to Episode 13 is done:

Coughing and nose-blowing,



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