Hopes For The Return of Willie Loomis…

Willie Returns Again

My latest intro came into place after I attempted to remove a certain follower to my audio. The podcast site informed me it wasn’t enough to relegate a block on this woman, but I don’t mind anymore. I was worried uploading another podcast and her getting a notification by email would set her off again but then I thought “Meh… SHE is the one who wants a cease and desist to communication, right? So she can just deal with the site.” Having to go through the old messages I noticed she was fairly insulting to my audience, down-playing on people in general. Lovely.

Before that I got a comment to my blog that Professor T. Eliot Stokes was UGLY and thereby not good enough for Dr. Julia Hoffman. So I deleted the comment, emailed the writer of this goofed up remark and sent her the message: “Well, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen to it.” with a link to the Devo song Freedom of Choice. I have not heard a peep since of which I’m pretty damn grateful. Fans of Dark Shadows who can’t see passed realms of physical attractiveness have a lot to learn over this Julia Hoffman worship. They are really turning the rest of us fans away from her wonders. 

Think about it, how many more fans of another red-headed lass would there be if it wasn’t for absurdly worshiping fans? I speak now for this chik: 

tori-amosLook at her. She’s beautiful, she’s creative, she’s spectacular and many people hate her because her fans can’t stop talking about her being a genius, which is a serious turn-off. Same with Dr. Julia Hoffman. Seriously… stop painting her portrait on buildings and just love the woman. GOD! 

Moving on…

I find getting in touch with Willie Loomis once more to be daunting with all of these probing difficulties. I have to go over my previous recording and likely re-do the noise clean, listen to a Big Finish audio drama where John Karlen gets freaked out at Angelique hassling him, preview some “Clue” to get Wadsworth down accurately, watch some more episodes of Dark Shadows to make sure I’ve channeled Mr. Loomis correctly…

And then…

Likely go absolutely stir crazy with the man. 

This writer/actor/comedienne has a lot on her plate.

However, Episode 13 is a great episode to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows and very binding.

I hope my fans can boost me with enough support to have it accomplished and uploaded by next Saturday.



Milligan Hecubus


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