So thankful…


I think with Episode 12 of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows being accomplished and getting everyone used to the idea that the couple above with it’s dazzling chemistry is at least acceptable if not “HOT DAMN!” there are other reasons I have to feel a sense of wholeness again.

With a healed marriage and a few vocal fans, Daryl Wor, after 10 months, is finally getting some sleep!

The erotica marriage novel has over 100 reviews, mostly glowing, and the idea of it’s being “trashy” has been snarled at by others along with a number of ribald chuckles considering the usual word usage in other stories of that kind. As I’ve been told, “It’s tastefully done.” ^_^ Those fans were definitely starving for their story of reunification with the reincarnation of Josette duPres. And looking over the 2012 film which managed to gain the rights and likely have some responsibility to what Curtis wanted, coupled with factors in what Curtis provided in the Dark Shadows revival of the 1990s, the fandom might come to terms with my series being a truism to Barnabas Collins hopes and desires.

I still wrestle with the knowledge of Curtis wanting the actress who played Maggie Evans to come back and reprise her role later on. Although with the daytime drama base it may not have gone down the road of happiness. Well, I don’t mind breaking that rule. Like many fans who love the Dark Shadows characters and are at least fond of my work, switching from the daytime drama format to that of a problem-solving series seems a great relief, and one usually wins hearts by making them laugh along with the characters at some of the supernatural extremes Collinsport has to deal with.

Also, one Pat, has reviewed several versions of the text in precisely the manner I’d longed for all these years. Just conversational and referring to the audio as he listened and read along, which is also what Tamryn did, bless their hearts. He also chats with me a bit on facebook and is likely discovering the frightful angles of what online work can come to when he saw screenshots of troll reviews I had to deal with. 

“Geez,” he said, “It’s just a story.” 

I know! That’s why I wanted to crack the foundations of bullying and this almost obscene Julia Hoffman worship, as well as Barnabas Collins bruising, with some comparisons to other fandoms, such as my previous blog post about the man’s shame. Oh, let’s see we have Quentin who is a slut and almost proud of it and THEN we have Captain James T. Kirk who is an even BIGGER one and has tons of fun with it. Barnabas Collins’ one-night-stand can’t be so bad. He’s just miserable because of all the people it harmed as a result. 

And he adores Josette Dupres with a passion that makes him do some fairly rotten things, but none so bad as what Angelique Bouchard does to GOBS of people over wanting this guy who only got involved with her as a response to concerns of not having Josette. Whoopsie! Well, which of us haven’t been down that road of a relationship on the rebound of another?

There is some bitching over the idea of Dr. Julia Hoffman being with Professor Stokes, but thankfully a few elder fans are pleased as punch with the idea. Apparently they’ve been wanting to see that, too! And believe me, I am looking forward to it as well as smooching my husband to get the sound effects to that couple. *heart* Finally, Julia Hoffman can have some relief as well as Professor Stokes. 

In any case, becoming Willie Loomis again isn’t so frightening just now as it was weeks ago. I’m looking forward to letting him inhabit my body again and feeling just as skinny as he is. In my adopted nursery, Angelique is crying the most, but Willie is “my baby”. He’s fussy but he’s shy at times. He’s not sure what he wants. Being quelled and happy never occurred to him. To Willie Loomis it seems a foreign concept. 

But as I continue on I hope to gain those 25 people I was looking for and hopefully a good five conversational comments per episode. I hope things keep getting better. If I have to allow almost all of the characters from Dark Shadows to inhabit me, as well as some of The Addams Family, Lily Munster, Wadsworth, Captain Gregg and Mrs. Muir, etc, I’ll need all the help I can get!


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