More emails to more college stations and Sunday Service

Phew! Okay, that’s 11 states from my list of college radio stations, including any non-profit. Even hit a few NPR types figuring the worse they can do is say “no” or nothing at all. So where am I at now to go? 39 states? I managed them in this order:











New Mexico


    Perhaps I can slowly work my way over to Maine, but not forgetting Hawaii and Alaska, of course. Someone got back to me with coherent thoughts!



 I can appreciate the work that goes into making your show and the frustration when you can’t find an audience. We’re focused on live shows. And since we’re all volunteer, don’t have staff to deal with loading the CDs. Good luck!


Wow! Thanks for responding so quickly AND coherently to what I was doing!

It’s a no, but it’s the best no I’ve ever received. Kudos! Your mind works! ^_^

Same to you.  Your proposal was appropriate and well-worded.  Some of what we get feels like spam, thrown out to the winds.  I don’t respond in any detail to those.  Some I don’t respond to at all.


Thank you, Johanna! *sigh* That was lovely.

My list is long and it doesn’t all have websites, so that when this runs out I can go through each state again and locate the non-linked ones on my own. 

In any case the church service was helpful. A sermon about change and both the diabolical aggravation of wanting to promote change while everyone obliviously wanders by, whilst having to put up with changes one has no control over.

Then a lady I got on with excellently was interested, knew what my base program is and was delightfully rolling her eyes when I informed her of how angry this fandom has been at Barnabas Collins not reciprocating Julia Hoffman’s affections. WOW! Very nice. She got a postcard and I told her to please take her time. Each episode is chunky.

We also had a great time talking about how futile facebook can be and how uncommunicative the online world has become. Hurray! Well, I didn’t have Margaret Josette Dupres and Barnabas Collins wed with a pastor of this Fellowship because I was interested in attending their services. I did it because it was an inclusive Fellowship. And considering the wide array of diversity in the Dark Shadows characters alone, much less my gate-crashing and beloved extras, inclusiveness is something to cherish here.

chalice gsT

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