Tapping Into The Characters Is Mandatory…

removed bandage

Yep, here it is. The Bandage has come off, but the taped bits need to remain for 5-7 days. Grossed out? P’fff… and you said you liked horror. *snort*

Anyway, one of the obnoxious things I’ve been hearing lately is to separate myself from the work. Say WHAT? 

1) What the Hell does everyone think I’ve been working my bum off to find a social life with no car all this time for?

2) How the Hell do I reflect any truism to these characters and their story if I don’t become them?

3) As scary and frightful as it’s been to have to endure the pain of becoming Barnabas Collins and the reincarnations of Josette Dupres, does anyone believe I would dare to have given up that honour when it melted a FRIGID marriage to now become a dualism of THIS?


Give this kind of love up? Oh, HELL NO! ^_^

So a few people who totally invalidate both Barnabas Collins and Josette Dupres or any reincarnation of her are grinding their teeth and trolling me or having fits? I think that says something very intriguing indeed. (Just can’t stand the guy, eh?)

The wonderful thing is, if the pair on the left told the pair on the right what invalidation the fandom had been giving them, Morticia and Gomez would smilingly pull out their sabers in delight to defend the love of Barnabas and Josette without fear, and so have I done, especially when experiencing the glorious repercussions of both marriages. Shit… Barnabas Collins is the icon and deity of Dark Shadows for God’s sake. Isn’t it about time we ASK the guy what the hell he wants instead of believing we have the right to TELL him?

No wonder I have so much in common with him. For most of my life I’ve been told what to think, believe and who I was from people who wouldn’t dare check a dictionary for how to define a word much less spell it. In fact, most of my life I was told, without a shadow of doubt that *I* could not perform audio-books because I was not a movie star nor professional actor… Well, check it out, honeys:

My Librivox Works

I did 16 and various chapters on other books!

So go ahead and tell me what I can or can’t do. Go ahead and tell Barnabas who he can or should love. All I know is your tale will be less than believable if you flat-out ignore the guy. Duh!

And I can tell ya that if I get the same silence I got with my 14th Episode in audio last year as I did with the text version when I channeled and became possessed by a certain character, y’all better hope I don’t crack again. He’s got the jive and power to do it.

Oooo… boy…


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