Working on Episode 12: Dark Therapy

script for episode 12

Ugh… this is the *second* time I’ve had to print the entire script for an Episode of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows… due to 1) The length & 2) Reworking lines… Tried to find the cheapest paper in the house… which crunched a couple sheets in the printer… but it did manage to print eventually. Ah… well… yellow… I guess “Dark Therapy” always reminded me of “anxiety yellow” anyway.

For right now, I’d currently like to thank one helper I met on tumblr, and another, as well as Violet Welles for putting together the dialogue for DS Episode 884 and making this work so much more complex… sort of… well, no… I like Violet Welles. I just want to thank her outright. Also Beth and Norman for steering me in the numbering direction for episodes involving various characters speaking to each other I need to play and listen to to get these scenes accurate.

And, of course, Lillian for being an all around incredibly cheerful individual. I don’t give a damn that she overdoes it. It’s better than all these fricken negative Dark Shadows fans.

Also… the listens are still low for Part 2 of Episode 11. If you are caught up to Endora in Part 1 but not with the second half, you are so not going to get Episode 12…

Here’s the link:


One thought on “Working on Episode 12: Dark Therapy

  1. morlock13 says:

    Is it me or are tags just not working anymore?

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