At last, more discussion and less silence… sweet-relief…

Phew! Have I had more than enough trolling to deal with! It’s odd but I guess the ruffling of feathers has really commenced. I’m not sure why, but as I’ve said, this is the oddest fandom I’ve ever encountered. Or as another helper of mine explained:

I agree. It’s the oddest fandom I am involved with. Everything from fundamental Christians, Buddhist hippies, a large LGBT community, homophobes, anti-rascists, racists, Free Speech advocates, anti-profanity zealots to just a whole range of oddness and strangeness. Every day is a lesson in people watching.

 Sadly, I had to delete so many troll reviews in one week that by the time I got one simply invalidating Margaret Josette Dupres in terms of vampires ability for extreme intimacy, my helpers and I had finally been overloaded where we saw it as another outright slander. Still, I let it through because it was an okay point to make, it was just completely unhelpful and I said so in my response review.

I would prefer giving the credit to someone other than Lily Munster for this form of vampirism, but nothing on a 1960’s level of helper has come up. How Lily goes around in the day and gives birth to little Eddie is beyond me, but well within the bounds of my audio series. Another writer pointed out legends from Eastern Europe that showed not only sexually active vampires, but also potent enough to impregnate their mates. Me? I was mainly relying on certain ideas of our more modern media to bring this to acceptability. No sparkles but perhaps in the zone of things like “Forever Knight” of the 1990’s. That was a pretty good program.

Readers really need to pay attention to the story as a whole rather than throw in un-helpfulness. As I’ve said, I’m open to a non-Munsters version of making their marriage into this vampiric formula. The fans who enjoy this novel are pretty with-it because they’ve been waiting a long time to see the characters they love work things out and rise above the mess. I’ve thanked a fellow creator for telling me I’m making people happy. I believe I have been. ^_^

build others up

The saddest part is a lot of the trolls and complaints aren’t necessarily because these people are rotten-to-the-core, but due to environmental factors that have conditioned them to thinking their two-cents of griping all over the map is going to improve things. It really won’t. That’s why I talk about constructive-praise versus constructive-criticism in my first intro. It does bring out change for the better in people. And NOT simply compliments. It’s the way in which we point out particular highlights of admiration. This is what enlivens the creator of almost anything. If you’ve looked at a majority of reviews I’ve written on other works I do that and I want to teach other people how to do that.

The discussion today with those who enjoy what I do and have come out to speak about this went as follows:

 DW:  Mis-communication happens. I look at this review more on that line of things. I already deleted other “reviews” that harped on Dark Shadows characters and their own story lines that I’m incorporating. A lot of DS fans enjoy the conflict and hopelessness but there are some of us who just love the people and believe their world can be better. Hence why our first helper to step in is the amazing butler, Wadsworth

.Wadsworth smiling


“Aw, shucks,” he seems to be saying.


One Helper: Yes, Daryl, I think the “conflict” can be overdone for the Dark Shadows characters. I think you said it perfectly: we love the people and want them to have a happy world. These two have suffered enough. That’s exactly why I started writing my own version.

DW: And rather wisely kept it to yourself. It sure has been an eye-opener looking for my people online and finding the decades of built-up fist-in-hand absolutism I was facing, not to forget ten years of the internet going into a way less communicative mode. Well, no one likes a revolutionary… at first.

One Helper: I’m so glad you’re sharing though, Daryl. I really love your story! *smile, heart*

Madame Dalek: Me too!

DW: Me three! Just wanted to find my people. And I believe the characters did, too. Like in my author’s note, I certainly didn’t plan this novel. I think after all my hard work they decided, “Ah… how about you and I get even more of what we want and help this lady’s marriage, Josette?” Of course she would answer, “You have a marvelous idea, mon demón.” 

Madame Dalek: Hey mon ami (that’s french..lololol) glad we found you too! Your novel is fascinating, alluring, and very well written…)

DW: Thank you. I do work hard when I love something. After years of watching them endure all of that pain I finally said, “Okay, enough is enough… it’s time to let their hair down.” On one hand people say it doesn’t sound like them, but to the rest of us, oh, it DOES sound like them, if they finally just let loose and relaxed for a change.

 As of now, I see “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” as both a metaphor towards a better world, and in itself such a dark place in terms of our being perfectly content in the struggle of fictional characters to the point of mockery, but a little dazed when someone finally comes out of the woodwork to change this conflict to something more inspiring for which to reach. And why? Because she knew almost all of the characters hurts through personal experience. Is the 21st Century not the dawn of better things to come? 

One would hope. But as in The Pit of Ultimate Darkness, hosted by Sir Simon Milligan, he expresses that we turn away from the true trouble in our lives, and we turn away from our own inner demons, not recognizing that these demons will come out and reek havoc if they aren’t attended to. And as you all may have heard from me, silence is just as horrible as trolls.


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Take care, my dear friends, whoever you are.

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