Fear of a podcaster whose already been neglected…

I’m trippin’ on the “grape vine” news about my intros… Considering the overwhelming plenty of political pod-casts out there and how much they rant and rave with wild and ruckus tones… I can’t see myself as intimidating. Compared to those pod-casters I feel more like “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm


But what did I come to understand from one marvelous fellow who feared me not, has chatted with me, reviewed my work, and listened to my intros with enjoyment? This is what I’ve heard:


I listened to your special announcement between the intro and the kids are alright and I’d have to agree with you about facebook. Or texting. There is no conversation anymore Just a quick like and maybe a comment.


Yep. Silence made me scary. But when someone reaches out and doesn’t expound on “flaws”, or what to change and recognizes how constructive-praise works? What do you find out of hundreds of listeners and thousands of downloads after years of hard work made free?

A kindred-soul. 

I pray there are more.  


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