The Crux of “Margaret Josette Dupres”


I think a majority of people don’t quite understand what Margaret Josette Dupres is about. It’s not just about these two reaching each other and finding pleasure in their love… it’s not just about erotica, it’s not just about marriage or the thrills of passion.

Like in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, James Burke and Robert Ornstein say it best in their book The Axemaker’s Gift

“Above all we have been persuaded to think that it is unacceptable to be different or even to acknowledge that differences in abilities exist between us. But our survival may depend on the realization and expression of humanities immense diversity. Only if we use what may be the ultimate of the many axemaker’s gifts—the coming information systems—to nurture this individual and cultural diversity, only if we celebrate our differences rather than suppressing them, will we stand a chance of harnessing the wealth of human talent that has been ignored for millennia and that is now eager, all around the world, for release.”

So, do you see Sam Evans here:



Or Wadsworth here:

Wadsworth 7


Or the point of this union here:



or the achievement of proposed point here:



It’s all I’m wondering. It’s all I’m asking about: “Is anybody out there?”




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