Analysis OF Analysis of Preferred Pairings of Barnabas Collins…

I obviously hit some nerves on this so I think I should put this out there as to help explain why I wrote my 5th Analysis’ so others can understand it.


Well I certainly wish *I* was as popular as the goddess Julia Hoffman considering how my analysis’ of preferred pairings have been taken in emotional weirdness by at least three fans of hers rather than what it was supposed to be: an analysis not a spew of opinion. Not to mention Dr. Hoffman and I share that mould of sorting out problems and caring about Barnabas Collins whether we get the beloved duffer or not. (If I wanted him I would’a written my own Lt. Mary Sue stories. >:)

As I’ve said in the Victoria Winters pairing note, it was all likely to get misconstrued as a spew of opinion rather than a psychological analysis due to the obsessive nature of the Dark Shadowsfandom in general. What I wanted to put it out there for was to focus on some of the internal troubles a lot of fans were facing in being at odds with each other. Also, many fans preferences fall into where we stepped into the program. I stepped in before Barnabas entered while Jason was giving Elizabeth trouble. When I reached the point where Sam Evans was getting the worst of it that’s when I grabbed a notebook to sort it all out. Then I began researching the entire series as best I could with the little we had from Netflix, and various web pages. Lots of problem solving.

I only got into this to do “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” and find the fans that preferred it. “Margaret Josette Dupres” is a derivative I never planned. Anyway, this is why the Roxanne pairing makes sense to some fans of it because they stepped in around that time. Dark Shadows is over 1,200 episodes so people pop in at different points.


As for Angelique, at first I decided on Quentin because what I knew of him he just seemed to fit her. Then as I watched what I have of 1897 I saw them going for each other, truly. Quentin made the first move. Then as I went along Angelique really wanted him. But as DS is so good at they made it a battle of wits between them with her in a kind of similar “You have to marry me” model as like she did with Barnabas Collins. Then there is another part I saw where she’s actually arguing with Barnabas of all people about how much she loves Quentin and needs him and please to help her. WHY Barnabas would say no to this when it would OBVIOUSLY get HIM off the hook, I don’t know! LOL! Quentin had his eye on some other dame. That’s why I figure Angelique should get Quentin in the 1960’s after he’s done with all his other broads. LOL! 😀

Now I don’t think all Julia/Barnabas fans are the standard make of Julia fans for Barnabas. 🙂 I know they stepped into Dark Shadows later and I stepped in earlier. Again this moves us back to the realm of exposure and how exposure creates certain influences. The troubling factor in many Julia/Barnabas fans is that problem with majority rules. In fact I’m pretty worried I hit a nerve with a couple other writers when I pointed out appeasing their own readers because they know this pairing is so popular. To me that’s very unfair.

According to a number of fans I finally talked to Professor Stokes was interested in Julia Hoffman, whereas, again, I put them together because they fit. The trouble to me is more a personality conflict between Barnabas & Julia as far as romance goes. I didn’t see his reciprocation and outside of the TV show there is a little so, again, I believe it’s an appeasement to fans. Majority rules. But did Dan Curtis want to create Dark Shadows for the sake of conformity? Nope. He wanted something different. So when people make decisions based on popularity it irks me.


Also, the person I quoted who used even harsher words than I? That is a direct result of her having to put up with the Julia absolutists decades longer than I have been interested in Dark Shadows. Fans as such can make a lot of trouble on a thread because they have had to put up with things a lot of us can’t fathom. (I can empathise with this.) But rather than asking questions and getting calmer answers everyone went ape-poo-poo! Believe me. I had to calm them down. Twice. This problem has been going on longer than I have been alive. To me that’s scary and needs some pointing out just to get a more even percentage acceptable.

I LOVE that chik who posted the review on “The Whom of Many” chapter discussing the different elements that have been in place and why the pairing is so popular. I’m using problem-solving, not trying to determine right or wrong about this.


But this sparks interest in the pairing with Roxanne Drew. Why get another red-head when they already had one? Because as Barnabas’ character is he tends to become enamoured toward the personality set of youthful damsel whether in distress or not, with the kind of vitality of a softer gregarious nature. Julia is more analytical (as am I) and also bossy. Admirable qualities but not for Barnabas Collins unless scooped into an Alternate Universe creation which is what most people are doing.

Honestly? I’m a little concerned about some of the fans that are thankful for ME (as I am thankful for them) just because I’ve had to explain repeatedly that I wasn’t making my picks based on my own preferences. I made the choices I did because the characters desired them when I’ve internalized them and talked to them. My gift of “Margaret Josette Dupres” saving my marriage is a result of actually *becoming* those characters both in their depth of love and in their pain. (My latest intro explains how I do this.) I’m in this to solve the entirety not to create story after story. My Sailor Moon fiction of the past was fun. This work is painful and has seldom been fun. 😦


And yes, I know several feelings on Josette Dupres’ characters. Many fans of other Barnabas pairings say this over and over and over again: Josette is DONE, she’s DEAD, she’s OVER. Well, not if you interrupt the storyline and bring her back as a reincarnation as the Dark Shadows writers had planned to try and then gave up because it was too complicated. (Hence the earrings: Maggie didn’t get scared, she got spacey and determined about them and then blew Joe Haskell out of her life from his reaction.)

Kitty Soames was trying to fight off her reincarnation as Josette, I’ve watched those episodes several times. But as Josette, Kitty saw the wider realm of happiness that was set before her and could not say no. This was after leaving behind Edward’s massive engagement ring that she could have pawned for her snooty sensibilities, but Kitty/Josette cared enough to be honest about it. Then she goes to The Old House because as Josette she knows she has to confront these issues. Barnabas is there, he proposes marriage and she says yes, immediately. No question. 


So that’s why in the 5th analysis I go over why the Maggie/Kitty/Josette fans are so complex. Their needs are not met because they want interruption stories and everyone else in Collinsport being okay, too, not just their preferred pairing. And who is complex enough to sort it out with all of the reincarnation? 🙂 Well, you know me… at least… I think you know me… *confused grin*

I hope it’s understood that I do care about all of the set in my nursery and not just the Barnabas/Maggie=Josette pairing. I REALLY want to get back to “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” so I can explore the other pairings as well. It’s just that Barnabas Collins is the big cake when it comes to Dark Shadows. So I don’t want to invalidate anyone. I’m an analytic therapist, very much like Julia. And I think her & I don’t mind only being Barnabas’ best friend on that point. I hope this explained everything enough. It’s more a complexity case then a preferences case on my end. 🙂


Thanks for reading… (if you could… I don’t get wordpress text weirdness sometimes…)

[Edit: Now I believe y’all can read this better since I changed the format. ❤ ]


2 thoughts on “Analysis OF Analysis of Preferred Pairings of Barnabas Collins…

  1. morlock13 says:

    Hi folks! If you’re trying to figure out what all this means? I encourage discussion. Back and forth dialogue is how human beings work out a lot of problems. (I should spell-check this again anyway…)

    • morlock13 says:

      Let me rephrase that: Discussion with me. Gossiping with a third party about this stuff won’t really help someone understand who one is gossiping about. It’s better to approach the source and ask questions. This is why gossip is often considered a “waste of time”. 😉

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