Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 5


5) Josette Dupres/Kitty Soames/Maggie Evans


Again, quite some call for it and more than one might think, but not so much that many people have ever made a creation of it. Josette is often seen by many fans as the sweet adorable girl with no attraction due to a lack of feistiness. But then there is the Kitty Soames reincarnation of her where she strangles Angelique with a vengeance of knowing what happened to her in her previous life due to several curses. Also there is her ghostly persona helping people in the early days of Dark Shadows. Hmm…

Like fans of the Victoria Winters pairing with Barnabas Collins, Josette fans are a rather sweet and wholesome bunch, or well, in words via one fan of this pairing who posted a photo of Josette and Angelique wrote the caption of our beloved witch, “What a hater! Get your own man!” Ah-ha-ha, truer words were never spoken.  Of course Josette is the one who forces Barnabas to stay with her because she’s so damned in love with him that he’s in agony as a vampire trying not to harm her. Does she know what that is? Not really. Does she care? No… that is not until Angelique shows off a horrific version of it to her that might not have actually been so bad considering all the evil in the world one could siphon off and toss out. And then there’s always livestock. They have to be bled anyway and meat was pretty much all any plain old humans ate at the time. Ah, well.

Josette is, of course, Barnabas’ one true love and he goes on about her so much that it sickens people. They want to hear him stop complaining and I am no exception. But rather than let them have each other the popular response is, “Get over her! She said so herself… in that… later… episode… from… a… horrible… storyline… I can’t… stand???” Hmm, there seems to be some confusion in the fandom over this woman.


Kitty Soames? Well, I’ve never seen a story where someone nips that weirdness out. Seemed to have great potential. Why marry Edward, girl? You could have Barnabas Collins and runaway in a dazzling 1897 world in which this vampire is now redeemed. Ah, well. Too easy a story? I dunno.


Then there is Maggie Evans. Is she the reincarnation of Josette Dupres or not? There’s lot of evidence to support it even WITH Josette’s ghost floating around and not getting back inside Maggie’s body for keeps. The fans of this pairing are equally as sweet and shy and likely to get bossed around like underdogs via the harsher fans who insist Julia is an underdog. But still there is that pesky kidnapping problem from the beginning with Barnabas. So, why not a nip in the bud story before the kidnapping?

Now we come to the psychological element in these fans. They don’t want Alternate Universe stories or nip in the bud stories. They want something many Dark Shadows fans are rather unaware of: Interruption stories. Why? Because they want an accurate representation of Dark Shadows which includes so much of the reincarnation swarming all over the place. This is hard to isolate into believability and always has been. They also happen to LOVE Barnabas Collins and actually love him in an altruistic sense by which I mean they care about his happiness above the other pairings. They don’t shrug off or invalidate his deep romantic yearnings for Josette, which is also true of Victoria Winters fans.

People of this generous nature tend to get chewed up and spit out like so much rubbish. Often they are far more likely to get the treatment everyone claims Angelique got when they side with her vehemently. They are often abused and lonely from this selflessness of being. In this case they are more likely to step back into the shadows so as not to make waves.

So when someone like Daryl Wor shows up to defend them, Barnabas Collins & Josette Dupres, who is as crazy and determined as all-get-out from the same chewed up and spat out treatment, it can be a bit intimidating. But I tell ya, I want to be pushed. That’s why the need for commentary of enjoyment, and as you can see they’re starting to come out. ^_^

The other unique thing about these fans is their humanitarian nature also desires everyone in the creation they want to be better off. In Collinsport? NOT an easy thing to do.

So my friends we are in this together and your skills to post commentary might be a bit rusty, but remember this: I didn’t pick Maggie, Kitty or Josette Dupres.

Barnabas Collins picked her. I just listened to him.



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