Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 3

3) Victoria Winters


The sweetpea of the bunch! This girl has grace, pluck and HEY an interest in history. And she resembles Josette Dupres. Win-win, right? Perhaps. It depends on how close she actually is to being a Collins herself as maybe the daughter of Elizabeth Stoddard in the writers mind or even if she is, what’s the big deal? People married their cousins all the time in Colonial days and it’s a gap of 6 generations, so who cares, right? Well… there are a few of us wobbling over it anyway as many primates tend to do in cases of marrying relatives. *shakily raises hand apologetically* :/

Still this is a workable pairing for Barnabas. Not one of my favourites, of course, but this is an analysis, not a spew of opinion. This will all likely be misconstrued that way by someone due to the obsessive nature of the Dark Shadows fandom in general.

Victoria Winters needs a home, wants a family, enjoys dreaming of living in the past and enjoys Barnabas’ company even to the point of agreeing to his proposal of marriage before…  “AH! There’s that guy who saved me in 1795 when I was going to be hanged as a witch!”

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So depending on where the bud is nipped in Victoria Winters becoming Victoria Collins I can see this making sense for a lot of the gentler fans who lovingly adore the romance that’s already there. And there is that longing for Barnabas to be happy and well-off. Then, of course, Victoria is usually popping out babies galore from our well endowed Mr. Collins and we can finally bring up some original characters to get the ball rolling as the saga continues.

I do have little knowledge of these fans as they seem to come around less of the time. But as I’ve said before I’ll support almost anything other than the Julia ONLY idea that’s made this fandom so inflexible. Let Barnabas have ELIZABETH if it’ll make him happy. Heck, let him have ROGER, TOO! Whatever!

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